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Taboulleh is a Middle Eastern dish traditionally made from roasted bulgur wheat, but as that’s a cooked product we use alternatives together with the original fresh ingredients.
The best alternative, in my opinion, is quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) which many think is a grain, but which is actually a seed. Quinoa must be soaked and sprouted for a day or two before it can be eaten. Continue reading

The Importance of Environment – Part 1: Your Inner Terrain

Be prepared for a post with passion, because this is a subject very close to my heart and one that, I hope, will impact you and your life forever.
Environment. Specifically the surroundings we choose to place ourselves in. (Yes, we do get to choose!) So, how much of your environment is created consciously and how much of it fills you with glee?
Ideally the answer to both of the above should be “all of it”, but my guess is that in more than a few ways it may very well not be? If this is the case, don’t fret, it’s ‘normal’. But the purpose of this article today is to bring home to you two things:
1) Why you should only ever make your environment “a ten”
2) How you can do that
To begin this foray into all things environmental, for today and for the purpose of this post, we’re going to bring the subject very close to home. So close in fact that we’re going to start with the internal and then, in the next article, extend just beyond that to our immediate everyday surroundings. Continue reading


This recipe is perfect for warm spring or summer days, or as a refreshing snack, brunch or breakfast… and yes, even dessert. Basically it is fabulous at any time of day!
For an extra nutritional boost that’s hard to beat, bee pollen features in this recipe. It works really well with the recipe and adds a certain something, but it’s optional so go ahead and try it either way! Continue reading

Raw Food and Weight Loss

Many people are attracted to raw foods as a tool for weight loss; in fact that was one of my own most compelling personal motivations back in 1993. After all, to eat a diet that was mostly fresh fruits and vegetables can only mean a lean, mean fighting machine surely? Well, yes and no. This week’s article is an insight into how raw foods can help you lose weight, but also how you, no matter what you eat (yes, even raw), can also keep weight on.

My own raw food/weight loss story is probably the best way I can illustrate what’s possible (and isn’t) with raw foods. I’m sure if you are struggling with weight loss, or have struggled in the past something about my story will help or resonate with you and hopefully give you more insights into your own weight loss journey. Continue reading


This recipe is quick, easy and delicious – all the things we healthy busy people love in our life! What’s also great about this recipe is that it’s so versatile. You can use your coleslaw as a side dish, mix it into a salad for a whole new experience, or use it as a topping or filling for a “meatier” recipe such as a veggie nut burger or a raw potato salad. This recipe is one of my favourites and I’m hoping it becomes one of yours too! Continue reading

10 Easy Ways to Make Green Foods Part of Your Everyday Diet – and Love Them!

It’s rare that you come across someone who LOVES eating green foods, however that doesn’t have to be your reality. Not only can green foods be delicious they can make us feel fantastic, helping to cleanse and rebuild even the most jaded of bodies and spirits.

When I first got into raw foods I was one of those raw fooders who relied heavily on fresh juicy fruits, dried fruits and nuts, and most days I’d eat a salad, but it wasn’t what I’d now call a “decent” salad. And that’s because I’ve since learned that it’s nowhere near enough to have some green on your plate and think that’s sufficient, because it’s not! We need dark greens, ideally wild greens, and plenty of them. A plate of iceberg lettuce simply won’t make the grade.

So in this article I’m sharing with you 10 different ideas to get greens into your daily diet and love them, because not only is it possible, it’s vital! Continue reading

Are You Living Your Highest Vision?

Without a doubt one “absolute must have” in your raw food survival kit is a very clear sense of “your highest vision”. What does that mean exactly? It means that if your desire is to go raw and stay raw (most, if not all of the time), then you will be on what is likely to be a pretty intensive journey of growth. You will be constantly evolving and changing, so you will most definitely need new territories, goals and dreams to move towards.

I have noticed something about myself and others on the raw food journey. When life is going well, we are in the flow and we are going after what we want, going or staying raw is EASY. It is joyful, it is not even an issue. Anything else just seems almost daft, to be honest! But as soon as we turn our backs on our true selves, our sincere desires and anything else that would be great for us (if we would but give ourselves permission), then we automatically turn to bread, cheese, chocolate, wine… you name it. Basically anything to match our “dumb myself down” mindset.

Does this sound familiar?! Continue reading