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Get *Real* – Before You Go Raw

One of the most common mistakes that newbie raw foodists make is trying to run before they can walk. Perhaps we have all been there, I know I certainly have! It’s only natural to want to do something as much and as fast as we can when it feels so good and seems naturally self-propelling; so why would we slow down? And while I’m not here to say “slow down” necessarily, I am here to share a few friendly words of advice from both my own experience and those of others I have coached over the past several years that might just make all the difference. Continue reading


It all began with a desire to replace my son’s “healthy” (organic, no junk) gingerbread men with truly healthy ones. As my mind kicked in to try and figure out how this could be possible and with a little search on the web for traditional gingerbread men recipes, Luke and I were soon equipped with all we needed and raring to go to see what we could create. Fast forward to multiple Gingerbread Men all dehydrated and ready to be gobbled up: Success! Continue reading

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I’m still going to the gym 5-6 days per week and my body is now starting to change rapidly. It’s been about seven months of really serious dedication but, as any personal trainer will tell you, it’s 70% diet, 30% exercise, so it still ultimately comes down to nutrition. It’s only through looking closely at my fat and carbs intake that I’ve been able to really start seeing a difference – an important point to note if you too are working out and not seeing the results that you want. Continue reading

Kitchen Makeover Part 4 – Your Rawganized Zones

Welcome to the final week of Rawganized Kitchen Makeover. Over the past three weeks we have: Detoxed and restocked the cupboards, detoxed and restocked the fridge, and cleared off and sorted the cluttered countertops. Pretty impressive, and if you’ve been following along, then you should be feeling suitably proud. Here in week 4 we’re putting the finishing touches by sorting your kitchen into zones. To be clear, “zones” are different areas of your kitchen that have their own distinctive purpose. Examples include: Juicing zone Smoothie making zone Salad making zone Dehydrating zone General prep zone Plating up zone And so on The great thing about creating zones is that it not only makes things more organised generally, which always feels … Continue reading

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There’s something very powerful about upgrading your environment, and especially when you do it significantly.
On Tuesday night I drove to Luton Hoo in Bedfordshire, where our 3-day Diamond Retreat was about to take place.
Even just driving in through the gates and along the tree-lined driveway was an experience. Every part of the estate is incredibly well looked after, and you don’t just see it, you literally feel it. Continue reading

Kitchen Makeover Part 3 – Your Rawganized Countertops

Welcome to the Rawganized Kitchen Makeover Week 3 of 4. Last week we detoxed and restocked the fridge, this week it’s time to take a closer look at those often cluttered countertops! What you’ll need: 30-45 minutes of free time to focus completely on the task at hand Your prep notes from the previous weeks about your diet, goals, what foods are no-no’s and which foods can stay Notepad and pen/pencil 5 boxes or bags for sorting things into One sink or bowl of hot soapy water (or your cleanser of choice) with a nice fresh cloth to wash your fridge shelves and drawers with Paper towels or a clean towel for drying off Step 1: Take a look at … Continue reading


This recipe is one of my favourites. It was created when I was craving ice-cream and wanted to create a raw non-dairy version that also would feel light, while also being extremely delicious. And so I decided to experiment with what would happen if I blended frozen fruit and fresh fruit together, and lo and behold, Raspberry Passion Pudding was born. Everybody loves this recipe, and it tastes so dreamy that most people think it has some extra magical ingredient in it. I think the magic must be the passion that comes whent asting this for the first time – but that’s for you to decide. Enjoy! Continue reading

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This past week has been a time of great letting go for me, with a huge amount of bin bags being filled, recycling being done, and things going to charity… which always feels REALLY good. I am not a hoarder by any stretch of the imagination, however, anytime I feel as if I am about to go through another transformation, I naturally feel the call to make space for that shift and the new identity to come in. Continue reading

{SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT} Raw Food Superhero Training – Starts Monday 25th July

One of the most amazing opportunities you have, as someone who’s into raw and living foods, is to dramatically transform your body, mindset and emotions, and to profoundly increase the connection and sensitivity to your soul. If this speaks to you, if you are ready to find out more about: How to do this Why it works What to do with it And effectively how to become the happiest, most radiant version of yourself, powered by raw and living foods, then this is for you… For over 20 years I have been fascinated by the unquestionable correlation between how much raw food someone eats and what gets to happen to them on their personal and spiritual development journey. I know … Continue reading