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The Definitive Guide to Becoming a Happy
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How to Become a Successful Raw Food Coach Who Delivers Great Coaching, Does So with Creativity, Confidence and Ease,
Loves What They Do AND Makes Great Money...
While Changing Lives for the Better!

If YOU’RE Ready to Become a Raw Food Coach who Changes Lives While Making Great Money Doing What YOU Love, this is for YOU...


From: Karen Knowler | Wednesday 21 November 2012

The IARFCT Headquarters, Hertfordshire, England


Dear Raw Food Enthusiast,

If any of the above sound like you, then I have the most perfect opportunity for you to turn your dream into a reality – but the window of opportunity is only open until 31st January 2013.

Karen KnowlerHi, I’m Karen Knowler, author of “Raw Food Made Simple” and the founder of the “International Association of Raw Food Coaches and Teachers” (IARFCT).

It might surprise you to learn that I made my first foray into raw food coaching quite by accident way back in 2001 when a customer of my raw food mail order business asked if she could have an hour of my time on the phone to ask questions about going raw – and pay for it!

This opportunity was both wonderful and startling all at the same time, because I was so used to giving free advice and guidance while speaking to customers on the phone and email every day, that the concept of someone actually paying me for my time was pretty novel indeed, but I was certainly happy to help, so I quoted £20 for an hour of my time and, let’s call her Jane – Jane and I arranged to speak later that day after close of business.

What happened next changed everything…

Jane and I spoke happily and productively on the phone for an hour as planned, and at 6pm my first raw food coaching session had successfully completed. Of course, I didn’t see it as “a raw food coaching session” at the time, because there wasn’t such a concept back in 2001, but it did seem obvious to me right after that call that Jane likely wasn’t the only person who would like to “pick my brains” or ask me certain questions that they simply couldn’t find answers to, or guidance around, anywhere else in their world.

And so it was that one phone call turned into two, into five, into ten and eventually THOUSANDS as I started proactively marketing myself as a “raw food coach”.

And even though (you’ll love this!) the cheque for that first coaching call never arrived (Lesson: ALWAYS receive payment in advance!), I shall always be grateful to Jane, because she not only helped reveal to me what was to become one of my biggest contributions to this world, but also set into motion a huge chain of events that was soon to lead me into training other raw food coaches all around the world to do the exact same thing.

Now, while my raw food coaching and business building journey has been fantastic, fulfilling and more than I ever could have dreamed of, like any journey, it’s not been without its bumps in the road and without challenges to overcome.

However, what I did right that so many people do wrong, was that I started investing very early on in getting the right training, doing the right things, and learning how to market my programs and services online in a way that simply worked.

In fact, I was so successful when I sold my first business and went solo back in 2007, that in that first year I made more of an impact than I’d ever made before in my previous raw food business and completed my first year bang on the six-figure income mark, which truly was extraordinary for a work-from-home coach in any industry, let alone one in a field as “unique” as raw food coaching.

Since then I have gone on to share the secrets of my success with over 200 other raw food coaches worldwide because quite simply I believe that everyone passionate about teaching or coaching raw food should have the knowledge, tools and guidance that they need to set themselves up for success. Choosing to go solo can feel daunting at the best of times, so trying to set sail without having a map or guidebook or a guide on board is pretty much asking to end up lost, wet, lonely and feeling completely deflated, because it’s nothing less than Russian roulette trying to do something big and new and different without knowing what on earth you’re doing!

The great news is, I have pulled together everything I can from the many different areas of expertise that I’ve accumulated and invested heavily in over the past 15 years in business.

Not only can I teach you how to be a great raw food coach, but I can help you map out every aspect of your coaching business so that your plan is solid, cohesive, exciting, fulfilling and stands the best possible chance of success for the long-term.

Who wouldn’t want that if it means the difference between struggling for years, versus going straight to the top via the most efficient and direct path?

I know what I’d choose! (And I did…)

Right now, there are some common myths about raw food coaching floating around that may have held you back from following your dream and passion thus far.

Let’s take a look at some of them right now so that you can learn fact from fiction and know exactly what you’re dealing with:

MYTH #1: “Raw food coaching is about speaking to someone on the phone one or two times and that’s what constitutes a raw food coaching business.”

TRUTH: That may be how some raw food coaches try to create their business, but this single-pronged approach is weak at best and doomed at worst. A successful raw food coaching business offers a variety of options at a variety of prices, and is structured in such a way that clients are continually coming in and moving through into more advanced opportunities because of systematised effective marketing and a masterfully rolled out overall coaching path. This might sound advanced or complicated if you’ve never heard these terms before, but actually it’s not – not when you have someone to walk you step-by-step through what you need to do to make it all just work.

MYTH #2: “Raw food coaching is just about telling people what to eat and that that doesn’t have all that much value, especially if they can gain the same information and more by reading a book.”

TRUTH: Actually, in my experience raw food coaching is often much less about the food and much more about the emotional and personal development journey that someone goes on when they upgrade their diet and/or go raw. In fact, I would estimate that 80% of the time I have spent coaching people around raw food has been about everything but the food – and this is where our greatest value as raw food coaches often lies, and where the opportunities for longer, more meaningful coaching relationships are abundant. In short, people want to evolve, grow and reach their potential – especially those who are more than interested in improving their general diet, energy and health. Creating coaching programs, packages and other 1:1 opportunities gives people the framework and environment to move forward in the most incredible ways, and working at that level and in that more holistic way is actually what true raw food coaching is really all about.

MYTH #3: “There’s not enough interest in raw food to necessitate more than a handful of raw food coaches in the world.”

