If you are looking to create an amazing raw food business online and are truly committed, serious and dedicated to created a significant impact in the world through your work, then being mentored by someone who has “been there, done that” is the most intelligent and savvy decision you can possibly make.

Every year Karen works privately with a small select number of clients from all around the world to help them to create the most powerful online brand and business possible.

Some of the well-known names in the raw food world who Karen has mentored privately include:

  • Russell James (The Raw Chef)
  • Deborah Durrant (Deliciously Raw)
  • Alicia Morrow (Alicia Morrow/Soul-Luxe Living)
  • Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo (Dr Ritamarie)
  • Elaine Gibson (Renewed Living Inc.)
  • Saskia Fraser (Raw Freedom)
  • Iris Huebler (The Raw Food Garden Planner)
  • Simone Baldwin (Healthy, Tipsy & Gorgeous)
  • Sarmado Sibley (Raw Love Life)
  • Natalie Heath (Rawlesque)
  • Ginny Edwards (The Sacred Woman)
  • Marina Banks (Rock Star Raw)
  • Stephanie Jackson (Steph Jackson)

Private business mentoring with Karen may be for you if:

  • You are totally committed to creating and building a very successful online business ($100,000+ per year within the next 1-3 years)
  • You understand that creating such a business takes time, money and energy, and you are ready, willing and able to make that investment both in coaching and in setting yourself up online
  • You understand that to try and go solo is the slowest, most risky path to success (working with someone who has been there can shorten your learning curve significantly)
  • You recognise the value of receiving the benefit of someone else’s guidance, experience and knowledge, as well as being held accountable, and being guided to brand, position, plan and strategise professionally
  • You desire to become one of the biggest names in raw food and/or make a huge impact in the industry within the next 1-3 years

If you can say yes to ALL of the above, and you are READY to get going, your next step is to book a free no-obligation conversation with Karen.

During this conversation you will discuss with Karen where you are now in your business, where you want to be and, if you both feel that working together seems like the next exciting step for you, then Karen will discuss with you the various different options that will be suitable for you.

Special note: It is VITAL that all of the above are true for you. As you can appreciate, Karen is very busy and has reserved her time specifically for those who are extremely serious. Please only book a call with Karen if this is true for you, and give as much information about yourself as possible when booking this conversation. Thank you!