Testimonials from past participants of

"Raw Food Made Simple:
8 Simple Steps To A Vibrant New You"


What a wonderful headline and little did I realise how powerful that statement would be and here I am only 6 weeks into the programme. I have dabbled with juicing and was always happy with the results and the feeling of wellbeing that juicing gave me but I wanted to step it up a gear and experience that feeling all the time. The more I read about juicing and ‘live food’ I began to understand that I could capture that feeling by exploring the world of Raw Food.

So my first steps began with buying my first Raw book - Raw Food Made Simple by Karen – what a treat! My journey had begun and very soon I was absorbing all the information that I could.

However, I was missing structure and guidance into this new world that I wanted to join, and it was at this moment I had the opportunity of taking part in a wonderful new programme called Raw Food Made Simple – 8 Simple Steps.

We were up and running from the word go with tremendous support. You were made to feel part of a huge family, there was the opportunity of joining the forum where we could all interact with each other, view and print off information on all the different modules that we would be covering each week.

With any new regime it is always so easy to go racing ahead and then fall at the first hurdle but with this programme, we are being taken through each module of this raw food transition in easy stages, week by week and asked to reflect on the module and complete exercises at the end. With this approach you are continually supported throughout your individual journey.

By undertaking this programme I was giving myself the best start possible to the year. I have been able to visualise the Vibrant New Me, What % of raw food I can expect to eat for me and my lifestyle, how my raw food kitchen can look, in addition there is a wealth of information provided on how to shop for raw food, eating in restaurants, recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to name but a few. 

The whole experience has been a huge joy to undertake (and it’s still not finished – hurrah) it has become not only about eating Raw Food but a whole lifestyle change which has been an unexpected bonus and one which I hadn’t thought about. My kitchen is a source of wonderful experiences and creations which I share with friends. Neither my mind nor my kitchen cupboards are so cluttered. I feel light, more mobile and my free spirit has been nurtured. A truly wonderful programme which I would recommend to anybody to explore. I wish to take this opportunity to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to Karen for sharing with us your knowledge, insightfulness, experiences, generosity and enthusiasm with us - its infectious. Thank you.

Fareham, Hampshire


I have thoroughly enjoyed the Raw Food Made Simple: 8 Simple Steps to A Vibrant New You teaching calls and accompanying materials from Karen Knowler. I’m pretty much a raw food novice, originally feeling quite overwhelmed by a raw food lifestyle, but I’m much more comfortable now because Karen’s simple way of presenting information has taken the fear and anxiety of bring more raw food into my life. What I especially appreciate about Karen is her holistic approach to life, of which raw food is a part. I have learned to view my life in a totally different way, understanding that a raw food lifestyle is more than what I put into my mouth. It is a way of thinking and living that draws the best toward me. Thanks, Karen, for sharing this life-changing information and encouraging me to move into my best, whole life!

Sharon D. Williams
Sykesville, Maryland, USA


I'm 63 and was feeling a genuine need of more energy to support my ageless spirit. I had been diving into raw food for six months before joining your program. To go into healthy whole vegan foods that are essentially raw has changed my life. I joined your program wanting to have some great ideas for quick recipes that taste great and that are really nourishing. What I've received is all this and so much more, especially around how to organize myself. I've especially liked your easy to prepare main dishes and your emphasis on making raw food preparation simple as a lifestyle. This is something I couldn't manage to do before.  I love your transmission of passion around how to avert the syndrome of falling off our good intentions towards the evening time. It is such a real topic that has plagued me in the past. I've particularly benefited from your superb organization of all the excellent material you offer in written and in audio format. It is so appealing and easy to reference. You also have made it so easy for anyone interested to join in at their own level of participation. You haven't just given recipes and tricks; you've organized all this brilliant information so that it can be really accessible not just now but in the future. So much thanks to you Karen for your passion and love of vibrant living with a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Soorya Ray Resels
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Karen's "Raw Food Made Simple" program was everything I was hoping for and more. As a raw food newbie, I wanted to invest in a program that would teach me the basics of how to succeed in my new diet. Ms. Knowler shared an incredible wealth of knowledge with the group (from kitchen preparedness to nutrition tips to recipes and more) and presented information in a beautifully detailed and meticulous way. I now have a better understanding of what it means to "go raw" and feel very confident that I made the right decision for my health and the environment. Karen speaks from the heart with passion and integrity. I want to thank her for sharing ideas that will lead to 360 degrees of healing. I plan to continue my raw education with some of her other course offerings.

