My End-of-an-Era Sale – The Best is Saved for Last!

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I’m very excited to be back with you again today, and hope that you enjoyed your free downloadable gifts from yesterday. (If you missed that email, you can access all three free gifts immediately, here.)

As promised, today I am back with the final end-of-an-era sale items – and I think you’re going to LOVE them!

(To be clear, there won’t be any additional items coming into the sale now – this is it – so if you know that one or both programs are for you, you’ll want to snap them up before they disappear next week…)

Before I announce what these two amazing programs are, allow me to give you a little need-to-know information:

  • Both programs have previously retailed at twice the price that they are on sale for today
  • Both programs have been absolutely raved about by participants, and I stand behind them 100%
  • The first program is for those who want to take thier diet and life to a whole new level and includes the amazing What Type of Raw Food Eater Are YOU?, Go Raw for a Week and Let’s Get Rawganized! programs as part of it – this program contains some of the best work I have ever created
  • The second is one of my most famous raw business trainings, which is now being made available for the first time, and for a limited time, as a 100% virtual homestudy program with immediate and full access

Ready to find out what bargains I have in store for you?

I guarantee that both programs can and will dramatically change your life for the better – if you let them!

This is for you if you’re ready for powerful transformation in your diet and your life. Click here for full details >> 

This is for you if you dream of teaching raw food classes locally, nationally or to become one of the world’s finest. Certification and recipes included. Click here for full details >> 

 As you will see, both are VERY comprehensive and juicy programs that are at their lowest investment ever. I know that for many this is the opportunity that they’ve been waiting for – so if you’re one of those many, grab them while you can!


As shared yesterday, it has become very clear to me that the current run of the Raw Coach Training will be my very last. It’s a truly phenomenal training, and it is the most comprehensive and detailed training of its kind in the world, but there are other trainings for me to create, and so this one – which has literally just started its 12 month run – is the final opportunity for people to work with my personally in this capacity.

For this reason, I have taken the decison to make one of the first training modules available absolutely free. This way, if you think that raw food coaching might be for you, you can take a very clear look and get a feel for the quality of the training and see if it resonates with you (this is one module of 60!).

The doors to enrolment close on 11th August, however, the sooner you join, the better – I also need to know final numbers for the live retreat asap. There’s an opportunity to speak with me personally to make sure that it’s the right fit for you if you’d like that. I’m back in the office on Monday and there are appointment slots available for early next week.

I cannot emphasise enough how waiting and watching are two of the biggest enemies to making dreams come true. My dream came true when I became the world’s first raw food coach, and it’s been incredible. It truly is some of the most rewarding work in the world. It would be my honour to help you make your dream come true also, if you too feel the call.

Don’t forget – you can speak to me personally if you have questions and I’m happy to help you decide without obligation.

Check out the training here >>

Download the free module here >>

That’s all for now…

I’ll be back again tomorrow with the first sneak peek of where my work is heading next, and I’m excited to start sharing that with you.

Happy bargain shopping!

Radiantly yours,

Karen Knowler

PS: Don’t forget! Everyone who purchases something from the end-of-an-era sale is being entered into a prize draw. There are three mystery packages available and these will be sent to the first three names picked at random from all sales orders received so far and until the sale ends next Wednesday, 19th July 2017. Good luck!

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2 thoughts on “My End-of-an-Era Sale – The Best is Saved for Last!

  1. I listened to your phone call with Russell just before the rawfood workshop. You mentioned something that made it clear how much deeper you were going to take this. You mentioned assessing the vibrarional energy of the food that we eat. That made it clear to me that your work was at the spirit and soul level. I look forward to this next level of the journey.

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