Falling Off The Wagon

Traditionally, as people, we have got very used to “beating ourselves up” whenever we’ve made food choices that aren’t in line with what we’ve aspired to do. We’ve berated ourselves, used negative language towards ourselves, and have usually ended up feeling even worse about ourselves than when we first started.

However, rare (if not unheard of!) is the human being who doesn’t “fall of the food wagon” from time to time – or, in some cases, most of the time!

And yet, what many see as “bad” I actually see as very good. In fact, I now LOVE it when people “fall off” because it’s the perfect opportunity to see what’s not working, and to use that information and awareness to make the tweaks that will ultimately make all of the difference.

This then leads to even better results and enables someone to move onwards and upwards to their next evolutionary level.

When you’ve “fallen off the wagon”, no matter how far, the first, and by far the most important building block is “awareness”.  So when this next happens to you, I encourage you to spend an entire week simply eating whatever you want – cooked or raw – and simply pay extra-special attention to your thoughts, feelings and sensory feedback as you make various different food choices over the course of the week.

You may find that as you do this, that this week is a joy for you – or you may find that left to your own devices you go completely off the rails! Either way, you’ll learn masses about yourself and masses about your relationship with food, and that is what we’re looking for here. And here’s the important thing: whatever you do or don’t eat, the words “good” or “bad” are no longer allowed in vocabulary around food. This is all about noticing what you do and why, and allowing yourself to show up through food fully – with no judgment.

You see, what happens when you don’t eat according to “plan”, and I think you already have this by now, is that some aspect of you has simply piped up via your food choices and has said “All is not well here. Time to retreat, go within and figure out what’s really going on.”

Usually it is a sign that we are out of alignment, all is not well, and then it’s up to us to pinpoint exactly where the issue, or issues, lay.

Sometimes it’s about fear of having want we say we want, sometimes it’s about burying our head in the sand, sometimes it’s about being afraid of facing our deeper issues, and sometimes it’s simply about not being organised enough to make our intended “diet plan” work. It can be many things. And sometimes it can be more than one thing at any given time.

The fact is that when we are calm, aligned and at peace internally, going raw or staying raw is really not an issue. In fact, eating raw is what we feel like doing naturally when we’re in a good place, and by doing so, we feel better still and the circle of contentment continues to turn.

So conversely, when life gets a little challenging or out of balance in some way, the inner turbulence will naturally try to manifest externally too, hence reaching out for the “less than great” foods that we swore we’d never EVER eat again. And the exact opposite thing happens – the food we eat creates greater turbulence still, even though we initially thought that somehow it might actually make things better.

Getting back on track is usually not an overnight process, although we typically hope it will be! I have found that for most people three days of concerted effort is usually all it takes to get fully back on the wagon again and to set off into the sunset once more. However, as above, in line with that external action absolutely has to come that “what’s up?” conversation that ideally should be a deep and meaningful with yourself until all of your woes or concerns are out on the table.

When you have exorcised yourself emotionally, it’s time to put new boundaries in place to prevent the same things happening again, to have the practical aspect of your raw food eating set up appropriately AND to keep putting the pure food in – then you can set off once again on that rewarding journey towards even great levels of self-awareness, healthiness and happiness.

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2 thoughts on “Falling Off The Wagon

  1. I’m so grateful to have such sensible advice towards eating and our body mind responses. Whilst many in the raw food movement are tearing each other apart because their way is the right way, causing confusion and doubt in many minds, Karen comes up with the supportive philosophy that only we know what is really right for us and invites us to explore that. I’m glad to have taken the leap of faith to sign on to the Raw Food Coaching, best decision this year!

  2. Hi Karen, fabulous article. Oh my gosh; I want to share it everywhere. You tie emotions about food together so well! I’ve been drastically cutting my email subscriptions due to so many. I’m so happy I kept yours.

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