The Top 5 Ways to Social Success During The Party Season

Lawrence Park - Xmas/Fall shoot - Toronto, Ontario (November 18th, 2007)So, this is the time of year when most of the parties and food-related “stuffstarts happening. Are you all planned out and ready while feeling cool, calm and collected about the whole affair? Or are you starting to feel something resembling faint panic as you realise that in just under two weeks the big day itself will be here and it may be nut loaf or nothing unless you get your thinking cap on?!

This week’s article covers the top 5 aspects of socialising this Christmas raw-style – that means: food, drink, fun, family and the je ne sais quoi that can only be uniquely yours.

Hopefully after reading you’ll feel inspired to do things in a way that truly feels good to you – on every level – and that you go on to have a truly authentic and very merry Christmas whatever you do.

1: Food

Of course we have to start with the food. So, how do we deal with the food side of things successfully over the next two or so weeks? First things first, I recommend that you choose the tack you’re going to take now rather than later. Will you decide to eat whatever’s put in front of you? Will you go or stay veggie or vegan? Will you go for high raw or all raw? Or will it depend on where you are and who you’re with? If you can decide this now you’ll feel a lot clearer generally about things and you’ll now know what, if anything, you need to make, do or buy so that you can make every social experience a winner. ACTION: List all the away-from-home events you’ll be attending and next to each one write the approach you’ll be taking. If you need to make, take or buy something to meet your needs, note that too and take care of those details before the event to avoid last minute stress. OUTCOME: Clarity, peace of mind and freedom to get on and enjoy every moment!

2: Drink

The drink will no doubt be flowing everywhere you go, so what’s it to be? Teetotal, one or two, or “go with the flow” (literally!). As with all of this, it’s entirely up to you how you play it, but just bear in mind the following: 1) Alcohol will dehydrate you and take its toll on you somehow (the cleaner you are, the more you will feel this!); 2) Chances are very high that if and when you drink alcohol you’ll immediately crave heavy, stodgy food in order to soak it up (– this is natural, the body is trying to protect itself). Therefore, don’t be surprised if you not only crave cooked food (or junky foods) when you drink, but also be prepared to be knocked off balance for a day or two after, depending on how much you end up “partaking”. ACTION: As per food, decide your tactics in advance, check in if you’re happy with your decision, and then keep your word to yourself. OUTCOME: Whether you choose Evian or Champagne, you’ll feel good about it and your party spirit won’t be lost in the energy-sapping “shall I, shan’t I?” tussle.

3: Fun!

Now this you can definitely overindulge in! Question: Do you have enough fun lined up between now and 2nd January? If not, then now’s the time to plot and scheme for some. Whether it’s in your own home, at family’s, friends or far far away, there is always going to be room for more fun. ACTION: Brainstorm all the different places, people and activities that mean “fun” to you and bring at least 5 of these in to your diary somehow. If you get stuck – Google! OUTCOME: More smiles, laughter and real, fun human connection. And that can only be a wonderfully good thing.

4: Family

Family get togethers can make or break Christmas for some people, but we all know that it’s at this time of year, usually more than any other, that we spend quality time with our family. Whatever your family situation, there is always room for improvement. Chances are that you, being the savvy ahead-of-your-time person that you are, may have to be the one to extend the olive branch, suggest how and where your time is spent, and even organise things for those around you. Wherever your energy chooses or needs to go this Christmas, look upon each challenge as an opportunity to learn more about your clan, and set yourself the challenge to make every family interaction as harmonious, generous and enjoyable as possible. ACTION: List all the members of your family that you’re going to be seeing over Christmas. Next to each name list possible conflict zones. When you’re done, think creatively around how you can either prevent, re-orientate or remedy any or all of these potential situations to everyone’s best advantage. OUTCOME: You get to love your family for who they are; chances are that some of it might just come back to you!

5: Your unique “je ne sais quoi”

Every Christmas celebration around the globe will be different, because the people creating it are different. So what’s different about YOU specifically? What can YOU bring to the party that no-one else can in quite the same way? How about hand-made Christmas crackers, a huge living salad or mouth-watering raw chocolate torte, a video recorder to record events for posterity, a packet of pens and huge pad of paper to get stuck in with the kids or the party games? ACTION: List your unique gifts, talents and offerings and commit to bringing at least 3 of them alive at some point over the festive period. OUTCOME: You’ll love being you and you’ll love being loved for you. And that’s a promise!

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