Meet the founder of The Raw Food Coach, Karen Knowler

Karen KnowlerKaren Knowler is the founder and Director of, the former Director of the “International Association of Raw Food Chefs, Coaches & Teachers” (IARFCCT), and creator of “International Raw Food Day” which happens every July 11th. She has been hailed as “The World’s Premier Raw Food Coach” as a result of her incredible knowledge, experience and ability to make going and staying raw easy, simple, delicious and doable for literally anyone who has the desire, and has coached and worked with people from every corner of the globe, from stay-at-home-mums to well-known celebrities.

As the author of “Raw Food Made Simple” and “Eat Right for Your Personality Type” (Hay House 2012), former director of “The Fresh Network” (1998-2007), the creator and former editor of “Get Fresh!” magazine (1999-2006), Karen has been a major player in bringing raw food education and awareness to millions worldwide for almost 20 years.

Karen’s accomplishments in the world of raw food are impressive and extensive; as such she is one of the most prolific, accomplished and dedicated raw food educators alive on the planet today. Due to her unwavering commitment to spreading the word about the benefits of eating raw, her ability to make going and staying raw doable for anyone, and her own phenomenal success as a business woman in this field, Karen has become the “go-to” person for anyone looking to go raw to become all that they can be and for those who want to turn their raw passions into a thriving world-changing business.

To date Karen has trained over 1700 men and women worldwide to become professional raw food coaches and teachers via her live, virtual and home study trainings, and her time is now spent mentoring and training up-and-coming raw food stars and visionaries of the future.

IAWBC Award Commitment To ExcellenceIn April 2012 Karen won the prestigious award for the “2012 Outstanding Achievement in the Business of Coaching” from the International Association of Women in Business Coaching as a result of her work training other raw food coaches and teachers worldwide. Karen herself has trained with some of the world’s leading online marketing mentors in order to pass on first-class marketing advice and guidance to those that she trains.

Helen Lederer Testimonial for Karen Knowler
Already I have felt more energised and her support and true understanding makes me feel as if I’m discovering a whole new world of opportunity and real health – we need more Karens!
Helen Lederer
Woman & Home magazine
Actor and comedian
testimonial for Karen Knowler
Rose Elliot Testimonial for Karen Knowler
Although I am well-known for my vegetarian and vegan recipe books, over the past few years my interest and passion for raw foods has been increasing significantly. When I first went looking for raw food information it was Karen who made raw food make sense to me in a way that no-one else quite managed. Indeed I felt her eBook How to Get Started With Raw Foods was the best book on the subject I have ever read – and that’s saying something!

Karen is a fantastic, inspiring and generous teacher. I love her ‘whole person’ approach to raw food; it is truly life-changing and brings magical results. I love the work she is doing and wish her every success.

Rose Elliot
Britain’s foremost vegetarian cookery writer
Author of over 60 vegetarian or vegan books
Picture courtesy of Cook Vegetarian!
Testimonial for Karen Knowler

From butcher-shop worker to raw food enthusiast…

About Karen KnowlerKaren’s fascination for health began after she decided to go vegetarian in January 1992. Having worked in her step-father’s butchers shop from the age of 13-15, and struggling with excess weight from the age of 14, by the time she left home at age 19 she was finally able to take control of her own eating habits; it was then that her true learning and experimenting with food, nutrition and eating for vitality began.

After moving to central London just before her 20th birthday, Karen’s voyage of discovery picked up apace. Surrounded by health food stores, alternative ways of thinking and a whole new world of books and foods waiting to be explored, Karen read and experimented voraciously, with each book taking her closer and closer to the information that was to change her life.

It was in the spring of 1993 that Karen read a book entitled “Raw Energy”. It was the first book Karen had read that talked in terms of “live food” and “dead food” – this was the missing link she had been searching for.

Knowing that she had discovered something powerful, in spite of limited knowledge and limited resources Karen immediately started eating more raw food herself in order to get healthier, feel better and lose the stubborn excess weight. Very quickly she experienced a dramatic increase in her energy levels, seemingly effortless weight loss and an increased sense of wellbeing in every aspect of her being. Intrigued by what she was experiencing, she set about finding out as much information about eating raw food as possible, and this search soon led her to discover “The Fresh Network” – the UK’s only raw food organisation at the time and the organisation that Karen was later to go on and run.

“I did what was needed when no-one else wanted to…”

In 1998 Karen was offered the opportunity to take over the running of The Fresh Network from its founder, Susie Miller. Although still young and naive around what it took to run a business, Karen took on the challenge after realising that no-one else was prepared to step out and put raw food on the map in the way that she felt it really needed to be done.

Pete Chad Woody and Karen KnowlerOver the next 8 years Karen went on to take The Fresh Network from a small, almost “secret” organisation, to one that served thousands of people every year through its mail order division, its quarterly publication of “Get Fresh!” magazine and a regular calendar of live events including the much-loved “Fresh Festival”. She was the first person ever to host leading luminaries in the world of raw foods in venues across London and the UK, including notables such as Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Dr. Brian Clement, Viktoras Kulvinskas, Victoria Boutenko, Fred Bisci, celebrity raw chef Chad Sarno, actor Woody Harrelson and longevity expert David Wolfe.

During her time running the Network, through speaking to people daily on the telephone, Karen discovered something that surprised her. When customers would ring up to order a juicer or food products, they would often ask for advice or input on a raw-related practical or emotional situation that they couldn’t find an answer for. These requests became increasingly frequent and pressing, and Karen realised that her own personal experience and wealth of raw food knowledge needed to be made fully available and put to better use.

Karen Knowler TeachingAnd so it was that from 1999 Karen began sharing her own materials and content by teaching raw food classes on a regular basis. Her classes were a big success and they continually sold out. Less than two years later she had started to coach people privately on the telephone, helping them to move forward in their raw food journey in whatever way they needed, and the term “raw food coach” was born.

Time to Go Solo…

After realising that it was time to go solo and share her unique gifts and strengths with the world under her own umbrella, Karen created in late 2006, sold The Fresh Network in early 2007 and finally stepped into doing her own best work by coaching, teaching and training others in raw food and turning her hard-won knowledge and experience into products and programs that were accessible to everyone all over the world via the internet.

In mid-2007, after a number of requests, Karen ran her first ever live Raw Coach Training as others started approaching her to learn how to do what she had done, so that they too could turn their passion into their vocation.

Today in 2017 Karen spends most of her time coaching and mentoring other raw food enthusiasts to create incredible businesses of their own, and continues to help beginners via her home study programs and Facebook groups.

Karen is also the creator of The High Vibrational Woman – an international organisation dedicated to helping women to step into all that they can be using high vibrational tools (including a raw food diet) and working with spiritual principles to create the life they dream of.

Vicky Edgson Testimonial for Karen Knowler
I’m looking for someone exceptional to train under in this area and I think I’ve found her.

Vicki Edgson
The Sunday Telegraph magazine
Celebrity nutritionist and co-presenter of Channel 4’s Diet Doctors

Testimonial for Karen Knowler

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