TRUTH: Right now there are hundreds of people coaching in raw food worldwide, and in fact, that number likely now runs into thousands. There is also no shortage of people who want to look and feel better (that’s most of the general population, by the way!) but what there is a shortage of, is people who are willing or able to find a way to reach those people in language that attracts them and speaks to them, rather than repels. While there are still a huge amount of people who are looking specifically for “a raw food coach”, there are way more people who are looking for raw food coaching – only with a different label. It’s no secret that the word “raw” doesn’t appeal to most people, so why use it if it doesn’t fit your “people”? The call to action then is to choose your niche (or “tribe”) and meet them where they’re at, creating programs and packages that suit their needs, and that addresses their problems, rather than trying to make everyone “go raw” (- of course, that will be the path they’re on, they just might not choose to see it that way!)

MYTH #4: “To be a successful raw food coach you need to be web savvy and super-techy, otherwise, forget it.”

TRUTH: Only two weeks ago I was having a conversation with a new client of mine who has literally only just started her raw food coaching and teaching business and has already secured workshops and dinner parties at a local yoga centre, just from showing up and introducing herself! Truly, opportunities are everywhere. Remember, everyone wants to look and feel better; you just have to show up and present something in a way that makes them say, “I want that!” Of course, having a groovy web site is wonderful and powerful and definitely something I recommend, but there are plenty of technophobes out there in the world doing amazing work with a passion and a business card and making a living doing what they love.

As you can see, even just these four most common myths are enough to make most aspiring raw food coaches want to lay down and give up before they’ve even got started, but I’m here to tell you that these myths are indeed myths and that YOU have the power, ability and wherewithal to create exactly the kind of business that you dream of – all that’s missing now is simply the roadmap to point you in the right direction and the step-by-step guide to show you exactly what to do - and how.

Introducing the “Raw Coach Training Intensive”

If you’re ready to be hand-held through the entire process of setting up your raw food coaching business from beginning through to end, then look no further.

This year in 2012, I have created what I believe to be the most amazing, step-by-step, all-you-need-to-know Raw Food Coach Training possible - one that will show you how to create a fabulously unique and professional coaching practice that’s perfect for you and your needs, and that will transform the lives and diets of your ideal clients far and wide, while enabling you to live and share your passion every day, no matter where you’re starting from - and I’m ready to share it with you now, starting in December 2012.

In this exciting new Raw Food Coach Training program I’ve taken the best of what I’ve taught before, added in some brand new income-generating blueprints and step-by-steps, and have spent HOURS creating definitive checklists, scripts, step-by-steps, posters, templates, pricing guidelines, mini business plans and the time-and-money saving resource listings that will leave no stone unturned when it comes to setting up and running the most professional, streamlined, joyful and effective raw food coaching business possible.

In short, by working with this never-seen-before 20-step system, you can simply “join the dots”, follow my instructions and create exactly the things that you need to create while avoiding all of the superfluous, unnecessary, time consuming and usually expensive “round the houses” activities and experiments that most raw food coaches engage with, simply because of trying to figure it out all on their own the long, hard, slow and painful way.

And the best news? All of this information – and my personal support along the way - is available to you for the equivalent of running just one “VIP Day” (Don’t know what one is? Don’t worry, I’ll teach you everything!) or coaching a couple of clients for a couple of months.

Please note that this Training is open to ANYONE, anywhere in the world, with any level of raw food knowledge and experience. It’s 100% virtual – meaning that you can learn it from the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace.

It’s also in a format that has worked fantastically well in the past, with each of the 20 modules comprising of a training handout and audio recording plus specific training-related assignments and a downloadable transcript. You’ll also receive those step-by-step guides, all-important checklists, invaluable scripts and pre-written copy, fill-in-the-blank forms and templates, financial spreadsheets and sample coaching calls and coaching materials. There’s even a complete marketing checklist and action plan to make sure that you’re always letting people know about how you can help them, with much of it running on autopilot!

Literally everything you could want to create, plan and profit from your own raw food coaching practice is provided to you through this Training – and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

I can't recommend this course highly enough. Karen's Raw Coach Training is a fantastic way of turning a passion for raw food into a professional and highly profitable business. Karen delivers massive value, and is very generous with the information she provides (not to mention all the unadvertised bonuses we have been given). She has an amazing ability to break complex tasks down into simple steps, so you end up feeling that it's absolutely possible for YOU to achieve success.

It's the best start to the New Year (and a whole new life) that I could have given myself.”

Lucie Storrs, Arezzo, Italy

If you’re ready to learn more about the exciting first-time-out fabulous new Raw Coach Training Intensive virtual program, then here’s the full scoop...

Raw Coach Training Intensive 2012-2013

In this Training you will learn...


The mistake that most new coaches make is to think of something to offer, such as a 1:1 coaching session, put it out there on Facebook or a web site and… pray! Unfortunately this approach does not make for a healthy, predictable, professional coaching business that lasts or works. In this module you’ll learn about the various different components that you’ll need to think about and take care of when it comes to creating a raw food coaching business (and we’re talking about EVERYTHING here so that you have the full and complete picture) plus what a great raw food coaching practice looks like in terms of income streams, scheduling, team and the day-to-day running and marketing of the practice. This module is super-juicy and will give you the all-important real-world perspective that’s vital before you even start thinking about what you’re going to offer.


