Your Questions Answered About the
“Raw Coach Training Intensive” Program


Below are the most commonly asked questions that are being asked about this Training. Please have a read through, and if you still have questions simply email us at and we’ll be very happy to answer them for you.

Is this a live or online Training?

It is a 100% virtual training, meaning that everything that’s part of the training is delivered through downloads (MP3s, PDFs, word documents etc.) via a special web page online. You don’t have to go anywhere beyond your office desk to do this training – and you get support (see below), while doing it at your own pace!

Who is this training most suitable for?

This is a LEVEL 1 training, so it is suitable for complete beginners with a burning passion to help others go raw, through to those who are already coaching others but know that they could improve on the basics, especially the marketing, enrolling and the actual running of their practice, including how to run calls, what to talk about and how to create your own coaching content.

When does the RCTI Training start?

It starts the moment you sign up! Once you’ve signed-up you receive an invitation to join the IARFCT (International Association of Raw Food Coaches & Teachers) forum, and once you’re in there you’ll receive the special invitation to join the RCTI group via a special web page within the IARFCT forum. Module 1 will be uploading on Tuesday 18th December to give you something to be working with over the holiday season and ready for the New Year. After that one module will be uploaded every Tuesday starting from Tuesday 8th January 2013.

How do I get my questions answered?

There is a special closed-door forum JUST for those in the RCTI program where you can post training-related questions directly to me 24/7 all the way through until 31st May 2013. I usually respond to questions within 1 business day, often same day. For all other business-related questions, the monthly IARFCT Q&A calls are the perfect place to get your questions answered – and if you can’t make the calls live you can post questions in advance, so you’ll get your questions answered either way. If you ask a question via the RCTI forum at any time of day or night, I will always answer it. You do not need to worry about feeling alone, or left to figure anything out for yourself. I’m here for you!

How much does it cost to be on the live calls?

Just to re-iterate, the live calls for this particular training are the 2 60-minute bonus coaching demonstration calls which are part of the actual training syllabus, plus the monthly 90-minute Q&A calls which are part of being a member of the IARFCT. All of these calls are to a US bridge line number, so for those who live outside the USA, we recommend that you call in via Skype or utilise another low-cost call service provider such as Discount Dial, which is perfect for you if you’re in the UK.

How much time will I need to complete this Training?

It really does depend on how fast you work. Realistically I think someone should put aside 2-4 hours per week to complete the weekly modules and assignments, although you are welcome to work more slowly, or do one module every two weeks, or do multiple modules on a weekend – whatever works best for you. However you will want to be caught up by 12th July 2013 if you want to go for certification.

What do I need to know before I can start to coach?

In terms of where you would need to be at in the Training, ideally you’d be all the way through, but the earliest possible point would be half-way at Module 8 – although I wouldn’t generally recommend it unless you’ve coached someone before because it’s better to have all of the know-how under your belt before starting to advertise coaching professionally. You can certainly start practicing on friends, family and your fellow classmates earlier.

Is there anything else I need to invest in to start coaching?

There are certainly some useful online tools to help you build your coaching practice that you may choose to utilise and invest in at some point, and a web site of some kind will obviously be important as soon as you’re in a position to create one (and web sites can be low-cost too), but it actually doesn’t cost a single penny to coach someone or to secure a client, so this really is a minimal investment kind of career. This is of course GREAT NEWS, making it accessible for anyone and everyone as a potential vocation and career that can be profitable right away.

Will I learn how to create my own coaching content and programs?

Yes. This is covered in Module 4 “Creating Proprietary Content” and Module 16 “How to Create Coaching Programs & Packages”, plus I’ll be sharing other ways to package the best of what you have to offer via “Discovery Sessions”, “VIP Days”, and I’ll also be showing you how to create programs that can command 5-figure investments from those who want the best that you have to offer. Learning this information can actually take you from making a good healthy income to making a fantastic one, just by learning how to package information that you already know!

I have never been coached around raw food before or listened to someone else being coached. Would you advise me to get some coaching before I coach to experience it for myself?

That would be ideal, yes, because all of us need to experience coaching to understand its true value, however, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s imperative – just much preferred. Via this training you will gain access to some raw coaching calls I have run in the past, plus one of the bonuses is a chance to be coached live on the line by me so that you hear how it works in a live situation. This will be one of the very best parts of the training, really seeing the power of raw food coaching at work. There will be two calls like this, so fingers crossed, one might be yours. Even if not, you’ll still get access to the live calls and the recordings, so you can continue to learn from the coaching forever.

