Why Go Raw?

So why do so many people rave about the benefits of raw food?

I’m glad you asked!

What people tend to find first is that the physical benefits reveal themselves VERY quickly. Granted, this is when people give raw food a “serious” shot, as in, they don’t eat burgers and fries all day, add in some lettuce and tomato and then say “there’s my raw food – so why don’t I feel any better?” You have to give it a chance!

GRFAD CoverHaving said that it is perfectly reasonable and realistic to expect to see and feel noticeable changes physically in as little as 24 hours, which is why I created the eBook “Go Raw for a Day!: 24 hours to see and feel the difference” which you can download here.

These changes can be as simple as niggling aches and pains disappearing, through to seeing a difference in body tone, clearer eyes, a less puffy face on waking and all manner of other things. As you might expect, the longer you do it, the more significant the changes. The body just loves to have a good run of it!

It’s perhaps not surprising then that those who have been eating mostly raw food or exclusively raw food for a year or more can often look ten years younger than they actually are, be completely rid of those aches and pains and niggling health issues, have shiny hair, glowing skin and sparkling eyes, not to mention a body that looks and functions like something most of us thought we could only ever dream about.

The fact is that we rejuvenate on raw and living foods. In the process of replacing our cells and bloodstream with cleaner, better nourished more “alive” cells we cannot help but to grow younger and look better. It’s pretty straightforward when you think about it. What you put in you do get out.

In fact, there are many real life case studies of people who have not only got younger-looking and healthier on raw food, but who have recovered from serious illnesses and disease – in some cases they were only days away from death. Such is the power of raw and living foods when used as medicine as well as food.

Now, honestly that’s just a tiny overview of the physical benefits. Seeing truly is believing and that’s where the fun begins because we can’t argue with our own experience. Where it gets even more interesting, however, is in the fact that the benefits of eating raw extend to the emotional, mental and even spiritual for some people.

Allow me to explain…

As you can hopefully appreciate from what I’ve shared above, as you bring more raw (fresh/alive) foods into your body, the happier and healthier your body gets. Designed for health, radiance and helping you reach your potential as a human being, the body’s biggest desire is to embody these things for REAL rather than just hold the capacity for them. It’s up to you (the you that drives the vehicle) to decide if you’re interested in that – your food choices will either support or deny that reality, it’s that simple.

Woman Eating a CherryWhere it gets fun is that pretty soon after starting to eat more raw you WILL feel a greater sense of aliveness. Yes, it starts with the physical, but quite soon after you will realise that you feel calmer, more in control, more harmonious in your thoughts and feelings, and you might even find yourself singing for no apparent reason (I kid you not!). This is simply a knock-on effect from the joy and equilibrium that your body is starting to experience through being fed the foods that suit it best. Again, simple… but profound.

If you eat at least half of your diet raw for a week (and make sure the cooked foods are “healthy” – e.g. not fried, roasted or microwaved and as pure as you can get them) then by the end of the first week you will undoubtedly feel the difference physically, emotionally and mentally and you may well have lost a couple of pounds, or more!

Once you have had your first experience of life on raw you won’t need me or anyone else to explain why it’s so easy to get excited and passionate about it! The results simply speak for themselves and you’ll know how it feels first-hand, then it’s up to you to decide exactly what you want to do with that. This web site will help you go as far as you want to go.

Here’s a list of the benefits I have experienced and I hear others talking about all the time:

  • Feeling good in your own skin
  • Feeling lighter in body, mind and soul
  • Feeling more connected to yourself and the world around you
  • Feeling more purposeful, clear and divinely guided
  • Gaining two hours in your day – or more
  • Having more love and patience with others, especially the children!
  • Knowing and really “getting” that there is a deep wisdom and power in raw, natural plant foods
  • Feeling as if you have tapped into something magical
  • Feeling as if you can now discover and pursue your life purpose
  • Feeling as if life is worth living again
  • Not minding what others say because it feels so right
  • Being committed to your own truth
  • Knowing there is wonder and joy in being “different”
  • Developing an intoxicating fascination and love of your journey and the energy and power unfolding inside you
  • Trusting that your instincts, if you listen to them, will direct you to the perfect body and weight for YOU
  • Having the faith and self-respect/self-love to follow your own path no matter what your friends, family, partner or colleagues say or do
  • Falling in love with the new life that is unfolding before you
  • Feeling excited by the colourful, brave new world of raw and living foods
  • Having hope for great health, happiness and financial security, feeling that anything and everything is possible
  • Simply loving being alive, clean and connected!

As you can see there’s a lot to be gained. The great news is, all of these benefits are yours for the taking. And it all starts with making some simple but powerful changes that are delicious, exciting and that work – fast!