  • POSTER: “The Raw Food Coaching Business Success Map” – a snapshot summary of the various different areas of your raw coaching business that you need to take care of so you know what you need, how it’s all supposed to look and how it all works together.
  • CHECKLIST: “What Makes a Great Raw Food Coaching Practice Checklist” – take care of all of these components, by checking them off one-by-one, and you’ll have set yourself up for phenomenal success!
MODULE 2 | Going Raw & The Raw Food Journey

Before you begin coaching it’s vital to understand the various different stages of the raw food journey and how it unfolds internally and externally for literally everyone. Having this “insider” information on both the inner journey and the outer one will not only greatly enhance your own personal understanding of YOUR raw food journey, but in business terms, will enable you to pinpoint exactly where a client is, the next stage they’re going to move into, and the best guidance and information to give them, depending on where they are and what they’re looking to achieve. To not have this information leaves you wide open to coaching in a random, haphazard kind of way and coaching very much on a client-by-client basis with no real roadmap or consistency in your approach. When you can “assess” clients in this way it enables you to coach and guide people in a way that is more powerful, efficient and effective for each and every client, no matter how new or seasoned they are to living raw - and all that inevitably goes with that. This is most definitely mandatory raw food coaching knowledge.


  • POSTER: “The 12 Stages of Raw Transformation” – this beautiful poster will give you an overview of the 12 steps as a visual reminder to put above your desk.
  • POSTER: “The Successfully Raw Pyramid” – depicting the four successfully raw building blocks that must be in place for someone to go and stay raw, this will remind you and inspire you of all the different areas to work with your clients both on coaching calls and when developing others products and services.
  • POSTER: “The 7 Steps to Going & Staying Raw” – this poster reveals the practical, food-based steps that a newbie needs to travel.
  • POSTER: “The 7 Circles of Raw Support” – this poster uncovers the internal work that needs to be done in order to stay raw.
  • POSTER: “The 7 Evolutions of Raw Food Living” – this poster illustrates the different phases that someone goes through the longer they eat raw.
  • POSTER: “The 7 Spirals of the Inner Raw Journey” – this poster depicts the fascinating inner journey that we all go through as we become more fully “raw” on  every level.
MODULE 3 | Your Ideal Clients

Are you going to coach and work with existing raw food fans, complete beginners, or another group entirely? In this module I’ll help you to decide who are the right people for you to coach, show you how to find those people (the marketing comes later) and how to get clear on what exactly your ideal clients will be looking to you to provide.


  • STORY WRITING TOOL: “Write Your Raw Food Story” – your own raw food story almost always holds the clues to your best raw food coaching niche. Not only that, but having your story typed up and available creates invaluable content to include in your bio, guest expert pieces, and to publish on your web site.
  • DECISION TOOL: “How to Choose Your Market and Define Your Unique Coaching Niche” – use this easy but powerful mini-workbook to help you decide who you’re going to coach and why.
  • WORKBOOK: “Getting to Know My Ideal Client” – this mini-workbook contains the best Ideal Client coaching exercises I have ever created and will enable you to get super-clear on who your Ideal Client actually is. Once you have this all-important information you can then move forward with absolute confidence knowing EXACTLY who you’re creating your raw food coaching business for.
  • FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS POSTER: “My Unique Coaching Business Blueprint Is…” – once you’re clear, use this beautiful document to record what your own unique coaching niche/market and positioning is going to be.
  • FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS POSTER: “My Ideal Client’s Journey” – this document will become the foundation for everything that you go on to create in your coaching business – it’s vital, invaluable and it will form the backbone for everything that you do.
MODULE 4 | Creating Proprietary Content & Materials

You don’t need to have your own “content” to coach people around raw food successfully, however, creating and developing your very own range of handouts, materials, step-by-steps, posters, menu plans etc. will put you on the map and allow you to command higher fees more easily and confidently than just about anything else I can think of. In this module I’ll walk you step-by-step through how to create these materials for your business so that you can distil your best ideas and information into beautiful documents and other goodies that your clients will love and happily pay the extra investment for. (I’ll even share with you how to legally protect your newly-created intellectual property!)


  • MINI WORKBOOK: “How to Come Up with Awesome Ideas for Invaluable Coaching Content” – this step-by-step guide to “pulling the content out of you” will make it super-easy (surprisingly so) to bring the value you already have to offer out onto the page.
  • INFORMATION PACK: “Raw Food Basics” – a brilliant 20+ page overview of the key raw food teachings that every Raw Food Coach should know. This is especially perfect for those who are still learning raw food for themselves, but feel ready to start sharing recipes and basic beginner’s information with others.
  • POSTER: “How to Create Your Very Own Customised Handouts from Scratch” – an invaluable summary of how to go about creating your worksheets and other client coaching tools, step-by-step.
MODULE 5 | Different Approaches to Coaching – What’s Your Style?

It’s easy to assume that there’s a one-style approach to raw food coaching, and therefore that is has to “look” or sound a certain way, but actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In this module I’ll walk you through the different coaching styles and modalities that are possible for you so that you can consciously choose which approach is going to be the best fit for you and your clients, and create your own way of doing things that feels authentic, on-brand and aligned with the type of service you want to be known for.


  • MINI GUIDE: “The Pros and Cons of Coaching on the Phone vs. Coaching Face-to-Face” – there are definitely pros and cons to these two most common coaching approaches, this mini guide will enable you to make a decision about which way you want to go, or if you want to offer a combination.
MODULE 6 | How to Be a Great Raw Food Coach

There are many dimensions to becoming a great raw food coach. While many of these are skills or traits that can come naturally or be acquired, others are more subtle than that. And then there’s the all-important knowledge-base in a variety of areas, and knowing how to work with what you’ve got (rather than thinking you’re not qualified enough or that you don’t know enough to coach – I bet you do!). Via this module you’ll learn about all of the above with more detailed information on key coaching skills such as “The Art of Listening”, “Power Questions”, “What Can and Can’t Be Said”, “How to Handle Challenging Client Situations”, and the special “Coaching Exercises” bonus in this module is going to blow you away! (I use it with myself and my clients all the time.)


