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If you’re ready to see how different you can feel eating raw for a day, then this super-easy,
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Go Raw For A DayYour FREE 30+ page eBook includes:

  • Why raw?
  • What to expect within 24 hours
  • Real-life accounts of real people who tried 24 hours on raw
  • Choice of two different menu plans (one only needs a knife, the other only needs a blender)
  • Complete shopping lists for both menus so you know exactly what to buy and how much
  • Step-by-step instructions so that you’re all set to follow your day on raw as simply and easily as possible
  • 9 delicious "less-than-10-minute" raw food recipes - yours to keep and use forever
  • Before and after comparison sheets - how different will YOU feel?
  • And more...


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I went raw for a day and loved every minute of it!!! I am on day 3 now and it has changed my life. I have more energy than ever before, 18 months ago I almost died from sepsis and it’s been a long struggle of healing, I have been exhausted for 18 months and required a 2 hour nap daily, I haven't napped in three days now, I feel happier and more satisfied than ever before. I have been thinking about trying this for a year now but didn't know where or how to start and when I came across your website I thought why not, this is it!! I can do this for one day; see if I like it, and I LOVE IT. Everyone should try this at least for one day what do you have to lose, it’s only one day, and you never know what you might gain from it. That spinach/mango smoothie is a fabulous way to start the day!! Karen, Thank you for this one day opportunity that is going to turn into a life choice.

Catherine Sauve


Karen, thank you for making it easy to go raw for a day. I really appreciate your positive-but-not-pushy-or-prea​chy attitude. And I appreciate your recipes, which make going raw really seem pleasant and do-able. I was one of those who read a few raw cookbooks in the past and was put off by the elaborate recipes with long ingredients lists that take days to make in a dehydrator - that just doesn't work for me. And I'm happy to report I felt great - I'd been feeling down and emotional a lot lately, and I know poor food choices were contributing. Eating raw made me feel calmer and clearer, mentally and emotionally, and a feeling of lightness. Yay! I'm looking forward to getting more recipes from you soon, and continuing to build more raw recipes into my daily life!

Theresa Jarosz Alberti


I went raw for a day, it was awesome. I also made a raw dinner for my husband and he ate it without complaining! I could be onto something here... :)

Mary Nelson


Thank you Karen, Your ebook was so organized and easy to follow. I am now trying to transition to make it a lifestyle.

Don Kirby


I went raw for a day and I felt very good about myself the next few days. I was already a green smoothies fan before; I wanted to be healthy about myself. My skin looks and feels healthier, I have more energy and sleeping well at night... Plus I like the Kale and avocado salad and I shall go raw for a day again and again each week. Have a go and surprise yourself!!!! I recommend any one give it ago.... and see the difference. Oh... I don't crave for junk food or go hungry all the time....

Mei Lin Chiang


I tried going raw for a whole day two days ago and really enjoyed it. I had no cravings though I did feel a bit lethargic due to my lack of one daily coffee. I tried Menu 1 with a few variations such as apple, banana and nectarine instead of the mango in the smoothie. I found the food much more satisfying than I had imagined and truly delicious, also I didn't feel hungry quickly as I'd expected. The next morning I could see and feel the difference. My skin looked positively radiant and I was raring to go. Since then I've been almost 100% raw, I've got lots of energy and have felt a strong urge to spring clean the house. Thank you for your support and sharing your wisdom with us. I really look forward to receiving your ezine every Friday.

Shirley Wilson


I went raw for a day and it turned into 3! I've been about 70-75% raw since October, which has felt great, but this was the first time I went 100%. I feel amazing! I've been vegan for 8 years and going raw, or mostly raw, seems like a natural progression, but initially it felt inconvenient. One just needs to be prepared, like anything else. And a variety of recipes help. That Kale Avocado salad is delicious!! I went raw mainly to experiment/help my athletic endeavours. I train a lot and I noticed that many vegan athletes are mainly raw. I had to give it go and honestly, raw is hard to beat in terms of energy and recovery after workouts. I feel great. Thanks Karen for the generous offer and great recipes!

Dizzle Rivera


Thank you for a wonderful ebook--aside from the yummy recipes, you did a stellar job with preparing us--shopping lists, etc. Many thanks and so happy this is your life's calling and I get to partake!

Gwynne Warner


I have always heard about raw eating, but never had the motivation to do this. After three bouts of cancer by the age of 32, I figured I had nothing to lose. I was in immense pain all day, every day. I am living with stage IV breast cancer that spread to my liver, lungs, and bones. I was originally diagnosed at the age of 28 with stage III, and then I had a reoccurrence at the age of 31. Then a few months ago my bone METS spread. I was in a lot of pain from my head to my feet. I was on narcotics for the pain and started walking with a cane. Driving my standard was very painful that I would be on the verge of crying after every time I drove. Every night I would cry myself to sleep. I couldn’t get comfortable and no amount of pain pills would help unless I wanted to go comatose, which I didn’t want. I got "Go Raw for a Day" and I gave it a try. After the first day of eating raw, organic, my pain started to elevate and after the second day, it was dissolved and I was not taking any pain medication. I was amazed and so was my oncologist. Since then I “cheated” three times and every time I would start to get a little discomfort in my lower back. Once I went back on raw organic eating, it would take a day or two to get rid of the discomfort. I don’t need any more convincing. This is something I plan to continue. Thanks.

Jennifer Martin


I used the Go Raw for a Day ebook and my husband and I both went raw for a day!!! The green smoothie is so alive!!! We both loved the food, and have so much energy, and we're amazed that we're not starving all day! Thank you!!!!!

