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Getting Creative in the Kitchen

There are so many raw food recipe books and websites around these days, there’s certainly no shortage of inspiration for those relatively new to raw foods. This is exciting and inspiring of course, but it can also be daunting to say the least. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. Here are some guidelines that will help you get creative in the kitchen and get the most out of your foods as you become more confident with your new eating habits.
Explore the five main raw food preparation methods in detail. Learn all you can about juicing, blending, milling, dehydrating and sprouting because these are the methods that you will be mastering in future that will revolutionise the way you eat, and consequently your health, for a very long time to come!

Add to your to-do list the exploration of and experimentation with marinating and fermenting too. The benefits of fermenting are far too wide and varied to go into here, and it’s surprisingly easy and fun to produce delicious sauerkraut, kimchee, kefir, kombucha and other fermented foods that could become staples in your diet in the future. Spend some time looking into what’s possible in this area. Continue reading

“Where Do You Get Your Protein?”

By far, and you probably know this as well as I do, one of the most common questions you will be asked when you dabble with raw foods is: “Sounds great, but… where do you get your protein?” Well, I have known for years that to become protein deficient on ANY diet can take some doing (although it isn’t impossible), but on a raw diet there are some interesting surprises when it comes to discovering what has a little and what has a lot. Read on for the facts and figures that will either help you to feel at peace with your raw diet or help you make some positive changes… Continue reading

The 3 Types of Cravings – And How to Tell the Difference

One of the most common issues for people trying to eat more raw is dealing with cravings. Usually they are for cheese, bread, pasta, chocolate or potatoes, although they can be for other “favourite” foods which might come under the banner of comfort foods. And while having the craving is enough of an issue in itself, what can compound it is the concern that “maybe I’m not getting everything I need with what I’m eating?”

Well, rarely is this the case, although it may be depending on the range of foods you’re eating and the quality of them, so rather than waste lots of time and energy getting confused about things, let’s investigate a little further into the three different types of cravings and how you can learn to tell the difference between them… Continue reading


Rarely do I publish salad recipes as I am more than aware that most people into raw foods are more than capable of whipping up something tasty with fresh green salad leaves and other assorted fresh and raw ingredients.
However this week’s recipe is an exception. This is one of my most favourite salads, and it’s a great recipe for using over and over again in the next few weeks towards summer! Continue reading

15 Can’t-Go-Wrong Tips for Eating Raw

There is much misinformation out there in “the raw food world”. Honestly, some of the things that get cited as fact are worrying, and often quite bizarre! Listen to enough of it and you run the risk of being afraid to eat anything. Ugh! Eating raw was never meant to feel this way.
So, if you’re new to raw food, a word to the wise – please, choose your sources carefully. Just because someone sounds confident about what they’re saying, it doesn’t automatically translate to them being right – they just believe they are, and genuinely do think they’re being of service, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Continue reading

The Importance of Environment – Part 2: Your Kitchen

Following on from Part 1: Your Inner Environment, this time we’re here to address your external environment – and remember – we’re aiming for a 10! In line with the one reason we’re all here – a passion for raw and living foods – let’s start by looking at the environment that will most support your lifestyle choice – your kitchen, which is where it all begins. First things first, simply cast your eye around your kitchen for a moment ask yourself: “How well does my kitchen currently support my desire to choose raw?” My guess is that quite quickly it will become clear that there’s more than a couple of ways that your kitchen could be better set up … Continue reading


Taboulleh is a Middle Eastern dish traditionally made from roasted bulgur wheat, but as that’s a cooked product we use alternatives together with the original fresh ingredients.
The best alternative, in my opinion, is quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) which many think is a grain, but which is actually a seed. Quinoa must be soaked and sprouted for a day or two before it can be eaten. Continue reading