[Special Announcement] Live Training & Workshop with Russell James in April

How to Make a Living Out of Raw FoodOnce in a blue moon something very special happens in the offline world of raw food that gives people the opportunity to come together, to connect, to learn, to be inspired and to be part of a unique history-making event.

That time has come once again – this time in England – and I’m delighted to let you know that it’s happening live in LONDON just three weeks from now, featuring myself and The Raw Chef Russell James.

It’s called “How to Make a Living Out of Raw Food” and it’s for you if:

  • You dream of creating your own raw food business, or a business including raw food, but don’t know where to start
  • You are passionate about raw food and think one day you might like to create a raw food business, and are looking for the inside scoop to know what your options are
  • You already have a raw food business, or one including raw food, and you want to meet others of a similar background, get up-to-date information about where the raw food industry is, and potentially come up with new and groundbreaking ideas for your raw food business that have never dawned on you before

This training and workshop will walk you through all you need to know about the raw food market place, the many different income streams available to you, how to put together you first draft business plan… and MUCH MORE.

This event runs from 9:00am to 4:30pm and admittance is by pre-paid ticket only.

If you can’t make it for whatever reason, don’t worry! A home study version is available, although we strongly encourage you to attend live if you possibly can.

To find out more and reserve your spot, click here or visit www.RawBusinessWorkshop.com



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