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What is an affiliate program?

The word “affiliate” may sound complicated or technical, but it’s really not. It’s simply a term for a program that’s free, with no obligation or commitment of any kind and gives you the opportunity to make money simply for promoting, advertising or recommending our products, programs and trainings.

All you need to do to get started is fill in the application form online (very quick and easy) and then you’ll be emailed your exclusive affiliate number, username and password by return. By following the directions in the email you can then access your affiliate account online and choose from a wide range of gorgeous banners and graphics to use on your blog, web page or web site. It’s super-easy and you can start earning money right away!

Sounds good?

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Our affiliate commission offerings change all the time and you will receive full details about each new opportunity as it becomes available.

When you have signed up and placed one or more adverts on your web site, blog, Facebook or Twitter page (or within your eZine or newsletter), when people click on the link, graphic or banner you have chosen they are re-directed to this web site. At the same time, a special piece of information (a “cookie”) is set up automatically for that customer so that if that person orders anything from us, we can identify that the sale came from you.

Once they have completed the purchase we then credit the commission to your affiliate account and you will automatically be notified by email – very exciting!

It’s free and it’s easy, plus there’s no obligation – promote as much or as little as suits you. Once you’ve signed up all you have to do is add a link, graphic or banner to your site and wait for your commission to come rolling in!

Terms and conditions

If you’d like to be part of The Raw Food Coach affiliate program, there are a few simple ground rules you need to know about. This information is to protect you, this web site and your potential referrals.

1) The tough one first: No spamming with this material under any circumstances. If we receive complaints or become aware of such activity, you will be removed from affiliate program immediately (but we feel sure you wouldn’t do that, right?!)

2) Payments will be paid on a quarterly basis, once your affiliate commission is £25 or more. All commission is paid to you in GBP pounds sterling and we will send you your commission money by PayPal. Payments are made at the end of every January, April, July and October.

3) Commissions are only available on full-priced items and are not applicable to sale or discounted items or services.

4) reserves the right to raise, lower or discontinue the current affiliate commission percentage if the need arises.

5) Just as you are free to join, you are also free to leave this agreement whenever you wish to. There is nothing whatsoever to bind you.

6) offers a single tier affiliate program only.

7) You may not use the affiliate program for purchases for yourself – sorry!

8) reserves the right to decline or terminate affiliate accounts if it feels that the products or services are not being publicised appropriately or have any other cause for concern about any aspect of the marketing or advertising of the products or services.

9) If you reprint articles by Karen Knowler on your website, blog, eZine or email bulletin (or anywhere for that matter), please post them complete, unaltered, and with the full copyright and biographical paragraph intact (see below for what to use, and remember to add your affiliate coded URL to this so you get credit for any sales from it!) Please respect our copyright on all materials generated by Karen Knowler and

Copyright text to accompany all articles you reproduce:
© Karen Knowler. Karen Knowler, “The Raw Food Coach” is the world’s premier raw food coach and publishes "Successfully Raw" – a free weekly eZine for raw food lovers everywhere. If you’re ready to look good, feel great and create a raw life you love get your FREE tips, tools, resources and recipes now at

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