Raw Food For Children

Raw Children

Introducing raw food to children is easy at all ages – when you know how!

At this point, you might be thinking, “I wish that were true. My kids would never eat raw – getting them to eat anything green is next to impossible!”

I understand. As a mother myself and having spoken with hundreds of other mothers, I know first-hand how a willful child’s psyche combined with unhealthy social and environmental influences can be a powerful combination to change, however… it can be done! You just need to learn how to find out which foods, recipes, approach and routine will work best for your family, and how to make healthy changes in a way that seems exciting and fun, rather than restrictive and dull.

Help is at hand!

Knowing how many parents are keen to get their children into eating more raw food, we worked closely with raw food expert Nina Dench to create an awesome program called “Raw Parenting”.

As a mother of two (Joseph, 10 and Honey, 8) AND a great raw food chef, Nina has masses of experience in creating delicious raw foods and drinks for children and adults alike. Not only that, but as a former school teacher, she’s also fantastic at making raw food fun and educational! Nina’s creativity and ability to make things colourful and “cool” really knows no bounds, and so she was the obvious choice when it came to who to work with to create the perfect program containing all you need to know to transition your child/ren to a more raw diet.

“Raw Parenting” truly is the one-stop solution that you’ve been looking for.

To find out more about the next run of this incredible program, or to get started right away, simply send a blank email to karen60-862524@autocontactor.com to be kept up-to-date with when the next program is going to run and to receive a very juicy free gift.