Where’s Karen?

If you’d love to come and hear Karen speak or teach, this is where you can find her over the coming months.

If you’d like to invite Karen to speak at your event, on your next teleseminar/telesummit or radio show, please email media [at] therawfoodcoach.com with more information.


Vitality Show

EVENT TYPE: Eater Personality Types Talk

“Eat Right for Your Personality Type”
Learning what type of eater YOU are is the single most potent thing you can do for yourself in order to learn about who you are, and why you make the food choices that you do. Via Karen’s ground-breaking “What Type of Eater Are YOU?” Quiz you will learn what type or types of eater you are – information that will bring clarity, understanding and enable you to celebrate who you really are, and set yourself free to be you around food. Once you know your type/s, Karen will share with you a rundown of all 10 types. If you’re not happy with the way your eating is serving you right now, then learn how embracing one or two other types could change everything for you. Whether you want to lose weight, gain energy, look more beautiful or increase your health and vitality, Karen will share with you the unspoken secrets about how the food choices you make shape your experience and how to change your choices at the deepest level while still being totally true to yourself. This is nothing that you will have ever heard before – but it makes total sense, it will rock your world and most importantly of all, it works!

LOCATION: Earls Court 2, London, England



EVENT TYPE: Raw Food Talk

“Raw Food for Beginners – and Beyond!”
Learn how to go raw the simple, easy and delicious way, and discover the inside secrets about what it can lead to when you do!

LOCATION: Moseley, Birmingham, England



EVENT TYPE: Raw Food Demo

“Raw Food Made Simple Recipes”
If you’ve felt curious about how to introduce more raw food to your diet in a way that is easy, simple, delicious and doable, then “Raw Food Made Simple” is for you! Join Karen as she demonstrates some of her favourite quick and easy raw food recipes that she promises will taste even better than your cooked veggie favourites.

LOCATION: Olympia, London, England