Would it be ethical to coach people about raw food if I myself am not 100% raw?

Absolutely, although of course it’s important that you yourself are eating raw to a notable degree.

Here’s the deal: Most people who want to go raw do not want to go totally raw. Those who want to go “all-raw” are generally just a small percentage of people, although they do exist and they have their own set of needs that they require assistance with from a teacher/coach who is also 100% raw, or has long-term experience of it.

In my opinion, to be a Raw Food Coach and be in integrity, you need to be eating the majority of your diet raw, the majority of the time. I say this because I know that Raw Food Coaches are human beings too, and sometimes they may come off the wagon for whatever reason, or the amount of raw they eat may go up or down – just like “normal” people! As I see it, any experiences you have around raw food, however you may perceive them, are never a bad thing but a blessing when you use your experiences and learning to make you more knowledgeable, compassionate and understanding as a coach, and take what you’ve learned to help others.

Generally speaking, it’s really the best idea to coach people who want to eat as much or less raw food than you, and also that you’re honest about what you’re doing and why; this way you feel totally ethical and aligned. Mostly clients are actually not as concerned about what you’re doing and how much raw food you’re eating so much as how you can help them, how well connected they feel to you, that you know what you’re talking about and that you can help them to reach their goals in a way they can get excited about.

Of course, the bottom line is that you feel in integrity, so you must decide what that looks like for you.

Is there a certification from doing this Training?

Yes, there is a certificate available, please refer to BONUS #5 on the information page to read more about the specifics of this.

What if I don’t pass the exam and therefore don’t get certified?

You can retake the certification any time until 30th September 2013. There will be a re-take fee of £49 to cover our time and admin expenses. Having said this, if you have followed each module properly it would be very difficult to fail!

Are any specific teaching qualifications required in order to be a raw food coach?

No. You can coach people around raw food without any qualifications at all, however I created this certification because this Training will really set you apart as a raw food coach due to what you will learn and how much better equipped you will be to coach professionally, and obviously having a certification does put you in a stronger position than not having one.

If I want 1:1 assistance from you to help me build my coaching business, how can I get that?

You can obtain that effectively via the monthly Q&A calls (other people will be listening in) and also in the forum, although the forum questions must be relevant to the Modules being taught – anything “off-topic” or asking for specific advice personal to your own business should be saved for the monthly Q&A’s where I can give you the personalised input you need. If you’d like my personal 1:1 help aside from the training, then simply email my office at telling us exactly what you’re looking for, and one of my team will be happy to let you know what’s available.

How often do you offer this Training?

I have offered other coach trainings in the past, however this is the first run of the Raw Coach Training Intensive and is based on the fantastic formula of my much-loved “Raw Teacher Training Intensive” which will start its third run in March 2013. This program will not be released again until autumn/fall 2013, so if now is your time, then I encourage you not to wait, because if this is for you, then honestly there’s not a moment to lose! Why wait nearly another year to follow your passion and create your dream business, when you could be starting to create it right now? Sadly, too many people push away their dreams because of the fear of actually embracing them and starting to move towards them. Please don’t let that stand in your way. If your heart is telling you it’s time, then you owe it to yourself and to those you have been called to serve to listen and take action. You certainly won’t regret it!

I’ve already trained with you before in one of your previous raw coach training programs – how is this different?

This is a great question and an important one, because neither of us want you to sign up for something superfluous when you could be pressing on with other things and saving yourself unnecessary time, money and energy, so I’m going to lay it all out for you.

If you attended one of my live coach trainings which happened back in 2007 and 2008, then it is safe to say that almost everything you will learn in this training will be completely new to you and there is absolutely no risk of you feeling like you’ve seen it all before, because you definitely haven’t! I would say that 98% of this training will be new to you and therefore invaluable.

For those of you who worked with me during one of my three year-long Raw Coach Trainings during 2010 and 2011, then I would say that approximately 60% or more of this content will be new to you, and the previously shared content has been revised and updated. As a previous student of this training you are entitled to a 50% savings on this 2013 training if you’d like to take advantage of it and move your business forward. This information is going to move you forward in leaps and bounds. To join RCTI, simply quote coupon code RCTI50PC when you checkout to obtain a 50% savings on whatever the current price is when you choose to sign up. Please note, this offer only applies to the full-pay options.

