A Sneak Peek into My New Direction

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I hope you’re having a great International Raw Food Week!

As mentioned on Tuesday, I’m sharing something new with you every day for a week firstly because I have so much to share with you, and second, I truly believe, that as a loved and valued subscriber, you of all people should be the first to hear what I’m up to and where I’m going…

And this has been a long time coming!

So let’s do this! And see if what I have to share with you resonates… or not.

I want to take you on a journey…
A journey to a new life, a fresh life, a higher vibrational life.
A life where you feel like your true self – your healthiest, most turned-on-to-life and who you really are, self.

For you to have a self and a life that you can get excited about in a way that perhaps you’ve never felt before.

Don’t buy into the beliefs that you can’t have what you want.

Don’t buy into the myth that this is as good as it gets.

Don’t tell yourself that it’s too late, or not possible, or that it’s never going to happen for you.

My whole life has been a series of re-creations and re-inventions.
  • I’ve moved home 27 times in 44 years.
  • Job-wise I’ve done everything from newspaper rounds, to working in a butcher’s shop, to working in children’s book publishing, to working in PR and finally, before running my own business, working in a meditation centre, to name just a few.
  • I have run four different businesses, the first created out of pure passion and no formal business training.
  • I have gone from being a young woman embarrassed to talk about her diet, to being one of the biggest proponents of raw food in the world.
  • I have gone from suicidal, nervous breakdown territory to committing to my soul, taking soul-led action and living my dreams.
  • I have gone from promoting other people’s books for a living, to being a published author with Hay House, one of my favourite publishing houses.
  • I have gone from continually frustrated and disappointed in love to finding my soulmate… finally!
  • I have gone from almost bankrupt to creating a multiple six-figure business.
  • I have gone from being terrified of public speaking, to being a speaker who loves to speak on stage and receives rave reviews every time.
  • I have gone from overweight and unable to run more than four minutes to being lean, strong and a committed gym bunny.
  • I have gone from being scared to go into London even with a friend, to flying solo across the ocean many times to live out my passions, desires and dreams.
  • And I have gone from being a victim in life to being my own hero.

I share all these things with you because there have been times, many times, where I would not have believed that ANY of these things were possible for me.

Like many people, I told myself stories about “other people” – you know, those people who seem to get whatever they want and life just seems peachy all the time. Those people who find these things easy, or who apparently never have to work for anything.

Don’t buy into this massive misconception. It can literally cost you everything.

What I have learned is that whatever we desire is possible, BUT there are some key things that must be present for our dreams to even stand a chance of coming into bloom.

Things such as…
  • Desire – white-hot, focused and burning desire
  • Belief
  • Faith
  • Trust
  • Clarity
  • Commitment
  • Receiving guidance and support
  • Taking aligned and consistent action

Over the past four years my life has taken me on a journey to some very deep places, and often very challenging places, where I have had the opportunity to face fears, lies, erroneous beliefs and stories, and to question just about everything.

Since the age of eight I have known that I’m here to be of service in a very big way, and from the age of 23-43 I believed that that way was primarily about food, and raw food specifically.

Here today, three months before I reach the grand young age of 45, I have been shown clearly that the food for me was a portal, and remains a portal… and that by raising my vibration to a very high place using the high frequencies and powerful natural energy of raw and living foods, I was able to put myself and keep myself in a place of magic, vision, possibility and profound understanding in a way that relatively few people ever get to experience.

It has opened me up to so much, and it’s time to start really sharing this with you.

Over the next few months, should you choose to come with me, I am going to give you the opportunity to come on this journey with me.

There is a five step process that has become clear to me as being THE process that will enable literally anyone to re-claim, re-create and/or re-invent their life.

This will be of interest to you if…

  • You are ready for a fresh start
  • You are tired of the life you are living, or even just one aspect of it, and want to find a whole new level for yourself that brings you great joy
  • You feel that you have outgrown, or are outgrowing, your current life and don’t know what to do
  • You sense that there is a higher calling for your life, but you can’t seem to tap into what it is, or exactly where you are being called to
  • You know that you are here for bigger things and you want to discover what they are
  • You may consider yourself currently happy or content, but your life lacks magic, excitement, and a je ne sais quoi that leaves you feeling as if something is missing
  • You have already accomplished so much but now feel that your life lacks depth, deep joy, and meaning
  • You are being called home to yourself and while you hear the call, you don’t know how to get there
If any of the above sound like you, then you are invited to take the first step with me.
Tomorrow I will be sharing that step with you.

