Who is it for?

Couple preparing a smoothieRaw food is literally for everyone, but the degree to which someone goes raw and for what duration and frequency is a very personal decision.

As such, I do not teach that there is a “right or wrong” way to approach raw food. This is about what works for you, feels right for you, and gets you to where you want to be. Your body will give you great feedback as you experiment with eating more raw food, and it goes without saying that if you want the best for yourself, then you’ll want to keep listening and doing more of whatever is working best!

Generally speaking, raw food is great for…

  • Anyone who wants to look and/or feel better
  • Anyone who wants to look/feel younger
  • Anyone who wants to drop weight quickly, naturally and safely
  • Anyone who wants to gain an abundance of energy
  • Anyone who wants to think more clearly
  • Anyone who wants to feel more connected to themselves
  • Anyone who wants to get a lot to get done, but doesn’t have a lot of time
  • Anyone who wants to improve their yoga or meditation
  • Anyone who wants to have more patience with their kids
  • Anyone who wants to feel happier
  • Anyone who wants to detox or spring clean their body
  • Anyone who wants a fresh start
  • Anyone who wants to feel better about what they eat
  • Anyone who wants to feel closer to nature

Raw food also is of course, great for babies, children and teens, and can be easily added into their diet in a way that even the fussiest eater will love.

Whether you choose to try raw food for a day, a week, a month, or a lifetime, or choose to vary the amount of raw food in your diet depending on how you feel, the benefits of raw food are always waiting for you, and can be enjoyed at any time for any reason for the rest of your life!