If you’re ready to upgrade your diet, and clean up (or even radically transform!) your life in the process, this is for you…

9 months from now YOU can be eating the perfect raw diet for you, and living a life that feels truly extRAWdinary!

Are you ready to find out how?

Dear Courageous and Health-Conscious Soul,

Have you come to a point in your raw food journey where…

  • You’re excited to learn new and exciting recipes and new ways of eating raw food that really work for you in your everyday life, and that enable you to look and feel your best for the long-term?
  • You’re ready to clean up your diet where necessary and to create a raw food routine that is nice and easy, and that truly works for you, so that you can eat the amount of raw that you really want to eat with minimum hassle?
  • You’re ready and excited to take a look at your life as a whole and to create a healthy level of transformation and upgrades in one or more areas?
  • You want to create a new vision for your life, perhaps an updated one, or a completely new one – a vision of an ExtRAWdinary Life that you can fall in love with, and to start moving towards that life with the support of those who love and understand you?
  • You’re ready to stop making excuses, to stop waiting for “tomorrow” and to start making changes today, because you know that you want this, you know that you’re ready and you know that with the right support, you can (and will!) actually do this!

If this sounds like you, you’re in exactly the right place!

And you’re about to find out about an incredible 9-month program that will not only make going and staying raw super-easy, healthy and delicious for you, but will also enable you to get clear on what YOUR next level of extRAWdinary living looks like, and support you in reaching or surpassing it.

This is the program that you’ve been waiting for – the one that pulls everything together, your diet and lifestyle, in a way that delights you, excites you and just as importantly is EASY for you to follow and an absolute joy to make real.

It’s time to create your ExtRAWdinary Life!

Karen KnowlerHi, I’m Karen Knowler.

If you haven’t heard of me before, then what you probably most need to know about me is that I’ve been a raw food enthusiast for almost 25 years, have been a raw food coach and teacher for well over a decade, and today I train other raw food enthusiasts to become raw food teachers and coaches, too. I’m also the founder of International Raw Food Day.

Why do I do what I do?

In short, raw food completely changed my body and my life in miraculous and magical ways since I discovered it back in 1993. Ever since then, eating raw and being on a raw food “journey” has been a source of constant fascination and inspiration for me, and has been my own personal path and way of eating and living since I was 20 years old. And while I fell in love with raw food and found it very easy to eat raw and to find endless gifts and transformation within it from a very young age, I soon discovered that this wasn’t everybody’s experience, and that, in fact, most people were really struggling to put all of the pieces together, often giving up before they had barely begun, and therefore missing out on all of the things that they really and truly wanted for themselves.

And so it has been, because I know so much about what it takes to go and stay raw, that I have spent almost all of my adult life making raw food simple and sharing what I know, so that more and more people can enjoy the incredible benefits that come from eating raw, without any of the stress or hassle.

Not only that, but as I personally discovered when in my early 20s, eating raw is not only fantastic for making us look and feel incredibly radiant and alive; it also purifies us emotionally, mentally and spiritually, as we become progressively cleaner physically, and as a result of this, each of us has the opportunity to create and live a truly extRAWdinary Life.

While some people are more than happy to eat “healthily”, to eat more raw, and focus purely on that, there are also many others who really “want it all”. They want to not only feel amazing through the power of raw and living foods, they also want to transform their lives in the same inspired and soul-led way that they have use to transform their diet.

This is where this program comes in.

Whether you are brand new to these concepts, a seasoned pro, or even a raw food professional – as you probably know by now, there is always a NEXT LEVEL!

And we know, because we feel that inner stirring, when our next level is calling us, and then it comes down to whether we’ll listen and pay attention to that call, or ignore it and hope that it will pass… (it won’t!).

This program – which is a combination of my best ever teachings combined with a lot of great recipes, information and exercises that will change your life – has been created especially for those who really do want it all, and are ready to dedicate the next 9 months of their life to consciously transform their diet, body and life in ways that feel extRAWdinary to them and that enables them to really do what their heart and soul have been calling them to do… whatever that may be.