  • CHECKLIST: “Raw Food Coach Skills List” – the different things you will need to know and be able to do to be able to coach in a range of common coaching situations.
  • BOOKLET: “Great Raw Food Coaching Exercises” – full of simple-through-to-advanced coaching exercises this “coaching toolbox” will enable you to work magic with your clients over and over again.

MODULE 7 | Complimentary Calls & Free Sessions

Traditionally in coaching people like to “try before they buy” – or at least to speak with you personally to know if you’re the right coach for them. Similarly, before you start working with a client, you too need to know if they are also a fit for you. This module will introduce you to the concept of both types of calls, both of which are free to a prospective client, and teach you the difference between the two, when you should and shouldn’t offer them, and how to run those calls professionally when you do.


  • SCRIPT: “How to Run a Complimentary Call” – a word-for-word script for how you can run the perfect complimentary call.
  • CHECKLIST: “The Ideal Client Attraction & Conversion Checklist” – a beautiful visual reminder of what needs to happen before, during and after a free coaching call/session
MODULE 8 | How to Create & Run Awesome "Discovery Sessions"

A “Discovery Session” can be free or paid for, and it’s a more advanced version of the complimentary call. I love Discovery Sessions because they are more focused and are geared specifically towards those who are usually more advanced in their raw food journey and are itching to get a specific problem solved. During this module you’ll learn all there is to know about how to advertise and run Discovery Sessions for your business, as well as how to know whether they should be for free or fee. Bringing Discovery Sessions into your business can actually be a major turning point, enabling you to move to a new level of clarity and efficiency within your practice and putting you in a position where you can work with even more ideal clients and typically at a higher price point.


  • TEMPLATE: “Questions to Ask BEFORE a Discovery Session” – not everyone will be an ideal candidate for your Discovery Sessions. This mini questionnaire will enable you to decide who truly qualifies to get on the phone with you in this way, and what to say to those who don’t.
  • CUSTOMISABLE TEMPLATE: “Discovery Session Opportunity Email” – this will give you the exact wording to send to your readers and subscribers, when you’re ready to offer Discovery Sessions to the world, as well as instructions for how to complete the wording so the email is specific to your business and the coaching niche you’re working in.
MODULE 9 | Client Questionnaires & Coaching Forms

Although most of your coaching work will happen during your coaching sessions, a lot of time can be saved, and progress made through the clever use of forms and questionnaires’. By using these your clients can process their situation more carefully, you can gain deeper insights into where your work really needs to be and you also create a “living library” of papers which can be invaluable for tracking a journey, spotting patterns, raising issues and so much more.


  • TEMPLATE: “Pre-Call Coaching Form” – recommended for using with clients so they can report on progress before a call.
  • TEMPLATE: “Post-Call Coaching Form” – for clients to complete and return to you after a call.
  • TEMPLATE: “New Client Questionnaire” – this fully customisable template will give you some great coaching questions to get going with, while enabling you to add or subtract any other coaching content that you wish.
MODULE 10 | How to Coach Clients Over the Phone

Coaching clients over the phone has a lot going for it! It really is the ultimate in being able to control your time and accessibility, and makes working from home a viable reality. Coaching over the phone is quite different to coaching in-person, and via this module you’ll learn how to get set up for phone coaching, the do’s and don’ts and how to run a perfect coaching call.


  • SCRIPT: “How to Open and Wrap Up Your Telephone Coaching Sessions” – with this done-for-you script, you’ll know exactly what to say so that your clients are orientated professionally.
  • CHECKLIST: “How to Run the Perfect Coaching Call” – this checklist will take you through all the things you need to take into consideration for this to be true.
MODULE 11 | How to Coach Clients Face-to-Face

In-person coaching can be a lot of fun and is great for those who like to be more sociable and/or to get out and about and deliver a more personal, intimate service. The differences between face-to-face coaching can be very marked, so in this module I’ll teach you how to get set up to coach in this way, how to make sure you keep to time and how to price according to what your phone coaching prices are.


  • CHECKLIST: “In-Person Coaching Meeting Checklist” – this handy checklist will ensure that you have everything in place for the perfect face-to-face meeting wherever it may be.
MODULE 12 | How to Coach Clients to Go Raw

This exciting module will ensure that you enjoy and experience great success with your clients early on. Everyone is different and will have unique dietary needs, lifestyle requirements and of course food tastes. You don’t need to be a nutritionist to help people go raw, but you do need to be able to guide clients to the right choices for them so that their raw food journey speaks to them and is what they want and need it to be. A few simple steps taken before you begin can help you easily identify what is going to be the best route for each individual person you see – and ensure the best results. Most raw food coaches don’t do this (which is why you’re going to stand out from the crowd), but in this module you’re going to master this introduction to raw foods so that when people come to you, they’re going to be treated to a seamless experience (which is one of the best ways to get referrals for more clients!)


