Ready for an Even Deeper Dive into All Things Raw & Transformational?


There’s no question that the My ExtRAWdinary Life program is going to be amazing…

However, there are always some people who require MORE…

For example:

  • More depth and juiciness
  • More connection
  • More accountability
  • More support and input
  • More transformation

If this sounds like you, and you are ready for massive transformation, for going as deep as we can go, to speak with me personally 1:1 – just you and me, to be part of an especially committed and advanced group of no more than 20 people… I’ve created “Raw Magic & Mastery” for 2014.

“Raw Magic & Mastery” comprises of the following:

  • My ExtRAWdinary Life program – all of it, exactly as outlined here.
  • 2x 30 minute private 1:1 coaching sessions with me (to be taken between 20th May 2014 and 27th February 2015) – use them to discuss any aspect of your raw food diet, lifestyle or journey
  • 7x 90-minute group training calls (May, June, July, September, October, November, January) to cover additional content as follows:
    May: The 12 Stages of Raw Transformation Part 1: Departure
    June: The 12 Stages of Raw Transformation Part 2: Initiation
    July: The 12 Stages of Raw Transformation Part 3: Return
    September: Your extRAWdinary Living Manifesto
    October: The Power of Intention
    November: Mastering Manifesting
    January: Your ExtRAWdinary Legacy


  • Your very own RM&M Buddy – for accountability, sharing, support and celebrating with, outside of our special group time
  • An exclusive Facebook group, purely for Raw Magic & Mastery members

Raw Magic & Mastery is perfect for you if:

  • You have worked with me before, are working with me now, or have always wanted to work with me more closely and have just been waiting for the right opportunity to present itself
  • You recognise that environment is crucial and you KNOW that surrounding yourself with other committed raw food enthusiasts, you’ll automatically start playing a bigger and brighter game
  • You know you need to be more visible and accountable for the changes and growth that you are making, or want to make in your life – no more hiding out, you know it’s not serving you and you want to be loud and proud!
  • You are hungry for that deeper-level information. You’ve already experienced a lot on your raw food journey and you really want to understand those deeper levels and aspects that very few people ever talk about.
  • You are ready to make big moves – you’ve been thinking, planning, dreaming and circling, and now you’re ready to dive in and embrace your next level with gusto.
  • You’re at least 6 months into your raw food journey and you eat at least 70% raw on average over the course of any given week.
  • You just know this is for you!


Spots available: Only 20 spots are available in this program.

How to apply:

1. Please make sure that all of the criteria listed above are applicable to you before applying.
2. Click on the applicable link below to secure your place in the group, sharing your reasons for joining in the “Additional Notes” box when you enter your details at the checkout.

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any applications that we feel will not be a fit for this particular group, and should this be the case, we will make contact with you to discuss this.

EU Residents:
UK, Germany, Belgium etc.




NON-EU Residents:
US, Canada, Australia etc.


(Approx. $4146 US*)



EU Residents:
UK, Germany, Belgium etc.


£1997 + 6 further payments of £179 automatically debited 30 days apart.


NON-EU Residents:
US, Canada, Australia etc.


£1997 + 6 further payments of £179 automatically debited 30 days apart.
(Approx. $4146 + 6x $297 US*)



What happens next?

Once your payment has completed you will automatically receive an email welcoming you to the program, together with important dates for your diary.

Then it’s time to get excited!!

I recommend that you use the time between now and when we begin to consider what you’d like the next 9-10 months to really mean, or be, for you. We will discuss this during our first call. Your invitation is to play as big as you really want to go…

I can’t wait to start working in this amazing way with you! This group is going to be electric!

Radiantly yours,


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