What is the difference between a Raw Food Coach & Teacher?

One of the most common questions that comes up when I discuss becoming a raw food professional, is around the difference between a Raw Food Coach and Teacher.

The bottom line is: There are very different to one another and both have their own amazing gifts and benefits.

This is why I created step-by-step trainings for both.

So if you’ve been wondering about the difference and/or about both of my available trainings…

In short:

The Raw Coach Training is all you need to coach people along their personal raw food journey, assisting them in going and staying raw to the degree that they desire. For you, it enables you to work with clients in a myriad of ways and at lots of different levels and price points. Effectively it enables you to create a multiple streams of revenue business, doing what you love and working with people for a (usually) significant period of time. This is the training that is personally run by me over 12 months and which is now in its very final run. This is the training for you if you are deeply committed to being of service and getting your coaching business right from the start. Doors to enrolment close on August 11, 2017. For full details click here.

To receive a sample module to see what the training’s like, click here >>

The Raw Teacher Training Intensive program is all about teaching raw food classes (recipes) in a group setting, and all you need to know to do that successfully. It’s a simple and easy way to get started in your raw food business, and it’s how I began. This program has been run live in the past and has retailed at £997 most recently, but as of today it is in the end-of-an-era sale for just ONE week, and is now 100% self-study with one group Q&A call happening in October for those who require any questions answered. For full details click here.

Personally speaking, I have loved coaching and teaching equally, even though they are VERY different. They definitely complement each other, and classes are a great way to get started for professionals and students alike – although most people find that they want to do both.

What you need to know

The Raw Coach Training 2017-18 has just started and this is the very FINAL time it will be run. For all students who pay in full for this final Raw Coach Training, there is the very special bonus of the Raw Teacher Training Intensive – this way you get two trainings for the price of one.

I wanted to make sure that you were aware of this amazing bonus and also the distinction between the two paths.

Both trainings are fantastic, and we are here for you if you have any questions about either.

I hope I have the pleasure of welcoming you to either (or both) of these life-changing trainings soon!


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