How to Become a Raw Food Coach and Create the Lifestyle Business of Your Dreams

Hi everyone, I'm so excited about this free training call happening on… WEDNESDAY 21ST NOVEMBER 2012 1pm Pacific | 4pm Eastern | 9pm UK 6am Sydney, Australia(Thursday 22 November) Join me for this NO-COST info-packed 90-minute training teleclassand I will share with you: The unusual story of how I came to become a raw food coach and went on to train over 400 others in the raw food world What a raw food coach really is (there’s confusion!), and the many and diverse ways that they can “show up” in the world – without even using the word “raw” Why raw food coaching can be THE single most fulfilling and abundant path of all raw food career paths The 10 most common mistakes that many raw … Continue reading

Do You Have or Want a Raw Food Business?

Do you know what the #1 career to be in within the field of raw foods is for 2012? I do! And I want to tell you all about it (and more) this coming Tuesday in my free Training call: "Professionally Raw: How to Earn a Fabulous Income From YourRaw Food Passion AND Change Lives For the Better in 2012" I also want to share with you: How I got started in my raw food career and how I created the level of success and impact that I enjoy so much today. The BIG MISTAKES I made in my first business that almost made me bankrupt and how you can avoid doing the same. My top FIVE secrets to raw … Continue reading