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“ExtRAWdinary Diet Secrets:

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  • Hear how we came to raw food and how our diets have evolved from old- fashioned raw to rock-star style over the years – and why
  • Learn the 7 most common mistakes that women typically make with a raw food diet that keeps them limited and unfulfilled rather than radiant, expansive and ALIVE
  • Discover the 7 secrets to eating Raw Like a Rock Star – these are super-juicy secrets that most people do not know (or use) and that will make ALL of the difference not just to the foods you choose to eat, but most importantly, to the way that you feel

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  • Monday, September 16
  • 1:00pm Pacific
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  • 9:00pm UK
  • 6:00am Sydney (17th Sept)

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Meet Karen Knowler

meet-karenKaren Knowler is one of the most inspirational yet relatable raw food educators, coaches and teachers in the world today. Author of Raw Food Made Simple, founder and editor of Go Raw! magazine and creator of International Raw Food Day and the International Association of Raw Food Coaches & Teachers, Karen is also a long-time trainer to the trainers in the field of raw food teaching and coaching, and personal business coach of choice of up-and-coming raw food experts and personalities worldwide.

Karen’s rock star style is “pure & simple with enough edge to make big things happen”. She’s been eating a high/all-raw diet for 20 years and learned the ropes from the most eminent raw food leaders of our time mixed with a large dose of intuition and the profound personal insight that Karen is famous for. Karen’s passion is making raw food accessible and doable for everyone – especially those who are committed to using their diet as a powerful tool for creating and living an extRAWdinary Life.

Meet Marina Banks

meet-marinaMarina Banks is the UK’s first raw food chef that caters directly to the film, TV and music industry. Since 1987, Marina has been working as a film location caterer feeding the biggest names in Rock, Pop and Film, and over the past few years has successfully combined her love of working in the media industry with her love of raw food.

Marina’s rock star style is “decadent yet healthy, relaxed but with a formula that rocks!”. Her raw food epiphany came about in 1989 after suffering from an illness for many months. Marina has been on/off high raw since but it was a few years ago when she was approaching 40 that she re-discovered how wonderful it felt to eat high raw. Marina read voraciously and studied with the biggest names in the raw food arena in order to work out the tools needed for her to feel like a Rock Star. Marina feels that everyone should have the correct knowledge and supported opportunity to shine like a Rock Star and to live an extRAWdinary Life.