But for now, if you resonate with what I have shared with you so far, I would love to hear from you below.

With much love,

Radiantly yours,

Karen Knowler

PS: Missed yesterday’s email about the sale and the free Raw Coach Training module? You can access that email here.

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22 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek into My New Direction

  1. Wow! If I didn’t know it was you that was sharing your story I’d think it was me. All the ups and downs, good times and bad times are all in there. Your an inspiration that has inspired many people to change and be what their called to do. I want to become the person I know I’m supposed to be but everytime I try I get knocked down again. I’ve come in late and I don’t know all there is to your program or the cost or any of the details. I sort of messed my life up with some of the very things you’ve talked about. I lived in an abusive home and dealt with low self-esteem all my life. I had a weight problem too. About 17 years ago I decided to do something about it and had a gastric bypass that went wrong. I wound up in a coma on life support. I’ve had 25 more surgeries to try and correct the complications caused by the first surgery. My digestive system is messed up pretty bad and I haven’t been able to eat normal and I’m still overweight. You’ve overcome so much and got the victory. I have other complications I could tell you about but you get the idea of how much I admire all that you have done. I want to achieve the same success but I just turned 69 last week and don’t know what I have left in me to accomplish. It’s not easy being a disabled Senior on a limited income with my sweetheart just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I hope you can see a place that I can fit in with your program. Best of blessings to you. Sincerely, Sharon

    • Hi Sharon, I’m very sorry to hear about everything you’ve gone through and are still going through. My heart goes out to you. It can be so easy to focus on what’s wrong when things get overwhelming or just seem to keep coming… I have had many times like that, even recently, and almost started to get pulled into it myself, but when this happens this is the perfect time to focus on all that’s good and right and to be grateful for those things, because there will be many wonderful things, even in amongst the less-than-great things. And then with regards to any problems, discomforts or challenges you have, to get clear on what you want instead. I share this not because I don’t think you’re doing that, but just in case it does offer you anything new, and also to anyone reading. With regards to my program, I’m not sure which one you are talking about as there are a few available currently… Please can you let me know the name of it and then let me know why it interests you and then why you’re not sure about it. Then I can get back to you and respond accordingly. Sending much love!

      • I’ve tried to send you a reply but my computer keeps voiding it. I’ll try again. I thank you for answering back so soon. I guess hearing your testimony made me realize what I’ve given away. Starting with rejection as a child and going all the way through my life up to now I can see where I have given in. Your program and books were down to earth and gave me hope that I can still overcome it. I especially liked your book Eating Raw for a Day. I know with my digestive system I would practically have to rewrite it for me. Due to the Gastric surgery my body hasn’t been absorbing vitamins and other minerals, especially Calcium. So I lost a lot of bones and gums in my mouth which caused me to lose my teeth and implants. Without them it’s hard to eat raw food. If I cook them to make them softer or to make smoothie they just run through my system to fast. I try to get my vitamins in liquid or chewable tablets. That way I do get some benefit from them. I’m just at at loss as to what program there is for me. I’ve also had 9 nose surgeries. The last one the doctors cut my head open at the top of my scull and rebuild it like new. Again, not being able to get all the vitamins from what I ate my nose just died. Now it’s collapsing on my right side because there is nothing left. It really looks bad. It looks like someone took a baseball bat and hit me in the face. This causes difficulty in breathing. I stay in the house a lot under a humidifier or vaporizer. I don’t know if you’ve ever dealt with someone like me but I thought it was worth a shot to see if you had any ideas. Thank you so much for all you do to help people. God bless you. Sincerely, Sharon

        • Hi Sharon, wow, you have been through so much physically, I’m glad you have not given up on your health. My work over the years has never really been about helping people to get well as I am not trained medically or nutritionally, and so this has not been my bias. If you can tell me what specific type of help you are looking for, I can let you know if there’s anything that I have or refer you onto someone who I think can help you.

  2. Great to re-connect! lost you for a while but you are always in my heart!
    I would like to join the Teacher Training program, Could I do that at the end of this month? 28 July would be good for me.Much love and blessings.Beverley

    • Great to hear from you Bev! I have missed you! The Teacher Training is a complete home study program, and you’ll be able to purchase it at the end of July, however the price does increase by £300 after the sale ends on Wednesday 19th July 2017, so if you can invest sooner then obviously it will be worth doing so!

