This week’s recipe is a delicious favourite drink of mine and perfect for the festive period!

I have always been a lover of sparkling drinks and realising that sometimes it is the “stuff” that surrounds our food and drink choices that is attractive is a huge help in letting go of less-than-healthy choices.

And so it is that when I throw a party or am entertaining I LOVE to come up with new non-alcoholic drinks – usually based on fresh juices and sparkling water and I serve them in a beautiful glass.

10D_Recipe_Karen's_Sparkly_Pineapple_CocktailTasty, refreshing and it even somehow tastes mildly alcoholic, this is one I will be enjoying again and again and 10/10 for ease and speed!

Juicer, Strainer

1 ripe fresh pineapple
16 medium fresh strawberries
Sparkling water


  1. Simply juice the pineapple and strawberries together catching the juice through a fine strainer in case of bits, and pour into a jug. This should make about 500-600ml of juice depending on how large and juicy your pineapple is.
  2. Fill the jug up to the 1 litre mark by pouring in the sparkling water. NB: Mind the froth! You’ll need to wait for it to settle a bit to get a more exact measurement.
  3. When you have your litre, taste-test. See if you’d like more water or other ingredients (you might wish to add apple, melon or raspberries for example). When you’re happy, pour into glasses, perhaps adding ice cubes or decorating with a fresh strawberry or pineapple ring… or if you’re feeling particularly creative, make some cute fruity ice-cubes with raspberries or small pieces of strawberry inside. Just beautiful!

Raw Coach Top Tips:

  • A time saver is to save some of the fresh juice, pour into ice-cube trays and freeze to preserve them, then simply add to sparkling water as and when you fancy a fruity treat! Genius!

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