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This newsletter was sent on Tuesday 23rd August 2017 – just in case you missed it:

So how was it for you?

(I’m talking about yeterday’s eclipse, by the way!)

Yesterday’s eclipse was very powerful for me, even though I didn’t get the opportunity to witness it in the spectacular visual way that many of my US readers will have done. To be honest, I was just a tiny bit jealous about that 😉

However, I did have my own big event around the eclipse…

Long story short: As the eclipse started to happen, it came to me to go ahead and close web site TOMORROW, two months earlier than I had originally planned.

I didn’t see it coming. I didn’t have a clue.

But this eclipse was all about major endings and new beginnings, and after an event that happened “to me” yesterday, I took it as my cue to draw the line and bring things to a close in what I feel is perfect timing.

I share this with you for three reasons:

1) Chances are that you and I most likely connected through The Raw Food Coach originally, and that is no small deal. I’m so glad you’re here and I hope that you stay… if where I’m going is still a fit for you, of course.

2) For those readers who wanted to bag one of my remaining two programs before they disappear, it felt only right to make them available for at least another day so those who want them can get them. Specifically we’re talking about the “Raw Teacher Training Intensive” and “My ExtRAWdinary Life”. More about these in a moment.

3) With The Raw Food Coach gone as of tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd August, you may be wondering, “What happens next?”

Let’s clarify the last question first:

What happens next is that my new body of work “Karen Knowler: Your New Life is Waiting” starts to grow and expand rapidly, because this is where my heart and soul is. 

This work is for you if:

  • You love anything that helps you to live a happier, more vibrant, honest and soul-led life
  • You love re-inventing and up-leveling yourself, your body and/or your life 
  • You are fascinated by energy, law of attraction and all things metaphysical
  • You are looking for something fresh and new in the field/s of personal and spiritual development, something that gets you really, really excited!

That just about sums it up!

Now, you might of course be wondering…

“What about raw food, Karen? Are you completely done with talking about that?”

No, not at all. In fact, I have a powerful new body of work in the pipeline that will blow a lot of my previous raw food work out of the water.

I’m going to be pretty outspoken here, but I’m simply being honest:

Just as I feel that a lot of “new” personal development books are now just old regurgitated content with a bright shiny cover, I also feel that the raw food field is not too imaginative and inspired nowadays.

I’m not really seeing anything new these days. I’m not being inspired by anyone now, really, to be honest – in all kinds of fields.

But what IS inspiring me is the work that’s coming THROUGH me via The High Vibrational Woman. It truly rocks! And raw food is absolutely going to be a major part of it, but talked about and taught in a completely different way than ever before… by anyone, including me.

And I’m very excited!

While a web site is currently in the works, is where all of the action is now taking place. There’s regular blog posts, free training calls, free downloadable gifts, live events, online group programs… All of these things and more are now becoming increasingly regular events. It’s here where you will learn about the raw food stuff too. So, in a nutshell, everything KK is for now happening over at THVW.

To continue to receive my emails, there’s nothing that you need to do.

If you feel that it’s time for us to part ways, no worries. I’ll simply blame it on the powerful eclipse and won’t take it personally 😉 You can unsubscribe at the bottom of this email and I send you only love and well wishes for an amazing future. Thank you for coming this far with me.

If you stay, I’ll know it’s because you’re excited about the fresh, new and UNIQUE stuff that I’ll be bringing you and you’re excited to hear more.

And if you want to know exactly how you can get a taste of that immediately, then you’ll want to take a moment and go here.

If you like this, then you’ll love what’s coming in the near and long-term future.

As for the FLASH SALE that’s now gone live at The Raw Food Coach, this is your last chance to bag my last two remaining programs. They will come off sale tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd August, at midnight Eastern, and that will be that.

Both currently have a big $$ saving, and the Raw Teacher Training Intensive is at a bargain price for one last time, because it’s really too good to pass up.

Read all you need to know about the sale here >>

As you can see, there’s lots of movement here.

At the end of this email you can see a full list of ways that you can participate with the imminent ending and beginning.

My biggest hope for you is that at this powerful time you find the clarity you need to move forward in your life in the way that brings you the greatest peace, joy and alignment with what really matters to you.

I hope to see you on the other side!

With much love,

Radiantly yours,

Karen Knowler

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Get a taster of what’s coming and available to you now, here 

Take one last shop/look at The Raw Food Coach here

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