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As a child I loved strawberry ice-creams and fast-food thick-shakes. Little did I know then what the ingredients were and what they were doing to my body! With the aim to recreate the same taste in a healthier form, I came up with this very simple but even more delicious “strawberry ice-dream” recipe. I know that you’re going to love this recipe for its taste, simplicity and speed. Great for kids too of course! Continue reading

Raw Food and Weight Loss

Many people are attracted to raw foods as a tool for weight loss; in fact that was one of my own most compelling personal motivations back in 1993. After all, to eat a diet that was mostly fresh fruits and vegetables can only mean a lean, mean fighting machine surely?

Well, yes and no.

This week’s article is an insight into how raw foods can help you lose weight, but also how you, no matter what you eat (yes, even raw), can also keep weight on.

My own raw food/weight loss story is probably the best way I can illustrate what’s possible (and isn’t) with raw foods. I’m sure if you are struggling with weight loss, or have struggled in the past, something about my story will help or resonate with you and hopefully give you more insights into your own weight loss journey.
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Taboulleh is a Middle Eastern dish traditionally made from roasted bulgur wheat, but as that’s a cooked product we use alternatives together with the original fresh ingredients.

The best alternative, in my opinion, is quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) which many think is a grain, but which is actually a seed. Quinoa must be soaked and sprouted for a day or two before it can be eaten.
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Where the Raw Food Journey Really Begins: Self-Love

Going raw is not only about more than “carrots and apples”, it’s also about way more than raw food.

As anyone who has eaten mostly or all raw food for more than a month will tell you, what inevitably follows the desire to eat healthier, is the desire to live healthier in all aspects – internally and externally. And this all comes down to one central theme – self-love.

Self-love is vital for anyone seeking to live and be their best. After all if we’re not looking after ourselves then we can only ever get to experience a fraction of what’s possible.

So today we’re looking at why you shouldn’t just be focused on what goes in to your mouth, but just as vitally what you’re feeding yourself on every other level too – and here’s why:

1) You can only give what you have to give; if you don’t love yourself first you are trying to draw from an empty well. If you want to love others in a big, love-them-large kind of way, then you have to love yourself large first. Period. Where do you start? Keep reading…
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“Where Do You Get Your Protein?”

By far, and you probably know this as well as I do, one of the most common questions you will be asked when you dabble with raw foods is: “Sounds great, but… where do you get your protein?”

Well, I have known for years that to become protein deficient on ANY diet can take some doing (although it isn’t impossible), but on a raw diet there are some interesting surprises when it comes to discovering what has a little and what has a lot.

Read on for the facts and figures that will either help you to feel at peace with your raw diet or help you make some positive changes… Continue reading


I’m not generally one for eating or recommending others eat dried fruits and nuts in any great amount, but sometimes, just sometimes, a girl (or guy) has just got to have it. The following recipe was quite literally “thrown together” when I felt I wanted something sweet and just that little bit more “substantial”. The following recipe is what I came up with – it’s a winner! EQUIPMENT Food Processor  INGREDIENTS Half a cup of finely grated coconut 1 handful of macadamia nuts 2 handfuls of almonds 1 handful of dried apricots 1 handful of raisins (See, I told you I just threw it together!) DIRECTIONS Simply pile all of the ingredients into a food processor and process using the … Continue reading

How To Get Out Of The “Raw Food Rut”

Whether you are new to raw food and haven’t yet experimented that much, or a longer term raw foodie but feel like you’ve hit a wall and salads, fruit and smoothies just aren’t doing it for you right now, fret not! Help is at hand.

It’s perfectly natural to get bored with food sometimes. When you think about it, we do this with all aspects of life from time to time, whether it be our job, our home, our relationships or whatever. Now and again we need to take stock, see where the problem is (inside or out – or both) and do what we need to do.

Bearing this in mind, this week’s article is about what you can do when you start feeling bored and uninspired by your raw food diet and find yourself staring longingly at the deli counter or the Indian take-away even when you know that’s not what you really want!

What you really want is just to eat raw and love it – is that really too much to ask? Continue reading


This recipe is perfect for hot summer days, or as a refreshing snack, brunch or breakfast… and yes, even dessert. Basically it is fabulous at any time of day!
For an extra nutritional boost that’s hard to beat, bee pollen features in this recipe. It works really well with the recipe and adds a certain something, but it’s optional so go ahead and try it either way!
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How to End the Cooked Food Chaos

So you’ve done it…

You’ve been raw or high-raw for some time and then the cooked food crept in more and more – intentionally or otherwise, it doesn’t really matter – and now it’s got its grip on you and you just can’t seem to shake it! (And it’s not getting any better…)

What’s a girl/boy to do?

Well, the first thing is to RELAX. Panic, fear and judgement achieve absolutely nothing – except, perhaps, bigger binges and guilt trips than before – and we all know where that leads to, right? But knowing that you can take control and turn it around quickly, easily and joyfully will give you all the confidence and inspiration you need to get back into the raw groove and put the cooked food chaos behind you – yes, even from this moment forward, today!

Here’s how…
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