For those of you who have been part of the “Successfully Raw” Raw Coach Training Phase 1 program, the same information applies as per those who were part of the year-long program, taking into account what you have access to via the virtual training you received combined with the home study. You too can quote the code RCTI50PC and receive a 50% savings on the Raw Coach Training Intensive in conjunction with the full-pay options.

As is true for all of us, over time I’ve continued to learn, grow and evolve in my raw food coaching understanding and experience, I’ve also become a lot more aware about the specific type of help most coaches want TODAY, including how to start earning an income quickly, efficiently and professionally right out of the gate, and so I’ve added in a lot of extra content and MASSES of “done-for-you” items which are a completely new feature and quite simply invaluable. Plus, you have me on hand until the end of May 2013 to give you my personal advice and input to help you grow YOUR unique coaching business. And having me on hand in this way is going to ensure that you get what you need so that no questions are left unanswered.

Should I be a Raw Food Coach or Teacher - or both?

This is a very personal decision – and both are GREAT!

So, first of all, it’s important to be clear about the difference between the two vocations so that you understand the similarities and differences.

Generally speaking, a Raw Food Teacher is someone who teaches a variety of recipes and raw-related information in order to help people eat raw or more raw, usually in a class setting. Classes can be taught to groups of all sizes as well as to private individuals and small privately organised groups in their or their client’s own home. A Raw Food Teacher’s income is typically generated from these classes and in-home sessions together with additional product sales made online or at the back of the room.

Raw Food Coaches by contrast are almost always focused on the entire raw food journey – or at least a good portion of it, meaning that they discuss and coach around whatever is needed in order to move someone forward from where they are to where they want to be. This gets to happen by working with the whole person – body, mind, heart and soul - and looking beyond the food in order to have the most profound insights, breakthroughs and ultimately, results and effects in someone’s life. A Raw Food Coach’s income can come from a whole variety of sources, such as products, programs, coaching packages, events, classes and more. (The list is impressive!) Therefore, a Raw Food Coach can potentially earn many more times income than a Raw Food Teacher not only because of the amount of revenue streams they can tap into and the extent to which they can share their knowledge, but also because they can more effectively use the power of the internet to leverage their time, reach and energy, thus serving more people and earning more income as a result.

In summary, becoming a Raw Food Coach is a natural progression for those Raw Food Teachers who feel that they have more to offer, and who want to take their students/clients on a deeper, longer journey and to work more proactively with people via the phone, in-person coaching sessions and/or via the internet.

And for a Raw Food Coach, becoming a Raw Food Teacher and teaching raw food classes can be a fantastic way to actually start working with the food and bringing that all-important dimension into a client’s life (rather than just words and coaching) plus they also get to meet more people, attract new clients into their practice and add another string to their coaching practice bow.

For me personally, I love both vocations just the same. Both have fantastic aspects to them, both are tremendously fulfilling and rewarding, and both have the ability to profoundly change lives. The good news is, you don’t have to choose! You just need to know the difference and which formula will work best for you.

What Trainings have you had Karen that enables you to train raw food coaches?

As far as I know, I was the first regularly-practicing raw food coach in the world, coaching my first raw food client c. 2001 when I believe the term “raw food coach” was coined when I started blending raw food teaching with the powerful principles of life coaching. After studying both raw food and life coaching extensively, and achieving great results with my early coaching clients, I then went on to coach internationally via the phone and internet on a regular basis for the next nine years.

Due to popular demand, I started training other raw food coaches from 2007, being the first raw food coach trainer in the world, and have gone on to train around 200 coaches globally since then. Aside from my private coaching work and group programs with everyone from stay-at-home-mums to famous celebrities, I have also created downloadable and hard-copy products, have created and published the famous raw food magazine Get Fresh!, have taught over 1000 people in live class settings over a decade, and have extensive experience in running raw food events of every kind – from short evening lectures, through to three day multi-speaker festivals, and into raw food retreats. I also ran a very successful raw food mail order company for 8½ years until early 2007. All of these experiences have enabled me to bring a huge range of benefits and real-world knowledge to both my clients and my coaching students as I’ve openly shared the secrets of my own success with them in order to help them to do the same. I have spent almost two decades learning about an individual’s journey around raw food and eating, and almost 15 years of of that learning how to run a successful raw food business – hence why my trainings are so well-rounded and not one dimensional as most trainings usually are.