Josephine Bila
New York, NY


The program has been a great introduction to raw food. Over the eight weeks I have learnt about, tried and integrated many aspects of raw food into my daily life. Karen makes the material easy, interesting, enjoyable and attractive to digest. She is highly knowledgeable and generous in sharing her experience and advice.

Personally, I have invested in a juicer, love making fresh juices every morning, and even did a week-long juice-only feast - something I would never have imagined doing before starting the course. The recipes are great, easy to make and adapt, and are a revitalising opening to a wealth of raw food to create, enjoy and share.

Jackie Calderwood
Leicester, UK


We are now 75% the way through the course and the content has been fantastic, to include the small items and personal experiences of Karen's own journey, which are not always included in any books, but are very relevant in our own path to a better life. The course has been structured so well and made so interesting, by Karen's personal delivery into our homes globally, without us having to take time off work or from family and friends to travel to receive it. It has also been made more interesting, by dividing it into 8 segments, it has been easier and simpler to digest and take in, therefore easier to make the personal changes necessary to implement the '8 Simple Steps'.  Finally the abundance of recipes has been overwhelming, even though the course has not finished yet.  Many thanks to Karen and her team, for the time and effort put into the delivery of this course, and what has turned out to be terrific value for our money.

Martin Griffiths


I decided to go on Karen’s Raw Food Made Simple 8 Simple Steps to a Vibrant New You programme to kickstart my raw food interests. I am over half way through and I just cannot believe what 'Great Value for Money' this programme has delivered and how much more ENERGY I now have!! The content is packed & amazing and I love the whole structure with weekly modules made simple to understand. The recipes have been delicious and so EASY to make. This has been the 'BEST HEALTH' investment I have ever made & I don't hesitate to say it would be for you too. I’ve loved every week and looked forward to the next. Thank you Karen, this has changed my Life and has been invaluable to me both on a personal and health level.

Sara Lyndley
Maidstone Kent.


I found Karen Knowler by accident while researching Raw Foods on the Internet. As soon as I discovered her website, then her YouTube demonstrations and ultimately her training courses I was so excited and definitely hooked. I signed up immediately for the Raw Food Made Simple: 8 Simple Steps program which has turned out to be most inspirational. This course is packed with fabulously easy recipes, juicy knowledge and lots of personal experiences shared by Karen, which I found so real and honest - something I could really relate to. Karen's passion, depth of experience, clear and concise communication and openness has won me over and I will certainly be looking for more once I have finished this course. Thank you for sharing with us your vast Raw Food expertise!

Cherie Gorringe, Naturopath
Brisbane, Australia


My name is Hayley Carr, and I am a life and health coach. Before I joined the RFMS program, I was flailing in my raw food attempts. I am a very healthy person, but had lost that feeling of vibrancy from the foods I was eating and within myself. Before I even started listening to the program, the bonus tools and booklet helped me prepare myself, my kitchen and my headspace for the information that was to come, and it was a simple and fulfilling transition! The RFMS program is easy and packed full of useful, step-by-step information, and answers every question you can possibly think of! I am now 75% raw without feeling like I am putting in any extra effort, I spend less time in the kitchen, and I am saving money with my menu planning! I am filled with joy every time I eat and prepare my nourishing soul food. Thank you!!!

Hayley Carr
NSW, Australia


I just wanted to also say huge thank you Karen for the last couple of months. I had one of those 'Eureka' moments from the first module when you instinctively know that this is for you. I think one of the main things for me (apart from all of the knowledge and passion you have provided) is not to put myself under pressure to get it 100% right 100% of the time and to have fun with it (as someone who is a predominantly Intellectual Eater that is quite a breakthrough)! Thanks once again Karen.

Elaine D’Arcy
Surrey, UK


As a busy mum of two I never quite found the time to research what I need to do, buy, or how to create raw foods. Karen literally walked us though the raw journey especially the basics, which is what I needed. I now feel more confident eating and creating raw and my body is already showing signs of regeneration with increased energy.  Thank you.

Liza K Collins
Buckinghamshire, UK


Dear Karen, Thank you very much for providing the 8 Simple Steps programme.  I found it very useful. Being fairly new to raw food, it was difficult to get started, however, your step by step programme made it simple and easy to follow. I loved the way you use simple language and examples so not to make anything over complicated. The programme gave me the knowledge to learn what goes well with what, and it also gave me the confidence to experiment with ingredients. All in all, for me, it was a fabulous introduction to raw foods!  Thanks again.

