I’ve chosen this particular recipe for this week because it’s a nice “comforting” breakfast that’s not too heavy but not as light as fresh fruit or a smoothie – i.e. perfect for slightly more chilly starts to the day.


Blender, Nut milk bag or Strainer


Assorted dried fruits such as figs, prunes, apricots and apple rings – but make sure they’re all sulphur-free. As much almond milk as desired


  1. Pre-soak your dried fruits in pure water until plump and rehydrated. This could take anywhere from 4-8 hours depending on the size and how dried your fruits are.
  2. When your dried fruits are ready, make your almond milk (it will take just 1 minute if using almond butter, and just 3 minutes if starting from scratch).
  3. Simply spoon your soaked (and drained) dried fruits into a large bowl and then pour on the almond milk for a deliciously filling and satisfying breakfast. Truly yummy!

Raw Coach Top Tips:

  • •Don’t limit yourself in what you could add to this dish. Try topping with cinnamon powder, coconut flakes or ground nuts and seeds. Or try the recipe with a different nut milk. Or keep things really simple and just use one type of dried fruit – it doesn’t have to be mixed.

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