As you might expect, along the way I have gained an extensive amount of marketing and sales know-how, especially about how to market and sell online. This combination of knowledge, first-hand long-term experience and passion is extremely rare! At this point, I have coached approximately 2000 people via my private and group coaching programs, and have reached a further 20,000 or more via international teleclasses and telesummits where I’ve been featured as a guest speaker. I’ve also presented at various events in the USA and Europe, have demo’d raw food recipes on several TV shows, have had well over three-quarters of a million views on YouTube, and have been training both teachers and coaches for the past five years. I’m also the founder of the International Association of Raw Food Coaches & Teachers (IARFCT) and author of Raw Food Made Simple and Eat Right for Your Personality Type, published by Hay House in March 2012. At this point I honestly believe that I know pretty much all there is to know about how to create fabulous coaching programs and packages for people of all stages, as well as how to become a great raw food coach, and how to make your raw coaching business be as joyful, fun, life-changing and profitable as possible.

It’s this I’m going to share with everyone who signs up to RCTI so they can fast-track to what it took me over 12 years to learn.

When’s the latest I can sign up?

Thursday 31st January, 2013 at 4pm UK (11am Eastern) is the last possible moment to sign up, but of course it is much more beneficial for you to sign up as soon as you possibly can to make the most of the time available to you and get into the IARFCT to bag your bonuses! Please note that our offices are closed from Friday 21st December until Monday 7th January, 2013, so if you want to be in before the New Year you’ll need to have signed up and joined the forum before Friday 21st December 2012. Once you’re in there’ll be plenty to keep you learning, growing and occupied!

Karen, I’d love to take your Training but I don’t have the money to invest in it right now...

I completely understand that times are still tough financially for many people and I have a great deal of sympathy for this, especially having been at financial low-points during various phases of my adult life.
Here’s my thoughts...

  1. It goes without saying that it’s important that you learn how to respect and manage money – especially if you want to become a successful business owner. Start doing whatever you can around that now if you’re not doing so already. This will get you aligned for being a business owner in the future if you don’t feel ready now.
  2. Have a good long think about what difference this Training could make to you in real terms (i.e. how would you apply it and how much would you earn from it) and decide if it’s worth pursuing. I can’t make that decision for you and wouldn’t dream of doing so, although if you do the math, you’ll realise that you only have to create one coaching program or sell one coaching package to get your money back right away! Perhaps a friend or family member would be prepared to fund your dream for a few weeks or months, if you promised to coach your first (or next) client within the next few months, and pay them back in full. If it doesn’t go against your personal M.O., it’s worth asking for financial assistance if you really do feel passionate about doing this training, as it’s really not too hard to find someone to coach around raw food or even simply healthier eating, especially when you have my marketing training as well! (I have borrowed a lot of money over the years to take a leap in my own business growth, and I’ve always got back much more from my investment – such investments are not considered risky when you take aligned and consistent action on what you’ve learned.)
  3. If you still wish to pursue the Training, know that you have until 31st January 2013 to do so. There is also a 3-pay option available which usually makes it very affordable for most people. That’s plenty of time to find a way to earn or attract the money required. One of my business mentors invites prospective clients to list 50 different ways that they can bring in the money to be able to invest in her programs, and I think it’s a great way to start opening up your mind to new possibilities, rather than just saying “I can’t afford it”. Ideas that might go on your “50 Ways” List could be simple things like pet-sitting, house-sitting or baby-sitting. Or they might be to ask for a raise at work, to sell some old jewellery, to put a few things on eBay, or take on a part-time job. For my part I know that when I’m serious about something I will do whatever it takes and always find a way wherever possible. This Training is a very low investment compared to what you can earn back VERY quickly when you take action, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to raise the necessary funds.

As another one of my mentors says: “Nothing is a risk if you trust yourself 100%” – I agree with that.

One final point, other students in the past have reported that when they committed to being part of a training, even when they didn’t know how the money would show up, the money did show up! Stay focused and keep the faith!

Good luck in coming up with the right decision and actions for you!

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