Aurelia Andrews Joslyn


Hi, I went raw for a day. Felt great the next morning, circles under my eyes were much smaller. Have had the circles for quite some time. The most remarkable was the energy that I had, AWESOME. Plan to do this more days a week. I'm 77 years old, wished I had known about this before. BUT it's never to later. Right? Thank you. Looking forward to more good recipes to put to the test.

Gerry Pellerin


I did a combination of Days 1 and 2 for my 'raw for a day' experiment. I have done fruit and veg fasts in the past so I wasn't apprehensive about doing it, I was quite excited. On Day 2 the best way I can describe was that I felt 'cleaner' and 'lighter' than on Day 1. My morning run felt easier than normal. I have tried to increase my raw food intake since then and making more of an effort to do that for my kids too. Thanks for the inspiration to Go Raw for a Day - I'm going to try to include these days regularly.

Annabel Bateman


I tried eating only raw food for two days and used the recipes in Menu 1 and 2 in the "Go Raw For a Day" free e-book. The food was delicious. I spent a lot less time in the kitchen on those two days and my hand blender sure got a good workout. Even my 3 and 6 year old enjoyed some of the recipes and particularly loved the Mango Spinach smoothie, the Raspberry passion pudding and the fruit and nut surprises. My mind somehow felt clearer on those days.

Kasia Rychlik Hatchell


I went raw for a day using Karen's "Go Raw for a Day" eBook. I was a little apprehensive as to how I would integrate raw food into the family's eating but I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the mango & spinach smoothie, which is now a regular in our household. And I found that if I froze the smoothie and made it into a Popsicle, my kids (2 & 4 years) would also enjoy it. And it goes without saying that the Raspberry Passion Pudding was an absolute hit all-round! I must say, the first night I felt fairly exhausted and a bit light-headed. But the next day I woke up ready & rearing to do more, which I did and felt awesome for it! I lost weight straight away and was so pleased with myself for taking responsibility for my health. These days I integrate raw food practices into our everyday diet and at a minimum, we have a raw breakfast and lunch. Thank you for making a raw food diet achievable and showing me "the light"!

Anita Fredericks


I went raw for a day using the e-book "go raw for a day" and three days later I am 95% raw and feeling great. I have a new baby, so was feeling sleepy and fuzzy brained! I have a lot more energy, especially mid-afternoon. I also haven’t felt any bloating in my tummy since. My kids have the green smoothie for breakky and love it! I have found that they stop asking for food all day when they eat raw. They are more satisfied. They also loved the mango ice-cream with passion fruit and raspberries. Our diet was about 50% raw anyway, so it wasn't too hard to increase that, especially with the great recipes. Thanks!

Karina Regali


My husband and I went Raw yesterday using menu #1 and the recipes are really tasty! Every time he tried something he said, "wow this is really good!" I loved the cashew cheese! I had steady energy all day and slept really well at night. We have been slowly transitioning and your site has really helped me to be excited and informed about eating healthy! Thank you so much!

Tawnya Lousma


I have been going towards raw more and more every day, and I just love how it makes me feel! Even my husband loves it, and has said he wants to do this as a lifestyle! I have had multiple health problems, and I love watching them disappear as I use food as medicine!

Abigail Callahan


All the raw recipes I tried previously took a long time to make, so I had stopped doing raw entirely. The recipes on your Raw for a Day were so quick to make and so delicious. Since then, I still have been doing at least one raw meal a day. Mostly the nori rolls, the fruit bowl, and the almond-date snacks, but I also love the green-mango smoothie, the avocado kale salad, the "cheese", and the raspberry pudding! Mmm! I've also noticed that when my body gets a nutrient-dense meal like this, I'm less hungry the rest of the day.

Jill Binder


About 15 years ago I met a woman who absolutely GLOWED with vibrant health, and I asked her what did she do to look so wonderful, and she said she only ate raw foods. I have wanted to emulate her ever since, but lots of responsibilities as a home schooling mom and pastor kept me too busy to take the time to learn more. I have not eaten meat for large chunks of my life, however I was still eating fish, eggs and dairy. Then I decided for integrity sake that I could not continue to be a part of those industries, and a comment that milk is a secretion was the verbage I needed to stop eating any more fish/eggs and dairy. So today is day 6, and I have done tons of research on the internet about raw, and have eaten all raw the last three days and almost all raw the other three and am absolutely astonished at how energetic and happy and enthusiastic I feel!!!

Holly Willis Hillman


After going raw for a couple of days, I have decided to make it a permanent lifestyle. My blood sugar is stabilized for the first time in years and I have had to reduce my insulin. Thanks for the wonderful information and guidance!

Lynda LaFon


During a super-stressed period (work, family etc. etc.) I tried this diet. I had always intended to do the green smoothie thing, but never got round to it. Just adjusted my mindset and went for it. Absolutely delicious, refreshing. The menu 1 recipes are LOVELY and I'm excited to have found the path to lasting health for life. Sorry to sound so preachy, but it's very exciting!!

Jane Stevens


After months of feeling exhausted and sluggish I knew I needed a change. Going raw for just one day drastically improved my energy and showed me how I should be living my life. Can’t wait to experiment with more raw recipes, and get my sparkle back.

Gemma Watts


I've been doing the Raw For a Day for about 30 days now to get rid of joint pain... It was 60% better after one week and 80% better after 2!!! I'll think I'll stick with it. Love learning new ways to eat food too.

Kali Rose Adair


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