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The Gratitude Journal

I completed a fun and fascinating exercise just a few days ago as part of a coaching programme. Part of the exercise was to list all the things we had been through in our life, all the major experiences we have had, including the highlights and the lowlights. What I thought would be a 30 minute exercise took me about 2 hours! Doing this exercise made me realise that I have actually led a REALLY interesting and varied life so far, something, in hindsight, I would not change for the world. (And I was not the only person to realise this – we all made fascinating reading!). It also made me realise that along the way I have become really … Continue reading

And so, today…

I’m not sure that I’m going to have much time to blog between now and the Fresh Festival, so it may be a bit quiet for a while… We leave next Wednesday and from now until then it is full on planning, organising, mailing tickets, making calls and ironing wrinkles… (Most of them are mine!) I said I would share my findings from last weekend. Well, I did mother myself, although I could have done a bit better, but the dinner was fabulous and the table awesome, even if I do say so myself. I had a great day pottering, tidying, sorting and re-organising my office (time to do this being a rare and beautiful thing these days) and the … Continue reading

Zest and Natural Health & Beauty

One week on from our appearance in OK! magazine and we have no less than 2 additional appearances in top women’s monthlies for the month of November (they’re out now). Zest magazine, November 2005 issue A useful 2-page feature on creating super-immunity over a 5 day period as winter approaches. Featured are my quotes on foods to eat (banana, honey, garlic) and how to create the "ultimate win-win" of decadent AND healthy using raw cacao (see Chocolate Mmmmilk post at start of the month) to create a super smoothie. Natural Health & Beauty magazine, November 2005 issue A stunning 3-page feature all about raw food, based on an extensive interview with me of about 6 weeks ago. All-in-all a very … Continue reading

Real Life Stuff

Aside from my usual super-fascinating and scintillating content <ahem>, it feels like a good time to have a more earthly moment and to update on my own personal life away from the carrots and onions – so to speak! Perhaps not the best note to begin on, but here we have it. There is never "a good time" for this kind of thing. Just last week I finished reading Goodbye, Dearest Holly, the true life account of the terrible events of Soham, 2002, when two young girls were murdered just 10 minutes away from where I live. Ordinarily I would not pick up a book with murder as its theme, but when something like this happens right on your doorstep, … Continue reading

Woody’s Raw Passions

Woody Harrelson – cool actor, environmental activist, raw foodist, hemp lover, and now poet. Check out Woody’s excellent web site and listen to his thought-provoking poem, guaranteed to leave you thinking, pondering, wondering… perhaps even taking action. For something a little lighter – on the mind and the body – check out his da kine kitchen info and raw food recipes, which all look great to me! BTW – did you know that our very own Fresh Festival raw food chef, Chad Sarno, has recently been Woody’s personal chef while on location? Yes indeedy! According to Woody, Chad is "the best raw food chef in the world" – an accolade indeed. (If you fancy sampling some of Chad’s finest, the … Continue reading

The Secret

I don’t know what this is yet, news of this has literally just been released, but it feels like a bit of a scoop… Worth watching the preview at the very very least… Want to know The Secret? The greatest men and women in history knew The Secret, and now for the first time ever The Secret is being revealed to the world in a history making television event. Be among the first to receive clues and preview the worldwide launch of The Secret. The knowledge of The Secret will bring joy to billions! Television event preview page – watch the very cool (and delightfully dramatic) trailer

What’s Your Type?

I’ve always been a stickler for personality tests – finding out more about myself and others, and all those hidden and not-so-hidden nuances that we just can’t get away from. Whether it was the picture tests in the 1982 Jackie Annual (does that age me?) or the more sophisticated DISC profile tests used by business coaches, I’ve always been intrigued by their accuracy (and inaccuracies!) by turns. More recently I was introduced – not for the first time – to the Enneagram Test. (Click on pic top left for the chart in a readable format). Based on spiritual and psychological teachings, there are said to be 9 types, one of which all of us should fall into easily, and one … Continue reading

The Ultimate 2 Week Challenge

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes at the moment one way or another, but I’ve been given the OK to let you in on something exciting… I’m currently coaching a Guardian editor on going raw for 2 weeks – a brave experiment for anyone, let alone a London-based journalist who eats out a lot, is used to canteen lunches and is more or less an absolute beginner. While I cannot yet divulge too much, I can let you know that we’re on Day 3 of 14 – so far so good – and the 700 word write up will be in Guardian’s annual Wellbeing Handbook publishing November 5th. Once it’s published I’m allowed to share the experience. For … Continue reading

It’s my Birthday and I’ll work if I want to…

Phew! Fresh back from The Holistic Parenting Expo in Somerset just last night and already back into the swing of work, not least preparing for our own Festival at the same venue, Rookery Manor, in just 2.5 weeks. The Expo was wonderful… lots of people, lots of great stalls and speakers, and with not a lot of time to eat, I was running on cacao, goji berries and Trish Tucker’s Passion Potion from Passion4Juice for most of the weekend! It was the first time I had met Trish and she’s wonderful. She and her hubby will be juicing like crazy for us at the Fresh Festival also. Well done Veronika for creating such a great event – you did fabulously. … Continue reading

Top 10 Tips for Going Raw

Seeing as 7 of my tips are currently in print (see OK! magazine posting 2 entries down), those of you into raw foods or about to be may be interested to see my original submission, and the whole "Top 10 Tips" in their totality. Hope you enjoy them : ) 1: Only bring more raw foods in to your diet if you are ready for change. Eating more raw food is going to give your more energy and make you think more clearly, so you have to have plenty of ideas for what to do with that! 2: Start gradually by replacing your usual cooked breakfast with any of the following: unlimited fresh fruit; fresh fruit smoothie; freshly squeezed fruit or … Continue reading