If Eating Raw is So Good, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It?

The benefits of a raw lifestyle are well documented. So why isn’t everyone eating raw all of the time?

It’s a good question, and one I still ask myself.

A lot of it is about lack of information: people often simply don’t know what is possible, either in terms of what they can eat on raw or of how their lives can be transformed at every level. A lot of it is about assuming that this way of eating equates to boring, unimaginative food and deprivation. And a lot of it is simply lack of experience.

Quite simply, you can’t know in advance how good you’ll feel on raw. You’ll only find out when you get there, so it’s purely experiential.

It requires a leap of faith to jump into the unknown in any aspect of life, and going raw is no different. But most of the time, it’s largely about perception: about how much you allow issues to become problems and to what extent you are willing to take them in your stride.

You do have to give before you gain, in transitioning to raw as in any area of life, so I need to tell you about what experiences you can expect when you go raw.

  • You WILL – more than likely – experience some detoxification symptoms as you upgrade your food and automatically push the old stuff out. This may not always be pleasant, but you WILL feel better afterwards: it doesn’t go on forever.
  • You WILL need to spend some time making practical changes to the way you shop for food and the way you set up your kitchen. You’ll also inevitably want to read raw food recipe and lifestyle books or invest time in learning about your new discovery, but I’m sure you would expect this and yes, enjoy it. It’s a whole lot of fun!
  • You WILL be faced with the longer-term decision of how much you allow your food choices to impact on your daily life – such as eating out, socialising or travelling abroad – and how all of that will affect the people in your life and your relationship with them. (By the way, your choices have the potential to improve the lives of others!)

But this really is it, and the last of these is something you don’t even have to concern yourself with at the start of your journey, if at all. You may choose to stick to a certain amount of raw foods that doesn’t impact on your life in these ways at all – it’s all a matter of your personal choice.

So that’s the “bad news”. It’s not too bad really, is it? Especially not when you consider what it is possible to gain in return: glowing health, vibrancy, clarity, balance, energy, rejuvenation and a myriad of other benefits that you can’t even guess at when you begin!

That list will continue to grow over time, and the gains will keep expanding, so that in time you will discover the best version of yourself possible! Which all brings us back to the original question: So why isn’t everyone doing it?

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