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Nina Dench

Flying in from: Sunderland, England

About Nina
Nina Dench is the head raw food teacher for and has been trained by Karen in raw food class preparation and presentation skills.

Over the past two years, Nina has taught a series of seasonal Raw Food Classes and produced accompanying eBooks including: Spring into Raw, Summer in the Raw, Fall into Raw and Winter in the Raw. Nina was a guest presenter at A Weekend in the Raw 2010 where her now famous Raw Lemon Cheesecake met with great acclaim! She can also be found assisting Karen at her bigger trainings and events, and is the featured Guest Expert on the “Introducing Raw Food to Your Children”.

Nina takes great delight in seeing people enjoy her food, and she has a real talent for creating deliciously indulgent, sweet treats and desserts especially.

Nina first discovered raw food in 1989 at the tender age of 15. Now 37, Nina uses her own wealth of personal experience to help others.

Nina is a mommy to Joseph (8yrs) and Honey (6yrs) and loves introducing children and their families to the benefits of raw food. She’s always looking for more fun and creative ways for children to enjoy and appreciate the raw food lifestyle.

Nina is currently working on a series of raw food books for children and has recently completed, The Raw Princess Recipe & Play Book and The Raw Superhero Recipe & Play Book which will be available in January 2012 through

Nina has over 20 years of personal experience in this field.  Journeying through puberty, the teenage years, leaving home for university, exploring her spiritual side, travelling, teaching, marrying and having children, Nina has a wealth of raw-related experience, advice and knowledge to share with you.

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Nina’s Gorgeous Gift For YOU is...

Nina’s gift to you this Christmas is SEVEN of her favourite raw food recipes taken from her bestselling eBook, Winter in the Raw

Via this downloadable PDF recipe booklet, you will receive one delicious celebratory smoothie, Vanilla Honey Heaven, and a sparkling Christmas Cocktail, the Mojito.  Your savoury recipes are the traditional Sage and Onion Pâté – great served on crackers or vegetables, and the very filling Pepper Boats which are delicious served with a large salad. Finally, your desserts: Indulge this Christmas with Fig Rolls, Christmas Pudding and the refreshing Mandarin Orange & Pomegranate Sorbet.

All of these recipes are truly delicious and we encourage you to try them all!

Click on the gift to unwrap it!