There’s lots happening here at The Raw Food Coach right now, Karen, as the wheels of change are turning, and turning fast! I’ve been sharing on social media this week photos of my new DREAM kitchen. I move home in just under a month, and this move heralds not only the start of a new chapter for me personally, but also the start of a new chapter professionally. I’ve been running The Raw Food Coach for over a decade now, and it’s become very clear to me over the past few months, that the time has come to close some doors. It’s not been easy to make certain decisions, but it’s been absolutely necessary. There are other things I want and need to … Continue reading

[Special Announcement] Live Training & Workshop with Russell James in April

Once in a blue moon something very special happens in the offline world of raw food that gives people the opportunity to come together, to connect, to learn, to be inspired and to be part of a unique history-making event. That time has come once again – this time in England – and I’m delighted to let you know that it’s happening live in LONDON just three weeks from now, featuring myself and The Raw Chef Russell James. It’s called “How to Make a Living Out of Raw Food” and it’s for you if: You dream of creating your own raw food business, or a business including raw food, but don’t know where to start You are passionate about raw food and think one … Continue reading

Special Announcement: Raw Food Made Simple Home Study Program is BACK!

What can I say? Some programs are just way too fabulous to keep away for long, and Raw Food Made Simple: 8 Simple Steps to a Vibrant New You, is absolutely one of them. This is for you if you’re ready to go raw – or get back into raw – in the most easy, simple and delicious way possible. In short, this program is everything you need to be successful in bringing raw foods into your diet in whatever way and pace works for you. Simply put, do it right, and do it well, and you not only open yourself up to vibrant health, but also the “raw magic” that comes with it and that has the potential to change … Continue reading

A Rare Opportunity to Spend a Day with Me in Arizona

I’m so excited about this, and when I say “rare”, I really do mean rare! If you’re US-based and have ever wished that you could spend a whole day – just you and me – focused exclusively on YOUR online business, then this might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! I’m flying to Scottsdale, Arizona soon and while I’m there I have space for one private day on Wednesday 7th December, 2016. This Diamond Day is a fit for you if: You already have an online business or are ready to go ahead and create one right away You are totally committed to playing big and becoming a go-to person in your industry You know that to play big you need expert … Continue reading

How to Design and Create an Awesome Raw Food Class that Fills Up Every Time

FREE CALL Tuesday 22nd November 2016: Want to be a Raw Food Teacher? “How to Design and Create an Awesome Raw Food Class that Fills Up Every Time” Whether you are brand new or more experienced, this call is perfect for you if you want to learn: Why raw food classes are THE most fundamentally important single service that anyone passionate about raw foods can bring to the world today. The 13 different areas you need to consider for total success and enjoyment when creating a class from scratch. How to come up with ideas for classes that are the best for YOU to teach and also the most likely to sell-out. What’s OK and not OK when it comes to teaching other … Continue reading

One-Time-Only Trainings with Me & Russell James (Don’t Miss This!)

History was made one week ago. Russell James and I announced our first ever train-the-trainer collaboration: The Raw Food Teacher Ultimate Success Academy Doors are now open, students are signing up from all around the world (the buzz has been incredible!), and this is a ONE TIME ONLY opportunity to work with us in this way to become a world-class Raw Food Teacher. (The training is virtual, so you can learn from the comfort of your own home – yay!) There are also two levels. In Level 1 you train with us for 6 months (the Ultimate Raw Food Teacher Training). In Level 2 (Raw Food Rockstar) you receive Level 1 AND an additional 6 months working with me at … Continue reading

My Biggest Announcement of the Year So Far…

Recently I posted the final ever issue of Go Raw! If you missed that announcement and would like to see it, you can read it here. Now, while that was a really big announcement, I also shared that there was something else REALLY big right around the corner, and here it is… Long story short, the super-famous raw chef himself – Russell James – and I, have got together to create something really special. And the big announcement is happening LIVE this coming Friday at the end of a value packed FREE training call that we’re running entitled: “How to Get Started as a Raw Food Teacher and Turn Your Raw Food Knowledge into a Super Successful Part or Full-Time … Continue reading

Would you like to earn extra income helping us to help others?

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! For my part, I’m in the middle of house hunting so I’ve been out and about this weekend, however… I’m also in the process of making some massive changes here at Karen Knowler International, and because we have some really big things about to happen literally in the next few days, I couldn’t wait a day longer to post this! It’s been a long time (years in fact!) since I let my readers know about a fabulous win-win-win opportunity for those who are interested in spreading the word about what we offer. Quite simply, if you love any of the things we do here at Karen Knowler International (this includes anything coming from … Continue reading