This recipe has been a favourite of mine for many years. It’s great for dessert any time of year, but especially in the colder months when you want something sweet and comforting and ESPECIALLY if you have love on your mind and want to share it with someone special 🙂  EQUIPMENT Blender INGREDIENTS 2 avocadoes 1 cup dates 1/2 cup raw carob powder Water as required DIRECTIONS Simply blend all ingredients in a blender, food processor or with a hand blender until the mixture is smooth and creamy. Taste test before serving. Add more avocado if you’d like it richer and/or creamier, add more dates for extra sweetness or add more carob for a stronger chocolate flavour. Serve on its … Continue reading

Love Special: Show Me the Love!

So Valentine’s Day is about to be celebrated in just under a week’s time… Yes, already! And today, very much in keeping with the theme of this week, I’m here to remind you that the most important love is the love you have for yourself. Yes, it’s time. It’s time to feed yourself the best of the best emotionally, not just physically. This is the perfect time to take a look at that. And here’s why… 1) You can only give what you have to give; if you don’t love yourself first you are drawing from an empty well. If you want to love others in a big, love-them-large kind of way, then you have to love yourself large first. … Continue reading


One of the most common “If I went raw I’d miss ….” examples has to be “CURRY!”. Well, I’ve created a curry sauce that works wonderfully with just about any raw veggie concoction you care to chop up! (See end for suggestions to work with). So if you fancy something fresh and raw but “substantial” this weekend, bag yourself a Thai curry kit (from most supermarkets) and stoke up your inner fire with this hot and saucy recipe! EQUIPMENT Blender INGREDIENTS Makes enough sauce to accompany 2 large helpings of veggies 2 avocados 2 (dried) lime leaves 1/4 – 1/2 fresh chilli 1 teaspoon of lime juice 2 cm of lemon grass stem 1.5cm cube of fresh ginger 1/2 loosely … Continue reading

Selecting the Best Quality Packaged Produce

When shopping for fruit and vegetables, rule Number 1 is always to choose organic, and it really is no different when it comes to dried and pre-packaged foods. Beyond this first rule, there’s a lot about food that we don’t have a clue about until we start investigating, and what I’ve discovered along the way is this: Nuts: The best way to buy nuts is in their shells, but when that isn’t possible, you need to buy shelled nuts that are as whole, unchipped and unmarked as possible. When you’ve bought them they should ideally be kept in the fridge as their oils can go rancid, especially when out of their shells. Yes, it’s true that some “raw” nuts are … Continue reading


At this time of year when it’s still cold for many of us you might want something thick and creamy to drink but that still tastes lighter than a heavy nut-milk if you’re trying to lighten your load. I adore vanilla, so having a shake revolve around it is definitely a good thing as far as I can see! This shake feels very nourishing to the soul. Its creaminess is soothing, its “warm” taste welcoming. Yes, this is a “pleased to see you” drink that you’ll want to welcome on a regular basis. Drink it in! EQUIPMENT Blender INGREDIENTS 1 cup sesame seeds 2 large bananas 2 cups water 3 Medjool dates 1 Tbsp vanilla essence OR 1/2-1 vanilla pod … Continue reading