If you know that you want to eat at least 70% raw, to love what you eat, to really make it work for you and to transform at least one significant aspect of your life over the next 9 months in accordance with your vision, then the My ExtRAWdinary Life program is for YOU.

This is your chance to get the support, guidance and recipes that you need – and all for a super-low investment that will enable you to fly!

Ready to find out all about it?



Month1_SpaceIn my experience, an ExtRAWdinary Vision or ExtRAWdinary Ideas cannot reveal themselves to you when you are knee-high in stuff or mess or chaos in your life.

So here in month 1, we’re going to rally the troops and set to work cleaning up ONE BIG AREA of your life that’s been holding you back – be that a room in your home, a relationship issue, an unfinished project – whatever it is that’s taking up space in your head, heart or environment and sapping your energy or bringing you down. Taking care of this right out the gate will free up the space that you require in order to step into your next amazing level – this first stage is non-negotiable and very necessary!

And when it comes to the food side of things, this month, in keeping with the big clean-up, you’ll be encouraged to embark on some kind of cleanse. We’ll be going into a lot more detail about the different options available to you, and how to choose the right one for you, but for now, just know that we’re starting off as we mean to go on – cleanly, calmly and purposefully, so that you can get in touch with your TRUE self as you get rid of all of the inner and outer dross – thus putting you in the position to receive your extRAWdinary divine download out the other side.


  • PDF WORKBOOK: “Make Space for Magic”
  • 6 PRINTABLE RECIPE SHEETS: Cleansing Juices and Smoothies


Month2_WTORFEAYDid you know that there are 10 Eater Types, and that we all have a default type that tends to call the shots on what we eat and why? Whether you are already familiar with your Eater Type or not, what you won’t yet be familiar with is the “What Type of Raw Food Eater Are You?” workbook & CD set, which will take you by the hand and guide you to create the most awesome approach to raw food eating for YOU. (Your own personal copy will be mailed direct to YOUR home ready for working with in Month 2.)

Yes indeed, during this second month we are all about starting to align your diet with your truth, and uncovering the best way of eating raw for YOU. (This will be different for everyone.) And you will be one of a very few students ever to learn the entire WTORFEAY? System and how it can set you on the path to success more firmly and joyfully than ANY OTHER raw food approach. Yes, really! It’s truly powerful and transformative – and you’ve never seen anything like it.

Are you ready?!

This month you will also receive my never shared publicly by me before “Go Raw for a Week” program, which will enable you to dive even more deeply into eating raw, specifically 100% raw for one week, so that you can learn even more about yourself, while enjoying oodles of delicious new recipes along the way.


  • PDF WORKBOOK: “Your New Raw Food Path”
  • HARD COPY WORKBOOK & CD SET: “What Type of Raw Food Eater Are You?”
  • PDF WORKBOOK: “Go Raw for a Week” (Includes 27 recipes!)


Month3_VisionNow that you have cleaned up, made space and started to get a handle on how best to eat for you, it’s time to birth your ExtRAWdinary Life Vision. Get ready to be delighted and amazed as you are guided, inspired and hand-held to birth your next level vision – the one that will enable you to create and live your ExtRAWdinary Life.

In this third month, I will be sharing with you a unique and powerful process that will enable you to “download” your next level (after all, this is about receiving information from your soul…). Once you have this vision, you’ll then be asked to choose a project for yourself that will enable you to create profound transformation in your life, according to what’s been revealed to you via your vision.

Sounds exciting, right?! Yes, it really is, and the best bit of all is that none of us know what your next level is going to look like yet… but your soul knows, and it’s waiting for you to take the first two steps before you’ll be able to fully receive all of the amazing things that it has in store for you!


  • PDF WORKBOOK: “Your ExtRAWdinary Life Vision”
  • AUDIO RECORDING: Guided visualisation
  • 6 PRINTABLE RECIPE SHEETS: Celebratory Mocktails to toast your ExtRAWdinary new path!


