The Raw Food Groups

Most people think that eating raw comes down to “fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds”.

The truth is that there are actually 24 raw food groups!

Green and Red Healthy food

  1. Fresh fruits (apples, pears, pineapple etc.)
  2. Vegetables (carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes etc.)
  3. Salad vegetables (tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers etc.)
  4. Leafy green vegetables (kale, watercress, chard etc.)
  5. Herbs (basil, mint, parsley etc.)
  6. Wild greens (dandelion, nettle, purslane etc.)
  7. Nuts (almonds, pine nuts, macadamia nuts etc.)
  8. Dried fruits (prunes, raisins, sultanas etc.)
  9. Sprouted beans, pulses and legumes (aduki, mung, lentil etc.)
  10. Sprouted grains (wheat, rye, barley etc.)
  11. Seeds (pumpkin, sesame, sunflower etc.)
  12. Sprouted seeds (quinoa, buckwheat, chia etc.)
  13. Indoor greens (wheatgrass, sunflower greens, pea shoots etc.)
  14. Sprouted vegetable seeds (broccoli, mustard, cress etc.)
  15. Edible flowers (wild rose petals, honeysuckle, lavender blossoms etc.)
  16. Mushrooms (oyster, portobello, reishi etc.)
  17. Sea vegetables (dulse, wakame, kelp etc.)
  18. Algaes (chlorella, spirulina, Klamath lake blue-green algae etc.)
  19. Oils (olive oil, sesame oil, hemp oil etc.)
  20. Stimulants (onion, garlic, cayenne pepper etc.)
  21. Spices (turmeric, cumin, nutmeg etc.)
  22. Flavourings and sweeteners (cacao, honey, mesquite meal etc.)
  23. Superfoods (aloe vera, bee pollen, maca etc.)
  24. Pre-packaged/prepared raw foods (nut butters, seed butters, flax crackers etc.)

And by playing with all of the many different foods available to you within each group, just about any recipe is possible – from the most simple, fresh salad right through to crunchy breakfast cereals, crunchy crackers, creamy no-dairy “cheeses”, gourmet raw pizza, lasagna, veggie burgers, chocolate tortes, ice-cream and cakes! More about this in the “Recipes” section.

Want a handy reminder of the 24 Raw Food Groups to brighten up your kitchen?