  • CHECKLIST: “What You Should Be Clear on Before You Start Working with Newbies” – this invaluable and comprehensive checklist will ensure that you know exactly what you need to know in order to offer the most effective and valuable coaching to your newbie clients.
  • STEP-BY-STEP WORKBOOK: “How to Create Your Own Go Raw System” – truly one of the most brilliant aspects of this training is this step-by-step guide to creating a system that is uniquely yours and perfect for your beginner clients.
MODULE 13 | How to Coach Clients to Stay Raw

When the people you coach start having more energy, lose weight or feel better than they ever have before, it’s the best kind of testimonial you can get. When you build a reputation as a raw food coach who “makes things happen”, people want to work with you and will pay more to work with you. I want you to experience your clients raving about you, so in this module I’m going to share with you my hard-won secrets for knowing what food groups to recommend and why, how to achieve powerful results early to build momentum, how to get people to stick (not quit) and exactly what that takes – there’s a LOT to it and I’m going to lay it all out for you (this one piece alone is truly invaluable). Rare is the coach who truly gets what it takes to stay raw and no-one has ever mapped it all out before. I’m going to do that for you so you don’t have to rack your brain trying to figure out why people fail. And of course what you learn will be invaluable to you too!


  • COACHING TOOL: “How to Define Successfully Raw for Yourself and Your Clients” – it’s important to know what this means for you personally (just so you are clear) and also for your clients to figure out the same. This coaching tool will enable everyone to get clear on what this looks like for them – clarity is key!
  • POSTER: “Raw Food Groups and Their Effects on the Body” – this is generally never talked about and yet it’s so powerful it simply can’t be ignored.
  • COACHING TOOL: “The 5 Most Important Questions” – these are the five most important questions to ask when your client is not as raw as they want to be. Powerful, awesome and solves the mystery every time.
  • STEP-BY-STEP WORKBOOK: “How to Create Your Own Successfully Raw System” – as per module 12, this is truly one of the most brilliant aspects of this training - a step-by-step guide to creating a “successfully raw” system that specifically designed for your more enthusiastic and advanced clients.
BONUS MODULE 14 | How to Coach Clients Through Emotional Turbulence

It’s inevitable that everyone will go through some form of emotional turbulence on their raw food journey as they recreate themselves from the inside out. This module will help you to understand why this happens, when it happens, how it can show up, how to coach around it and how to hold the space for your client to continue on, even if they don’t feel they want to or even can.


  • COACHING TOOL: “Raw Mastery Coaching Questions” – these questions can be used over and over again to help someone get from stuck to unstuck incredibly quickly, joyfully and effectively.
  • DONE-FOR-YOU SCRIPT: “What to Say When a Client Starts Crying” – this can actually happen fairly often over the course of your coaching year. As clients go through their emotional turbulence it’s important to know how best to handle it in a way that is sensitive and supportive.
MODULE 15 | How to Create & Run "VIP Days"

“VIP Days” are a fantastic alternative to coaching over a set period of time and are, in essence, “days” (4-6 hours) where you coach someone through your own unique process in order to get to a specific outcome, solution or result. There’s so much to say about VIP Days and their amazing potential (they’re great for your clients and fabulous income generators for you) but I’m going to save the magic for the module itself where I’ll be walking you through everything you need to know to create irresistible VIP days of your own.


  • STEP-BY-STEP: “How to Create Your Very Own VIP Days” – this step-by-step will enable you to map out your own VIP Day and have it available to offer to your clients in as little as 3-4 hours.
BONUS MODULE 16 | How to Create Coaching Programs & Packages

Offering simply ad-hoc (“as and when”) type coaching through your practice really isn’t a recipe for success. In fact it doesn’t serve you or your client to any significant degree, and for those who are serious, it doesn’t give them really anywhere to go. However, coaching packages and programs are, by contrast, incredible in the value and experience that they can deliver. Having 1-3 coaching packages or programs in your business offerings is, as far as I’m concerned, absolutely critical, so in this module I’m going to share with you how I first got started with creating packages, what they did for me, how you can create brilliant ones of your own, and I’ll even give you examples of ones I created so you can see just how fantastic they can be.


  • REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES: “Karen’s Coaching Packages” – from the archives you’ll receive copies of my coaching packages, right from the most basic home-made versions all the way through to the fancy professionally designed, high-ticket programs.
  • INSPIRATION LIST: “Juicy Things You Can Put into Your Raw Food Coaching Packages” – this list will show you just how creative, delicious, juicy and diverse your coaching packages can look and how much value you can give to your clients.
BONUS MODULE 17 | How to Create Your “Magic Fountain”

This is where it all comes together! By this stage in the training you will have learned all you need to know to be a truly fabulous raw food coach and how to generate terrific income through your business. Now it’s time to pull it all together! In this module I’ll show you how to create that “magic fountain” in your business which is the way that all of your coaching services and offerings flow beautifully from one to another to another, creating magic for you, your business and yes, absolutely your clients!


  • FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS POSTER: “My Raw Food Coaching Magic Fountain” – this will be where all of the work you do in this brilliant module comes together in one simple, single resting place to show and remind you of how all of your unique and special coaching offerings are all going to beautifully flow into one another and roll out.
BONUS MODULE 18 | How to Market & Fill Your Practice

Marketing is, NO QUESTION, one of the most critical pieces of all – you simply MUST know how to let people know about you, your business and – bottom line - how you can help them. No clients = no class = no business, so this piece is vital. Without a doubt, there is a LOT to this piece, but in this module I’ve done ALL of the thinking and planning for you, and not only am I giving you marketing materials and copy to model, but also a step-by-step guide to marketing online and offline, PLUS an example one month day-by-day marketing plan to show you how much you should be doing and where. (This one piece alone is truly worth your investment in this training).


  • FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS TEMPLATE: “Marketing Copy for Every Type of Coaching Session” – Yes, it’s true, I’m giving you marketing copy templates to model/change to suit your unique business for all of the different types of coaching that we’ve covered in this training. This will save you hours of stress and worry about what to write after you’ve created your wonderful coaching packages etc!
  • CHECKLIST: “Where to Advertise Your Raw Food Coaching Online and Offline Checklist” – both types of advertising are important in order to fill your practice and yet most Raw Food Coaches tend to have strengths in one area rather than both. This checklist will make sure that you cover all of the bases each time you market so that you can fill your practice consistently.
  • POSTER: “How to Use Social Media to Attract Ideal Clients” – social media is one of the best ways to let people know about you and your coaching and it’s FREE advertising!
  • CALENDAR: “Raw Food Coach Marketing Calendar” – this 4-week calendar will tell you EXACTLY what to do to market your raw food business and, just as importantly, when to do it. This one piece is an absolute Godsend!
BONUS MODULE 19 | How to Take Care of Administration

Handling new clients, free sessions, scheduling, payments and correspondence… There’s going to be some paperwork and systems count! Whether or not you consider administration to be your strong point, it is important AND it can be super-easy and incredibly streamlined when you know how! In this module I’ll give you a step-by-step guide to managing the administrative areas of your coaching business, as well as specific copy that you can use in your outgoing emails to make sure that everything in this arena is as simple for you as possible. We’ll also be talking about how to handle refunds and cancellations – these can and do happen (it’s just part of life) so you need to be prepared!


  • POSTER: “Raw Food Coaching New Client Admin  Flow” – a map of how things should flow from when someone decides to work with you through to how to receive payment and get them things that they need to get started with you.
  • PRE-PROGRAMMED SPREADSHEET: “Raw Food Clients Appointments Record” – use this pre-designed excel spreadsheet to keep a record of all of your sessions so that you know what’s what and where you’re at in your coaching agreement.
  • STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE: “How to Take Payments Online via PayPal” – you don’t have to get into fancy shopping cart systems and talking to your bank about having a merchant account if you don’t want to. PayPal enables every size of business to receive money quickly and easily online without any fuss or difficulty. This step-by-step will show you how to set up your PayPal account so that you can accept payments online, making life easy for both you and your students.
  • FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS TEMPLATE: “Welcome to Coaching!” – this pre-written text comes to you in a simple word document for you to personalise to your unique business. As all the thinking has been done for you, you don’t need to worry about mis-wording your communication or leaving out the all-important details. Once you’ve filled in the blanks, simply copy and paste it into your email and you’re all set to follow-through with new clients in a polite, professional and friendly manner.
  • FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS TEMPLATE: “Raw Food Coaching Session Reminder Copy” – this pre-written text also comes to you in a simple word document for you to personalise to your unique business. As all the thinking has been done for you, you don’t need to worry about mis-wording your communication or leaving out the all-important details. Once you’ve filled in the blanks, simply copy and paste into your email and you’re all set to remind your clients about your next coaching session and what they need to do/bring/pack.
  • FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS TEMPLATE: “My Raw Food Coaching Refund Policy” – this simple word document comes to you with suggested wording and fair policies for handling refunds and cancellations. It’s yours to edit as you wish, depending on your own business policy and/or that as dictated by your country of residence.
  • FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS TEMPLATE: “My Raw Food Coaching Agreement” – this simple word document comes to you with suggested wording for coaching agreements to send to clients before you begin working with them. It’s yours to edit as you wish, depending on your own business policy and/or that as dictated by your country of residence.
BONUS MODULE 20 | How to Grow & Evolve Your Raw Food Coaching Business

There’s always more and always room to grow, expand, uplevel and take your work further, so in this final bonus module I’ll be shining a light on the different options open to you as you consider how to grow your business in new and exciting ways!


  • POSTER: “Ways to Grow Your Raw Food Coaching Business” – every time you look at this you’ll get even more excited about the possibilities! Your business is your baby, and it will grow up and start to change automatically sometime without you even noticing. This poster will remind you that you have the power to shape your business’ destiny more than you ever might have imagined and as soon as you feel ready, ideas and opportunities will be right there waiting for you!

And If You Think that What You’re Getting is Already More Than Enough, You’re Going to LOVE These Bonuses!

Yes indeed, while I know that the Training itself is worth WAY in excess of the very low investment, I am totally dedicated to your success. As such I am gifting you with the following bonuses which will make an even bigger difference to your training experience and what’s possible for you…

BONUS #1: TWO Live Demonstration Coaching Calls (Value £297)

At two different points during this training I’ll be running a live 60-minute coaching call where I’ll be working with someone from the training to address a real-life raw-related situation. One call will be food-related, the other more personal/evolution-related; both will serve to illustrate the different types of coaching and the kinds of things that can come up on such calls and how to effectively work with them. Not only will you have the chance to be one of the lucky “clients” but you’ll also have recordings of both calls to keep forever.

BONUS #2: "The Raw Food Coach’s Business Success Blueprint” Workbook (Value £97)

This step-by-step planner is a Godsend! It will literally hand-hold you through every consideration you need to make in order to create a great business via a series of questions that you will answer on the page by hand. By taking everything you have learned from the Training you’ll be able to create the best raw food coaching business possible, and this blueprint will synthesise everything beautifully into one solid workable plan that you can simply roll out.

BONUS #3:10 Super-Simple Profitable Raw Coach Business Plans
(Value £297)

How would you love to own 10 different, super-simple Raw Food Coach business plans that show you how to earn from £500 for leading one simple VIP day all the way up to £100,000 for coaching on a larger scale and by adding additional raw food services into the mix?