Month4_RawganizedHere in Month 4, we dive into getting you totally clear on what you want to eat, when, how, where and why via the awesome “Let’s Get Rawganized!” program that will teach you everything you need to know to make raw eating easy, simple and delicious for you forever more.

It’s been a long time since I last ran this program, and as a member of this program you receive full access to the entire 5-week course which will enable you to create and fine-tune your own uniquely rawganized plan.

This month will be a complete game-changer for you.


  • ENTIRE 5-PART PROGRAM: “Let’s Get Rawganized!” – delivered 1 part per week for 5 weeks (Click here to see how amazing this program is! NB: The version of the training that you receive is not everything listed on the 2011 program page; in this version you receive just the PDF documents, however this will not affect the power and effectiveness of the program.)  


Month5_GoldIt’s no big secret that on the way to creating what you want in your diet and your life, obstacles, distractions, challenges and trials will all come along. This part of the journey is all completely normal and is to be expected, and so you need to be ready – ready and clear – so that you know how to stay strong in the face of whatever comes your way, then to find the silver lining in it, and keep moving forward in an even more powerful and centred way.

So this month I’ll be sharing with you a process that I’ve been using successfully and joyfully for years… it’s a beautiful process that you’re going to love, a process that you can use for the rest of your life to get clear on what belongs in your life and what doesn’t, how to access the mental or emotional resources to get rid of it, and how to find the gift in all that’s “not good” and turn it into gold. Needless to say, this is powerful and vital stuff!


  • PDF WORKBOOK: “Turn Lead into Gold”


Month6_Perfect_DayIt’s all too common, once you have your dream, to keep at least some of it on a shelf and tell yourself “manana, manana”. This is not going to happen for you anymore!

Here in month 6, I’ll be guiding you to create and LIVE your perfect day – the perfect day as you’ve outlined it via your ExtRAWdinary Life Vision, and all brought beautifully up to date.

It’s time for you to stop waiting and start living exactly what it is that you signed up for. Are you ready?

Remember, you said that you wanted it all? Well, by the end of this program the time will have come for you to have it… Get ready to live your life as you’ve possibly never lived it before!


  • PDF WORKBOOK: “Your Perfect Day”


Month7_ReflectionMonth 7 for us heralds the time to take stock of all that you have learned, embodied and experienced.

This month you’ll receive a special workbook that will enable you to reflect back on your ExtRAWdinary Life journey so far, to see what’s working and what’s not, and to catch up with anything that you may not yet have put into place or mastered to the level that you feel happy with.

This is the perfect time to re-clarify exactly what it is that you set out to create, and to put yourself back on track ready for the rest of the program and beyond.


  • PDF WORKBOOK: “Sacred Reflection”


Month8_Clean_SheetFor you as an ExtRAWdinary Lifer you’re going to move into Month 8 with all of the tools that you need to eat the way you want to eat, and to live the way you want to live… And you’ll be ready… ready for a fresh start, a new level, a further upgrade, deep clean or refinement. You’ll know exactly what you need when it comes.

And so for you, this is going to be a second big month for clearing the decks, except this time, you’ll have the opportunity to use my next level process to ramp it up even further. (If you thought this year was magical, just wait until next year comes around!)

Hold onto your hat because there is no end to what the future can hold for you now that you have all of these tools and experiences under your belt.


  • PDF WORKBOOK: “A Clean Sheet”


Month9_Big_UpgradeIn this final month, I’m going to challenge you to take what you’ve learned and move into your next level of mastery around your diet and your life.

This month you can choose to focus on one or both, but it’s time to choose one area of your life that you feel ready for another big shift in.

Again, at this stage, you won’t have a clue what that will be. But by the time February rolls around, you WILL be clear, and you’ll be very EXCITED, at this stage knowing that there’s nothing that you cannot create in your life, now that you know how.


  • PDF WORKBOOK: “The Big Upgrade”

As you can see, this program has been designed specifically to enable you to focus on one aspect of your journey each and every month. There is no other program that so perfectly combines the raw food know-how and organization with the journey of raw transformation. 9 months from now your life could look incredibly different!

