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Traditionally sprouts have been used in salads, soups and wraps for many decades now. Nothing too complicated, you understand, just throw them in and eat! Many times over the years I have been asked for raw food recipes including sprouts, and my answer has always been the same: “Don’t fiddle with them, they are wonderfully perfect just as they are!”. And it’s true. There is no need to pfaff with sprouts. Every single little sprouting seed, bean, grain or pulse is buzzing with life-force, it seems such a shame to want to pulverize it, when you could simply be relishing the freshness and crunchiness of what they already are.
With this in mind this week I share with you two of my favourite ways to eat sprouts. Nothing fancy but super-tasty and I hope it goes without saying, massively nutritious. I hope you will join me at snack time!
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Sprouting: The Why, What and How To Do It Successfully

Whether I am lucky, have unrecognised green fingers or what, I do not know, but it seems that many people have struggled and continue to struggle with sprouting seeds, beans, pulses and grains successfully, and after a couple of failed attempts tend to throw in the towel and write the whole idea off.

Nooooo! Don’t do it!

Sprouting absolutely has to be one of the very most important raw food “tools” you need to have in your toolbox if you want to be as lithe, gorgeous and energy-filled as you can possibly be (my already abundant energy probably doubles when I bring sprouts into my daily diet). There’s a LOT to be said for these apparently “insignificant” little plants, and to ignore or exclude them from your diet is, in my humble opinion, one of the biggest mistakes you can possibly make.

So in my bid to have you sprouting successfully all over your kitchen, here follows my fool-proof guide to sprouting using my own personal favourite method – the jar. Continue reading


This Banoffee Pie recipe was created by our in-house raw chef and teacher, Nina Dench, who as many of you know by now has a real talent for creating delicious raw desserts and other sweet stuff. Having tried this recipe myself (and made it) I can vouch for its complete scrumminess – it even wowed a junk-food eating teen, and we all know how tricky that can be! Continue reading

Falling Off The Wagon

Traditionally, as people, we have got very used to “beating ourselves up” whenever we’ve made food choices that aren’t in line with what we’ve aspired to do. We’ve berated ourselves, used negative language towards ourselves, and have usually ended up feeling even worse about ourselves than when we first started.

However, rare (if not unheard of!) is the human being who doesn’t “fall of the food wagon” from time to time – or, in some cases, most of the time!

And yet, what many see as “bad” I actually see as very good. In fact, I now LOVE it when people “fall off” because it’s the perfect opportunity to see what’s not working, and to use that information and awareness to make the tweaks that will ultimately make all of the difference.

This then leads to even better results and enables someone to move onwards and upwards to their next evolutionary level.
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Karen’s “Super-Quick-and-Easy” Daily Green Juicing Ritual

Many of my past clients and students have lamented how long it takes to make their morning green juice, citing times of 30 minutes to an hour in some cases. Eeek! Well, I’m not sure how this is possible (especially when it’s just for one person), as mine takes 15 minutes (or less) from fridge to clean up, so with spring now sprung, I felt it the perfect time to share with you exactly what I do in my own kitchen in the hope that you can pick up some pointers for your own green juice routine.

Ready to get efficient Knowler-style? Let’s get juicy!
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10 Ways to Create a Ravishingly Radiant Fresh Start! Part 3

Welcome to the third and final part of this 3-part series.

So far we have looked at: Clear Your Mind, Indulge Your Vision, Freshen up Your Diet, Clear Your Desk, Streamline Your Diary, Re-Organise Your Office and Empty Your Car. Hopefully by now you will have done at LEAST 3 of those things if you’re serious about cleaning up your act this year!

This week, the final three: Spring Clean Your Home, Review Your Finances and Refresh Your Relationships. Ready to go? Let’s do it!
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10 Ways to Create a Ravishingly Radiant Fresh Start! Part 2

Last week in Part 1 of this 3-parter we looked at: Clear Your Mind, Indulge Your Vision and Freshen up Your Diet. This week we have steps 4, 5, 6 and 7 of our magical 10 – any or all of which are going to help you break through some environmental “stuff” that will make room for much bigger and brighter things to come into your life. And yes, that might mean that your diet cleans up alongside the changes too! Just watch how closely connected all of this stuff is when you put it into practise in your own life… It never fails to amaze me! Continue reading