I thought so! Which is why I have mapped out, just for you, 10 very different plans so you can see which one is the best fit for you and how YOU can make the income you personally desire.

BONUS #4: FREE Membership to the IARFCT (Value £197)

Upon signing up to this Training you’ll gain almost immediate access to THE place to be if you are a Raw Food Coach or Teacher.

Once you’re a member of the IARFCT you’ll:

  • Be able to connect immediately with myself and other raw food coaches and coaches all around the world
  • Be able to start having your questions answered on the monthly 90-minute Q&A calls (2nd Tuesday of every month)
  • Be able to start using the special IARFCT logo on your web site and marketing materials
  • Be able to download some fabulous business-building training bonuses including: Brilliant Branding; Web Sites Made Easy; Blogs: The Why & The How; Awesome eZines; The Irresistible Free Taste; Manifesting Miracles in Business; How to create a custom tab for your Facebook page; How to Create Your Vision & Mission Statements and, How to Decide What to Do First/Next.

How’s THAT for additional value?

I’ve added the membership into the Raw Coach Training Intensive package so that you can get the support that you need. Although the Training itself comes as a virtual home study for you to download as and when you desire, your membership to the IARFCT will end on 31st May 2013, so you’ll have up to 6 MONTHS membership (depending on when you join) to continue to learn at your own pace – fast or slow - and enjoy and ask questions. I want to make sure that you get what you need and the IARFCT will ensure that you get your questions answered and get to meet others in the Training with you.

BONUS #5: A Certificate of Successful Completion & Comprehension

In mid-July 2013, you’ll be given the opportunity to take an exam testing you on the content taught during the 20-week training. This will not be testing you on your ability to coach, but on your understanding of the content of the Training. You certificate will be worded as follows:

This is to certify that [your name] has successfully completed the Raw Coach Training Intensive as taught by Karen Knowler between December 2012 and May 2013, and has demonstrated an excellent understanding of what it takes to coach in the field of raw food to a world-class, professional standard.

Upon passing this exam you will be sent your certificate, together with a graphic you can put on your web site and marketing materials to this effect. This will certainly be something that potential clients will hold in high regard as they research the best raw food coach for them, and it will set you apart from the many other Raw Food Coaches who have not completed this Training.

Phew! As you can see, it’s a LOT that you’re getting here in this Training Package, but it’s everything that you’ll need, it’ll save you MASSES of time, money and energy, because you won’t have to figure anything out on your own, and you’ll be able to refer to it over and over again for every class that you ever create and teach.

Here’s a complete recap of what you’ll get:

  • 20x Training MP3s + handouts + assignments + transcripts taking you through the 20 Raw Coach Training Intensive Modules (Value £2000+)
  • MASSES of different bonus handouts (checklists, posters, done-for-you templates, spreadsheets, scripts etc.) (Value £1000+)
  • Special unlimited access to “Ask Karen” page within the RCTI forum where you can ask questions pertaining to the RCTI training until 31st May 2013 (Value £ Priceless)
  • BONUS #1: 2 LIVE Demonstration Coaching Calls (Value £297)
  • BONUS #2: “The Raw Food Coach’s Business Success Blueprint” Workbook (Value £97)
  • BONUS #3: 10 Super-Simple Profitable Raw Coach Business Plans (Value £297)  
  • BONUS #4: FREE Membership to the IARFCT until 31st May 2013 (Value £197)
  • BONUS #5: A Certificate of Successful Completion & Comprehension
  • All of these materials and recordings are 100% downloadable and are yours to keep and benefit from forever. (The great thing about this is that this Training content is not time-sensitive; the fundamentals of what works today will always work when it comes to creating great raw food classes and your dream raw food teaching business).

TOTAL VALUE = £3900+ (Approx. $6240)

With this standard and comprehensiveness of Training, 2013 will open up more opportunities for your raw food journey and your personal and professional future than you’ve ever imagined.

I’d been following Karen for about a year when I heard about the Raw Food Coach training. I knew from her eZine and teleclasses that she had something incredible – the power to inspire me to reach for my dreams, whilst getting me there by using organised, step by step models that worked!

I’d been dreaming of building a life-changing retreat here in Italy for a few years and on hearing of the coach training something deep inside me knew it was what I had to do. Initially, I was worried about the finances, but from my experience of Karen’s methods and my knowledge of the course content, I became convinced that it was perfect - the way for me to really commit to and focus on making my dream business a successful reality.

The year-long training was amazing - so much information and so much support! The Q&A calls were particularly useful; having time to question Karen about my specific ideas and issues was invaluable.

I can honestly say that the training has changed my life; it has helped give me the confidence to build a business that is uniquely mine, and it has given me all the tools that I need to do that. I’ve got a clearly mapped out path to what I want, I’m highly focused and I know how to market myself. Using Karen’s systems has made everything so clear and my toolkit is now stuffed with ways to develop for years to come. I could never have achieved any of this without the training. Not only did Karen deliver value-packed content, but she’s a consistent source of inspiration and support and unfailingly on my side.

I’m making my dreams real and it feels amazing!

Alison Ottaway, Italy,

Karen – I’m READY! How Do I Sign Up?

Truly, I am SO excited to work with you in this way!

I know from first-hand experience that helping to change someone’s life is the most amazing, humbling and rewarding thing possible. I truly believe that no matter how new or experienced you are in raw food coaching, this Training will give you everything you need to create the raw food coaching business you desire.

In this, the Raw Coach Training Intensive I have mapped ALL of this out for you. It couldn’t be simpler to understand and it couldn’t be easier to follow.