  3. Karen you inspire me hugely and I am sitting here at my computer, having already signed up for Raw Food Made Simple (I am part way through the course), and debating whether to sign up for My ExtRAWdinary Life or wait and see where this new direction of yours is leading….I truly feel that you have a gift and are truly able to guide, nurture and help reveal the way. I am honoured to be a part of this journey with you.

    • Hi Nic, thank you for your kind words, they are much appreciated 🙂 If you are looking for more raw food know-how specifically then My ExtRAWdinary Life would be amazing for you, as the raw food part of my work is changing its slant and positioning and new programs like this won’t be coming out for quite some time. I’m not sure if this helps you or not, but that’s just about everything I can share at this point. The content within MEL is truly fantastic and some of my very best raw food work without a doubt.

      • Fantastic – thank you for your advice. I have just signed up for the My ExtRAWdinary Life course and can’t wait to get started! Good luck with your new direction Karen and I will be following along…

        • Congratulations Nic! I hope you enjoy Month 1 and you’ll receive your “What Type of Raw Food Eater Are YOU?” workbook in the next week or two ready for Month 2 – you’ll love it!

  4. This is all so true I was just thinking about a lot of this about you Karen, today driving home from work. I’ve noticed all this learned more about you in your trainings and especially the past two years all that your life has become. I’ve also changed my life so much it’s really remarkable.
    Your voice of purity and punch came through the weird aura that was distorting and choking back my true life and what it could be… I appreciate so much your determination to be the best you can be and to help others do the same…it makes such a difference. It helps me see that no matter what is going on around me and not matter how hopeless I think the world might be that I still need to show up and thrive because even if it were true that the world were completely dark and evil just one person could bring that hope back for peace and beauty… I see that as what you did for my life and now I see that it does matter that I let my own soul follow her passion and dreams and share that with the world too.
    I’m seriously trying to put this into words because what you write here in this letter above, is truly what I experience in your programs… I love you!
    I have so far to go and I’ve come so far… thank you for being there and not only fearlessly showing the way but also with compassion and patience helping out no matter how slow or fast people are able to meet you in this work of raising our personal vibration and listening to our deepest self… 🙂

    • I’m so grateful for your presence in my world Sea to reflect things back to me at always the perfect time. You are a brighter light than you often realise, and have so much within you that is still yet to fully see the light of day. I am always here to support you in that revealing as long as you seek that support from me. I have every faith in you 🙂

  5. Wow..
    I continue to be amazed at you!!
    I am touched at your honesty!!
    I have gone through some very traumatic life crises and challenges as well…so I so admire your growth and spiritual tenacity !!
    I am salivating to find out more about your new direction!! ( and not because it is or isn’t food related!!)
    I need an intense change in my life!!! I’d love to to find out more!!

    • Thank you for posting here Susan, I really appreciate it. Stay tuned for today’s email as that will give you your next step and then you can see how you feel about that 😉 I’m sure you will love it and there’s so much more to come.

  6. Hi Karen,

    I am so happy for you and your new directions. I had sent you an e-mail way back in October of 2012 in which I told you of some of my own trials and tribulations in the cold N. Minnesota
    winter with my dog, wondering if I’d ever make it back home to my home in California. Your recordings were so very inspiring to me during that dark time and now, though still challenged, but back home in California once again. I have been stumbling along, trying to get back into the “high-vibe” raw food diet I was once so intrigued by (and still am). You are still one of my most
    FAVORITE people in the world, a bright shining star. Like I wrote way back in my e-mail of October 2012, I still feel very
    connected to you on some very sound and profound level.
    I hope you one day write another book –this one on the power of
    raw foods and their potential to upgrade and launch us into a higher more spiritual, creative and meaningful life. Thanks for
    all you do.


    Barbara Weith

    • Barbara it is so great to hear from you again, I have often wondered about you. I’m happy you’re back in CA and excited to have the opportunity to inspire you again over the coming months. This new direction and body of work is going to be more powerful, magical and transformational than any that has gone before and I so hope you are a part of it. I want to thank you for the kind words you have sent me over the years… you will never know how much they have actually helped me during those times when I wondered if my work was actually making a difference. Much love to you and I look forward to next time!

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