Karen, I thought I would let you know that I am bizarrely happy at the moment! After your course, I ended my “sort of” relationship as I knew it wasn’t meeting my needs and I wouldn’t go 100% raw in those circumstances. I’ve been up and down since but had a surreal experience this weekend – just started to feel happy for no apparent reason; it must be the sun and all the green juice I’ve been drinking! Am seriously into green juices, bought the Green Star juicer from you (and a Vitamix) and am LOVING IT! Everyone thinks I’m mad, but given how happy I am, some people have asked what I’m on! Thanks SO much for helping me, I cannot describe how much of a difference it has made!” – Gerry Lewis, UK

Excited to join me? Here’s a complete recap of what you’ll receive:

    • Monthly training handouts to learn from and complete
    • Monthly journal pages to keep you on track and inspired
    • A hard-copy “What Type of Raw Food Eater Are You” Workbook + CD set shipped to your door
    • The “Go Raw for a Week” program delivered via PDF
    • A guided visualisation audio
    • Access to the entire “Let’s Get Rawganized!” program in its printed form
    • MASSES of printable raw food recipe sheets that you will LOVE!

All of these materials and recordings are 100% downloadable and are yours to keep and benefit from forever.

You will receive access to Month 1 immediately upon signing up, and then you’ll receive the following month’s content 30 days later. You will then continue to receive the next month’s content every 30 days all the way until the program completes.

There’s no doubt about it, this program has the power to completely transform your diet AND your life… not just one time, but over and over and over again! (It’s all up to you as to how far and how fast you personally want to go…)

From a previous raw food program with Karen:

“Wow, what a great 4 days so far! This is the first time I have had real clarity and focus on my raw food goals. I have tried different programs in the past and have not been able to stay consistent nor change my thoughts about food until now. I really think Karen has a gift. I relate to everything she says and it just makes so much sense. I am very thankful to be in this program with all of you. I have been 100% raw so far and feel fantastic. A calmness and somewhat emotional freedom has come over me. Pretty neat stuff!! I had an amazing raw dinner last night at my favourite raw restaurant close by. I am lucky to have three raw restaurants just a few miles away and a few more that takes just a short drive. My husband has already seen the difference in the last few days in my overall attitude and self- confidence. I feel empowered and know that I can do this!!” – Lisa Longo, USA

Karen – I’m READY! How Do I Sign Up?

Congratulations, you’ve made a really great decision! Whether you’re feeling an excited anticipation, or you’re wobbling on the fence wondering what it all might mean to you, fret not… remember, this program is all about YOU and what YOU want. And while I am going to share everything that I possibly can to make this journey joyful and easy for you, it’s completely up to you how much you implement and how far/fast you go, so don’t panic!

This program has been designed in such a way that these resources will ALWAYS always work for you. You can come back to them at any time, you don’t have to rush, or push or strive, but for those of you who are champing at the bit, you can rest assured that you’re in exactly the right place and the pace of this program will enable you to do amazing things, step-by-step and to deliciously transform your life within these powerful 9 months.


“OK Karen, I am ready! I am ready to transform my diet and my life – and I can’t wait to get started!”



3 EASY MONTHLY PAYMENTS OF £97 (Approx. $129)

*NB: All $US prices quoted are approximate owing to currency fluctuations beyond our control. We have done our best to represent the latest figures, but please understand that your final payment may be above or below that quoted above depending on the currency price at the time of purchase/billing.

I look forward to welcoming you to the program soon!

Radiantly yours,
Karen Knowler
Karen Knowler

PS: If you know this is calling to you, don’t ignore that inner pull. You may not fully know why this program speaks to you, but if it does so, then trust it – your soul is speaking to you… Remember, none of us can see what hasn’t happened yet, but our inner guidance is always there and available to us when we ask.

REFUND POLICY: As this program is part of a final close-out sale and is retailing at a much lower price than previously, this program is non-refundable once purchased.