Ready to Go Raw for a Week?
Take on the challenge and you’ll be feeling like a brand new you in one week or less!

Introducing “Go Raw for a Week” – your complete guide to eating quick, easy, healthy and delicious raw food meals for 7 days

Your fastest passport to radiance, energy and feeling amazing!

“Go Raw for a Week” is a complete step-by-step program-in-a-book guiding you to eating exclusively raw vegan for 7 delicious days to help you gain (or regain) the fabulous energy, clarity and vitality that you desire.

Yes, that’s right, in just one week or less, you can be looking and feeling like a brand new you, the re-energised, excited about life you that you want to be, when you follow this fabulously delicious and super-healthy one week raw food plan that will cleanse and revitalise you from the inside out.

“Go Raw for a Week” comes to you in the form of a beautiful 55-page spiral-bound guidebook sent direct to your door. This means that you can use it to go raw for a week anytime that you want – or use it as your go-to recipe book, over and over and over again.

And the best news of all? This is THE most quick and easy raw food plan you’ll ever follow!
Literally all that you need is the desire to experience more health and energy in your life, together with a sharp knife, a sturdy cutting board and a simple kitchen blender.

Yes, it’s that easy!

Marina Carew
I was really surprised at how quick and easy the recipes were. So far, my favourites are the mango and spinach smoothie and the chocolate pudding (who would believe it contains avocado?). As a busy, working mum of four, time is precious so it is brilliant to find a book that contains healthy, nutritious and delicious recipes that can be rustled up in minutes.

Marina Carew
Cambridge, UK

What You Can Expect

One week on raw is the perfect amount of time for you to get a fantastic feel for how it feels to live on raw as an ongoing lifestyle choice, especially if you eat exclusively raw food, without any exceptions. You’re going to be amazed at just how wonderful, clean and alive you can feel!

As to exactly how fabulous you can expect to feel after seven days, this will depend on a few key factors including:

  • Your current and previous diet
  • Your current state of health
  • How much you eat (overeating will lessen the effects)
  • How closely you stick to the plan

However, generally speaking, by the end of your week on raw you can expect to see or feel any or all of the following:

  • A refinement and new slimmer contouring in your face and body
  • Clearer, more sparkly eyes
  • Clearer, brighter skin
  • Up to 10 lb. weight loss (depending on how much extra weight you are carrying and whether you overeat or not)
  • A feeling of lightness and peace in your body and emotions
  • A happier mood upon waking that can and likely will last all day
  • Greater positivity in your mindset and feelings overall
  • Greater clarity of thought and a more “can-do” attitude
  • The desire to get yourself organised, back-on-track and take care of things which have been bothering you
  • The desire to improve and upgrade other areas of your life such as your fitness, your
    relationships, your home, work or hobbies.

“Go Raw for a Week” is for you if you’re ready to receive any of the amazing benefits listed above (and honestly who isn’t?!)

This program is designed to be an exclusively raw vegan program (this is what gets the results!), and so it’s important to know up front that any exceptions that you do choose to make, should you choose to make them, will absolutely take away from your overall experience. Therefore, in order to have the very best experience, I recommend that you make a commitment to yourself to go the whole week following the “Go Raw for a Week” one week menu plan and give it all you’ve got – without exceptions. This way you’ll know exactly what raw food can do for you and you won’t be left wondering whether it could have been better if you hadn’t eaten X, Y or Z food instead.

Plus, as with everything in life, what you put in, you’ll get back many times over.

And it’s only ONE week!

What You Will Receive


  • A beautiful 55-page spiral-bound “Go Raw for a Week” guidebook delivered to your door
    (This book is US letter size, and full colour throughout – it’s perfect for all age groups and perfect for beginners through to advanced)

Your “Go Raw for a Week” guidebook comprises:

  • Welcome
  • What You Can Expect
  • Common Questions
  • Preparatory Checklist
  • How to Make the Menu Plan Work For You
  • Get Internally Aligned For Success
  • Get Externally Aligned For Success
  • Your 7 Day Menu Plan – Your delicious one week eating plan at a glance
  • Day Check-In
  • Journal Pages for Days -7
  • Day 8 Check-In
  • See and Feel the Difference – It’s time to compare your “before” and “after”!
  • 27 Totally Scrumptious, All-Raw and Vegan Recipes
    • Orange & Banana Smoothie
    • Mango & Spinach Smoothie
    • Raw Muesli
    • Vanilla & Sesame Shake
    • Fresh Fruit Salad with Macadamia Cream
    • Dried Fruit Compote with Almond Milk
    • Karen’s Sumptuously Satisfying Super Salad
    • Karen’s Favourite Nori Rolls
    • Winter Cabbage Wraps with Garlic-Ginger Dipping Sauce
    • Kale & Avocado Salad
    • Karen’s Favourite Guacamole
    • Taboulleh
    • Creamy Sea Salad
    • Stuffed Bell Peppers
    • Raw Potato Salad
    • Raw Mayonnaise
    • Marinated Veggies
    • Mango Salad
    • Veggie Spaghetti with Pesto Sauce
    • Thai Veggie Curry
    • Fruit & Nut Surprises
    • Chocolate Pudding
    • Marvellous Mango Pudding
    • Raspberry Passion Pudding
    • Banana Split
    • Chocolate Dipping Sauce
    • Super Sundae
  • PLUS! 8 Easy Ordering Restaurant Cards – cut out and use these invaluable instruction and recipe cards when dining out at restaurants – you’ll never have to worry about getting what you want ever again!