(The checklists, calendars, pre-written copy, marketing plans, done-for-you scripts and spreadsheets are all BRAND NEW and have never-been-seen-before – they’re going to make everything so EASY for you!)

Honestly, I wish someone had given all of this on a plate to me when I got started! But lucky for you, I’ve done it for YOU, and it’s at a complete steal of an investment – a price that you simply won’t believe.

I’ve created this because I’ve seen way too many coaches struggle in so many different ways, and when I looked at why I succeeded it became more than clear why.

Don’t gamble on your dream. Get it right from the start, and you can start making money right away doing what you love and having the impact you so dearly want to have.

If you’re ready to invest in the ultimate all-you-need-to-know raw food coach training, simply register below for one of the payment options to get started right away!

As soon as you invest you’ll be invited to take your complimentary place in the IARFCT forum where you can start downloading lots of bonus goodies (not all of them even listed on this page!) as well as having immediate access to other Raw Food Coaches and Teachers.

Karen is a masterful teacher and coach, and spending a year learning from her in the Raw Coach Program was a tremendous gift that I gave to myself. Its value will be long-lasting as it benefits the lives of those I touch. In addition to her seemingly unfathomable depth of knowledge and understanding of all of the nuances of the raw food lifestyle, Karen is also a whiz when it comes to explaining the business side of things.  Add to that her palpable warmth and willingness to share all that she is, which truly comes from her heart, and you quickly realize that she is a rare gem indeed."

Madeline Eyer, Washington, USA,

OK Karen, I’m Ready! I am Super-Excited to Be Able to Have Access to Everything that I Need to Be Successful as a Raw Food Coach, and I Can Clearly See the Incredible Value in this Investment and What It Will Mean For Me, My Raw Food Business and My Future - and I Can’t Wait to Get Started!

EU Residents:
UK, Germany, Belgium etc.
Pay-in-full at £1297 +VAT

NON-EU Residents:
US, Canada, Australia etc.
Pay-in-full at £1297 (Approx. $2195 US)

EU Residents:
UK, Germany, Belgium etc.
2 payments of £697 +VAT

(Payments are processed automatically 30 days apart)

NON-EU Residents:
US, Canada, Australia etc.
2 payments of £697 (Approx. $1130 US)

(Payments are processed automatically 30 days apart)

SPECIAL NOTE: The instalment option is offered as a way to assist you with your cashflow and to support you in this way. Please do not select this option if you have any doubt whatsoever about your ability to pay future instalments as we offer this on a trust basis. Thank you.

at 12 midnight UK (7pm eastern)

Don’t Miss This Chance To Make 2013 The Year You Make Your Raw Food Coaching Dreams Come True

Questions? Click here to access the special Q&A page.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

Radiantly yours,

Karen Knowler

Karen Knowler

PS: The world really needs fabulous Raw Food Coaches like you and remember, it’s so much easier than you think – when you know what you need to know!

PPS: Don’t forget, you have my support and additional input into YOUR business at no additional investment until 31st May 2013!

EU Residents:
UK, Germany, Belgium etc.
Pay-in-full at £1297 +VAT

NON-EU Residents:
US, Canada, Australia etc.
Pay-in-full at £1297 (Approx. $2195 US)

EU Residents:
UK, Germany, Belgium etc.
2 payments of £697 +VAT

(Payments are processed automatically 30 days apart)

NON-EU Residents:
US, Canada, Australia etc.
2 payments of £697 (Approx. $1130 US)

(Payments are processed automatically 30 days apart)

SPECIAL NOTE: The instalment option is offered as a way to assist you with your cashflow and to support you in this way. Please do not select this option if you have any doubt whatsoever about your ability to pay future instalments as we offer this on a trust basis. Thank you.

at 12 midnight UK (7pm eastern)

Disclaimer: All efforts have been made to give you an accurate representation of the course on this page. Any results from testimonials are to provide an indication of what others have experienced through training with me. You probably already know that this isn’t a guarantee that you will experience the same results as your individual success will depend on your unique situation and motivation to use the materials available.

REFUND POLICY: We have every confidence that this training will far exceed your expectations and that its value is many times over your investment. Because you receive over £200 worth of bonuses immediately upon joining this program, in order to prevent abuse of our system, we do not offer a refund on this training. For this reason, when you sign up for this training it must be with the understanding that no refund will be given, that all instalments (if you choose that option) must be paid on time as agreed, and that you are happy to join the program on that understanding. If you have questions, feel free to email us at We are happy to discuss this with you personally if you have questions.

About Karen

Karen KnowlerKaren Knowler is “The Raw Food Coach”, former Managing Director of The Fresh Network, the UK's Raw and Living Foods organisation, founder and director of the International Association of Raw Food Coaches &Teachers (IARFCT), creator and former editor of Get Fresh! magazine and creator of International Raw Food Day and With almost two decades of personal experience of eating a raw food diet, Karen has been teaching, writing and coaching professionally on raw foods since 1998 and training other business owners to do the same since 2007.

Author of Raw Food Made Simple and Eat Right For Your Personality Type which recently published with Hay House, Karen has established herself not only as one of the most prominent raw food educators on the planet today, highly respected both within the community and within mainstream media, but also as the go-to person for those who want to create or grow a raw food teaching or coaching business and make their mark in the world of raw foods and beyond.

Karen’s mission is to make raw food mainstream worldwide and there’s nothing she loves more than helping others to spread the word in a way that is joyful, profitable and sustainable, so that they too can eat, live and share their message and lead congruent, healthful, abundant and passionate lives.