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SERVES: 10 The healthiest raw cake around? Possibly so! This is not only super-healthy but it’s also super-delicious. It’s also one of the best uses you’ll ever have for that carrot pulp left over from juicing! EQUIPMENT Food Processor INGREDIENTS ½ cup soaked raisins ½ cup dried apricots (pre-soaked) 2 cups pecans/walnuts (you could have one or other or both) 1½ cups coconut (whatever type you have to hand, except young fresh coconut) 1 teaspoon cinnamon ¼ teaspoon 5-spice 6 cups carrot pulp (leftover from juicing) 1½ cups dates DIRECTIONS This is a classic “put it all in the food processor and it comes out good” kind of recipe, but you’ll want to do it in stages as there’s a … Continue reading

10 Ways to Create a Ravishingly Radiant Fresh Start! Part 2

Last week in Part 1 of this 3-parter we looked at: Clear Your Mind, Indulge Your Vision and Freshen up Your Diet. (If you missed part 1 and want to read it, you can find it on my blog here). This week we have steps 4, 5, 6 and 7 of our magical 10 – any or all of which are going to help you break through some environmental “stuff” that will make room for much bigger and brighter things to come into your life. And yes, that might mean that your diet cleans up alongside the changes too! Just watch how closely connected all of this stuff is when you put it into practise in your own life… It never fails to amaze me! Continue reading


Traditionally hummus is made with chickpeas (garbanzos). In raw food cuisine it’s made with sprouted chickpeas – or at least it is by those who like it! For those that don’t (and I sometimes do, sometimes don’t…) then here’s a great alternative.

By swapping the chickpeas for almonds and adding in a few fresh herbs, here’s a recipe that you’ll find delicious, that will fill you up, will be good in a salad, wrap, spread on crackers and will keep in the fridge for about 5 days if covered. Continue reading

10 Ways to Create a Ravishingly Radiant Fresh Start! Part 1

You may know by now what a fan I am of upgrading your life as you upgrade your diet – to me the two absolutely go hand in hand.
So if you’re ready for a better experience of life and living in many different dimensions, then grab a pen and paper and prepare to complete the first three assignments on your list of what will become 10 ways to create a ravishingly radiant fresh start! Continue reading


At this time of year when it’s still cold for many of us you might want something thick and creamy to drink but that still tastes lighter than a heavy nut-milk if you’re trying to lighten your load. I adore vanilla, so having a shake revolve around it is definitely a good thing as far as I can see! This shake feels very nourishing to the soul. Its creaminess is soothing, its “warm” taste welcoming. Yes, this is a “pleased to see you” drink that you’ll want to welcome on a regular basis. Continue reading


“How to Become a Raw Food Coach and Change Thousands of Lives for the Better in 2015” I know that there’s a LOT of people reading this who would LOVE to be a raw food coach – if only they knew what was involved or where to start! Also, I know there are a lot of people reading who are already raw food coaches or teachers, and great ones too, but who are maybe feeling a little stuck or jaded because business isn’t quite what they want it to be. Whatever your situation, if you are interested in becoming a world class raw food coach, then you need to be on this FREE call with me happening next Wednesday 14 … Continue reading

Your First Week Raw (Or Raw Again!)

Going raw, whether it’s for the first time or the “next” time, ideally needs some thought and preparation. As with anything in life, your likelihood of being successful at something is seriously improved when you take some time to get planned and prepared so you don’t just rush in blindly! The tips I’m about to share with are easy, fun and most importantly enjoyable! The Kick-Start begins with the all-important… The 3-Day Prep Zone Continue reading

12 Days of Raw Christmas Starts Sunday!

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