Your Raw Food Kitchen

A raw food kitchen truly is an inspiration. It’s the place where the magic really gets to happen – where fresh, organic, gorgeous, vibrant, colourful living foods are transformed into delicious drinks and meals when processed with the various different pieces of kitchen equipment available.

A raw food kitchen really is something else when compared to a typical cooked food kitchen and just so much more beautiful, alive and exciting.

Just imagine how much better you will feel walking into a kitchen that is literally bursting with colour and life! There really is no going back once you’ve made the connection and can literally feel the difference “in the air”.

Setting up a raw food kitchen for yourself is actually very easy.

There are three main things to consider in the beginning:

  • 1) What kinds of meals/recipes do you want to make?
  • 2) What raw foods/ingredients do you need to make them?
  • 3) What pieces of equipment will you need to process them?

When you know the answer to the first question, your answers to considerations 2 and 3 automatically become apparent.

Raw Kitchen Equipment

When it comes to choosing and investing in raw kitchen equipment, it’s true, there’s a lot of choices out there and it can seem like a minefield, especially at the start.

When I first started experimenting with raw foods I was just 20 years old and on a very limited income so I went for the three pieces of equipment that I felt would make the biggest difference the fastest and for the least amount of money.

These were:

  • 1) A centrifugal juicer (one with a spinning/grating disc)
  • 2) A hand-held blender
  • 3) A table-top (jug) blender

These three items cost me less than £100 ($160 US approx.) and all of these stood me in great stead for a number of years, so please don’t fall into the all too common trap of thinking that you need to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds or dollars on top-of-the-range kitchen equipment – because you don’t.

However, it’s also true that if you decide that eating raw food to any significant degree is going to become a way of life for you, then at some point you’ll likely want to sell the microwave, slow cooker and sandwich maker and trade them in for these 5 beauties.

My Top 5 Recommendations


  • 1) High-powered juicer
  • 2) High-powered table-top (jug) blender – click here to read more about the amazing Vitamix
  • 3) Heavy-duty food processor
  • 4) 9-tray dehydrator
  • 5) Travel blender

You’ll also want to take a closer look at the quality of your drinking water and investigate water filtration and/or purification systems.

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