As you can tell, this is going to be one of THE most delicious and healthy weeks of your entire life! (I have not only created, but also personally followed this plan, and I can tell you that this 7 day menu plan ticks all of the boxes.)

And don’t worry! Even if there are certain ingredients that you don’t like or cannot eat, you are given clear directions on how to work around those so that you can still enjoy the menu as much as anyone else.

I know that you are going to LOVE your week on raw and that you will be amazed at how different you look and how different you feel.

Commonly Asked Questions

“What does my week on raw involve? When do I go shopping and will it cost a lot of money?”

There are aspects to going raw for a week:

  1. Knowing what to eat (your menu and recipes are provided for you)
  2. Knowing what to buy (every recipe contains a full list of ingredients and everything listed is available from your local health food shop or supermarket)
  3. Knowing how to prepare it (all of the recipes are super-simple, quick to prepare and have step-by-step instructions included. All you need in your kitchen is a sharp knife, cutting board and blender!)
  4. Getting set-up for ease and success (your menu plan comes with a preparatory checklist which will make sure you are prepared and ready)
  5. Paying attention to the changes that you experience (there’s a “before” and after” sheet for you to complete so that you can compare and contrast on day and 7, as well as a daily journal for keeping additional notes and records)

As you can see, most of the thinking has been done for you! You just need to do the shopping and the prepping, but that’s much less work than has been done for you already – plus you get to enjoy the delicious eating part and the resultant benefits!

The shopping itself will need to be done – days before your week on raw begins so that it’s as fresh as possible. Financially, you’ll likely find that it comes in around the same amount as you currently spend, especially if you consider yourself to already be a “healthy shopper”. I have intentionally kept the ingredients as “normal” and easy to get as possible, so that wherever you live in the world you should be able to find most, if not all of the ingredients.

On that note, you are encouraged to buy organic food wherever possible for hopefully obvious reasons. It’s far better to go for as close to nature as you can, and that includes eating organic.

“How do I explain what I’m doing to my family?”

As everyone’s family is so different, I encourage you to think specifically about the family members that you’re likely to have the most contact with during this week, and then consider what way of explaining what you’re doing would be best for all of you. As it’s just for one week, it can be pretty easy to simply say that you’re eating really healthily for a week. You don’t even need to mention the words “raw” or “vegan” – no-one will notice.

“What should I do if I’m invited out to dinner?”

Ideally you’ll plan your week for a week devoid of social engagements, however, that doesn’t mean an impromptu invitation or occasion might not crop up in the meantime. You’ll find specific instructions in your “Go Raw for a Week” workbook as to what to say or do should you want or need to eat out socially during your week on raw.

“It’s winter for me right now, how on earth can I eat 100% raw when it’s freezing cold outside?”

This is also something that your “Go Raw for a Week” guidebook will talk you through, there are many ways to approach this and it’s about choosing the right one for you. Don’t worry – it can be done! And I’m excited to show you how.

“What should I do if I start craving other foods/drinks?”

First of all, know that cravings may or may not happen and they also can and do pass. In the
actual moment they can feel all-consuming, and if you give them special attention, then they’re likely to increase in intensity until you feel you have no choice but to cave in. Remember, this is YOUR journey, and it’s always up to you what you do, but also remember, it’s just ONE week. And a week goes by very quickly.

Your “Go Raw for a Week” guidebook will educate and support you to understand more about cravings and how to work with them in the unlikely event that you experience them during your week on raw.

“What about detox symptoms? Will I get these during my week on raw?”

It’s honestly hard to predict whether you will have any detoxification symptoms or not. Some people experience them quite quickly, others have no reaction at all – this depends on many factors, one of which is how used you are to eating clean for any significant period of time. However, please know that this is not an intense raw food cleanse consisting only of juices – it’s a well-balanced highly nutritious and relatively “heavy” week on raw food that will leave you feeling satisfied and satiated.

“I’m currently on medication. What should I do?”

Please consult with your professional healthcare provider for guidance around this if you have any questions or concerns before signing up to this program. While this program is entirely safe, if in doubt please check it out with a professional that you trust.


Just one week on raw has the power to not only bring back your energy, clarity and vitality (or even take it to levels that you’ve never experienced before), but just think of all the other great things that will get to happen for you in this transformation process…

Chances are you will not just feel more energetic, clearer and healthier, but you’ll also feel much happier, more connected, and you’ll also have a greater sense of peace and calm – not to mention the fact that you’re going to be so proud of going a whole week exclusively on raw! That is definitely something that you can really feel good about.

Finally, don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling brave enough to tackle a project or situation that you’ve been putting off for some time. Eating raw in this way doesn’t just give you the energy you need to make more happen, but it also has an almost magical way of giving you courage that you didn’t know you had!

And of course once you’ve done this program once, you can revisit it anytime you want to in the future in order to regain the amazing feeling of lightness and cleanliness that going raw for a week will undoubtedly bring you.

Ready to Get Started on Your Week of Health and Vibrant Living?

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I look forward to hearing about how YOUR week on raw food goes!

Radiantly yours,
Karen Knowler
Karen Knowler

PS: This program provides the ultimate step-by-step guide to going raw in a safe and satiating way for one delicious week. No less than 20 years of personal experience and know-how have gone into creating this scrumptious and highly-effective program. So if this is for you, act now!

REFUND POLICY: If you are not delighted with your purchase then you may return your book back to us within 14 days of receipt for a full refund of the price paid for the book. Please note that the book MUST be received back in as-new condition, otherwise a refund will not be given.