Sonia Nestor
London, UK


Dear Karen, What an amazing turnaround my life has taken since I committed to doing your 8 week course of 8 Simple Steps. Thank you for your passion in teaching others how to join the ‘revolution’ as eating Raw Food is just simply so good for your body. Before I found you and your course, I have done 6 months of internet research, printed 100’s of raw recipes, tried and stopped, tried and stopped again, as most of the info online is conflicting and sooo many ingredients for each dish, I was feeling more than a little baffled. I was down to eating just salads, fruit and nuts and trying sooo hard not to eat cooked food, it was very challenging. Then by chance, I stumbled across you and your website, then your newsletters, and saw the opportunity of doing your 8 week course and decided this was it – I have to do this out of all the other Raw Food Courses available online.

The content gave me the insight into the course and it seemed exactly what I needed to understand the basics and the pure simplicity that can be used in a Raw Food Lifestyle. Until now it all seemed such a task eating raw, now it’s all seems far too easy to keep both myself and my family healthy and so well fed without the need of cooking huge meals every day. Both of my boys nearly 2 and 7, are joining me and LOVING eating Raw Nori Rolls for dinner!! Thought I’d never see the day!!

My husband has seen the amazing difference in my health and pure energy from eating raw and is asking if we’re having salads and veggies tonight??  Love it!! We have invested in a dehydrator and have been making raw fruit snacks and raw chia seed crackers (the 2 year old can’t get enough of these) and all of us just love Green Smoothies for breakfast. (Hubbies grey sideburns grow through brown again once he’s drinking green smoothies daily)

Just having the know-how, desire and inspiration to increase the daily basics of fresh fruit and salads and carrot and apple sticks after school has made the world of difference.  You know this stuff from years ago, but until you re-learn why it’s good to eat raw, you just forget! During the course each week has been such an inspiration to keeping myself on track, and just to know I’m not the only one out there trying this ‘new way of eating’ – it’s not new, it’s as ancient as the beginning of time, we’ve just lost our way and eating a processed lifestyle that is really bad for health. Anyway, enough rambling, Karen, to you and your team, a very big thank you for your love and passion of a healthy, loving life and your love for people, as without any of those you couldn’t do the amazing things you do today. Thank you.

Canice Harridge
Gold Coast, Australia


When I began the program I was only interested in finding recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, however, I was really surprised in how interested I was in what I thought would be the boring details about food. Karen really woke me up to the spiritual benefits of eating raw that most other experts in the field don't even allude to. She has really brought through how having your own experiences is what raw food living is about. She has an acute intuitive way in which she answers questions that speaks to all your vibrational levels not just your conscious mind. The beautifully coloured and easy to digest detailed handouts have really given me that foundation I needed to start me off on my raw food journey. Thank you Karen for this amazing experience.

Susan Miller


Dear Karen, I wanted to send you a huge thank you for the RFMS 8 Simple Steps program that you have put together.  I am very new to raw food and wanted to do the 8 week program as I felt that I did not really know where to start in making raw food a sustainable life choice. I had purchased a few raw cook books and downloaded large numbers of info and e-books - however I found many of the recipes quite complicated and I lacked direction in my ‘plan of attack’. I have gained so much over last few weeks! 

I have a clear idea of what I am hoping to achieve, I have learned heaps about food in general, my own eating habits, my body and what works for ME. I love that 8SS is not a ‘one size fits all’ program - rather a journey of discovery that can enable me to set goals that are my own. 

There is not competition with others, no judgement over what percentages of raw food you consume - rather, an opportunity for each of us to look at our own individual circumstances and create healthy life choices around that. 

I have found your presentation style very informative, humorous and easy going. You have been generous in the sharing of your information and personal experiences and you have a clear and positive communication style. The recipes that have been put together are exactly what I had hoped they would be - simple, achievable and most importantly - tasty.  I look forward to playing in the kitchen, getting myself in to some good routines - through the use of menu plans, planning for events and social situations, as well as having a clear understanding of how much raw I want in my diet and how I can work with cooked and raw menus.  It is exciting and I feel that 8SS will help to set me on the pathway for success.  All that can stop me from being my vibrant new self now is me.  Thanks so much.

Melbourne Australia